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25Death By Rock And Roll2021
AbsolutionGoing To Hell2014
Already DeadWho You Selling For2016
And So It WentDeath By Rock And Roll2021
Back To The River (+ Warren Haynes)Who You Selling For2016
Bedroom WindowWho You Selling For2016
Blame MeGoing To Hell2014
BroomsticksDeath By Rock And Roll2021
BurnGoing To Hell2014
Dear SisterGoing To Hell2014
Death By Rock And RollDeath By Rock And Roll2021
Factory GirlLight Me Up2010
Follow Me DownGoing To Hell2014
Fucked Up WorldGoing To Hell2014
Goin' DownLight Me Up2010
Going To HellGoing To Hell2014
Got So HighDeath By Rock And Roll2021
Harley DarlingDeath By Rock And Roll2021
Heaven KnowsGoing To Hell2014
House On A HillGoing To Hell2014
Just TonightLight Me Up2010
Light Me UpLight Me Up2010
Living In The StormWho You Selling For2016
Mad LoveWho You Selling For2016
Make Me Wanna DieLight Me Up2010
Miss NothingLight Me Up2010
My BonesDeath By Rock And Roll2021
My MedicineLight Me Up2010
Nothing Left To LoseLight Me Up2010
Oh My GodWho You Selling For2016
Only Love Can Save Me NowDeath By Rock And Roll2021
PrisonerWho You Selling For2016
Rock And Roll HeavenDeath By Rock And Roll2021
Since You're GoneLight Me Up2010
Standing At The WallDeath By Rock And Roll2021
Sweet ThingsGoing To Hell2014
Take Me DownWho You Selling For2016
The Devil's BackWho You Selling For2016
The Walls Are Closing In - HangmanWho You Selling For2016
Turning GoldDeath By Rock And Roll2021
Waiting For A FriendGoing To Hell2014
Who You Selling ForWho You Selling For2016
Why'd You Bring Shotgun To TheGoing To Hell2014
Wild CityWho You Selling For2016
Witches BurnDeath By Rock And Roll2021
YouLight Me Up2010

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