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Agnus Dei (Intro)Blood Of The Saints2011
Alive Or UndeadCall Of The Wild2021
Alive Or UndeadMissa Cantorem II2022
All We Need Is BloodBlood Of The Saints2011
All We Need Is Blood (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
All You Can BleedBlessed And Posessed2015
Amen And AttackPreachers Of The Night2013
Amen And AttackBest Of The Blessed2020
Amen And Attack (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
Amen And Attack (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Armata StrigoiBlessed And Posessed2015
Armata StrigoiBest Of The Blessed2020
Armata Strigoi (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
Armata Strigoi (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Army Of The NightBlessed And Posessed2015
Army Of The NightBest Of The Blessed2020
Army Of The Night (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
Army Of The Night (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Beast Of GevaudanCall Of The Wild2021
Beast Of GevaudanMissa Cantorem II2022
Beast Of Gevaudan (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Behind The LeathermaskLupus Dei2007
Black Mass HysteriaReturn In Bloodred2005
Blessed And PossessedBlessed And Posessed2015
Blessed And Possessed (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
Blood For Blood (Faoladh)Call Of The Wild2021
Blood For Blood (Faoladh)Missa Cantorem II2022
Blood For Blood (Faoladh) (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Call Of The WildCall Of The Wild2021
Call Of The WildMissa Cantorem II2022
Cardinal SinPreachers Of The Night2013
Cardinal Sin (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
Cardinal Sin (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Catholic In The MorningBible Of The Beast2009
Christ And CombatBlessed And Posessed2015
Coleus SanctusPreachers Of The Night2013
Coleus Sanctus (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
ConquistadoresMetallum Nostrum2015
Dancing With The DeadCall Of The Wild2021
Dancing With The DeadMissa Cantorem II2022
Dancing With The Dead (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Dead Boys Don't CryBlood Of The Saints2011
Dead Boys Don't Cry (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
Dead Until DarkBlessed And Posessed2015
Demons And DiamondsReturn In Bloodred2005
Demons Are A Girl's Best FriendThe Sacrament Of Sin2018
Demons Are A Girl's Best FriendBest Of The Blessed2020
Demons Are A Girl's Best Friend (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Die, Die, CrucifiedBlood Of The Saints2011
Edge Of ThornsMetallum Nostrum2015
Epilogue - Monumental Mass Theme (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Extatum Et OratumPreachers Of The Night2013
Faster Than The FlameCall Of The Wild2021
Faster Than The FlameMissa Cantorem II2022
Faster Than The Flame (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Fire And ForgiveThe Sacrament Of Sin2018
Fire And Forgive (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Fist By Fist (Sacralize Or Strike)The Sacrament Of Sin2018
GlaubenskraftCall Of The Wild2021
GlaubenskraftMissa Cantorem II2022
Glaubenskraft (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Gods Of War AriseMetallum Nostrum2015
Headless CrossMetallum Nostrum2015
Higher Than HeavenBlessed And Posessed2015
In Blood We TrustLupus Dei2007
In Blood We Trust (New Version 2020)Best Of The Blessed2020
In The Name Of God (Deus Vult)Preachers Of The Night2013
In The Name Of God (Deus Vult) (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
Incense And IronThe Sacrament Of Sin2018
Incense And Iron (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Ira Sancti (When The Saints Are Going Wild)Blood Of The Saints2011
Killers With The CrossThe Sacrament Of Sin2018
Killers With The CrossBest Of The Blessed2020
Kiss Of The Cobra KingReturn In Bloodred2005
Kiss Of The Cobra King (New Version 2019)Best Of The Blessed2020
KreuzfeuerPreachers Of The Night2013
KreuzfeuerBest Of The Blessed2020
Kreuzfeuer (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
Last Of The Living DeadPreachers Of The Night2013
Let There Be NightBlessed And Posessed2015
Let There Be NightBest Of The Blessed2020
Let There Be Night (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
Lucifer In StarlightReturn In Bloodred2005
Lupus Daemonis (Intro)Lupus Dei2007
Lupus DeiLupus Dei2007
Lupus Dei (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
Lust For BloodPreachers Of The Night2013
Midnight MessiahBible Of The Beast2009
MontecoreReturn In Bloodred2005
Monumental Mass Theme - Confession (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Monumental Mass Theme - Forgiveness (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Monumental Mass Theme - Sin (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Moscow After DarkBible Of The Beast2009
Mother Mary Is A Bird Of PreyLupus Dei2007
Mr. SinisterReturn In Bloodred2005
Murder At MidnightBlood Of The Saints2011
Night CrawlerMetallum Nostrum2015
Night Of The WerewolvesBlood Of The Saints2011
Nightside Of SiberiaThe Sacrament Of Sin2018
Nighttime RebelThe Sacrament Of Sin2018
Nochnoi DozorPreachers Of The Night2013
Opening: Prelude To PurgatoryBible Of The Beast2009
Out In The FieldsMetallum Nostrum2015
Panic In The PentragramBible Of The Beast2009
Phantom Of The FuneralBlood Of The Saints2011
Power And GloryMetallum Nostrum2015
Prayer In The DarkLupus Dei2007
Prologue - Monumental Mass Theme (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Raise Your Fist, EvangelistBible Of The Beast2009
Resurrection By ErectionBible Of The Beast2009
Resurrection By Erection (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
Resurrection By Erection (New Version 2020)Best Of The Blessed2020
Resurrection By Erection (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Reverent Of RatsCall Of The Wild2021
Reverent Of RatsMissa Cantorem II2022
Sacramental SisterBlessed And Posessed2015
Sacred And WildPreachers Of The Night2013
Sacred And WildBest Of The Blessed2020
Sanctified With DynamiteBlood Of The Saints2011
Sanctified With Dynamite (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
Sanctified With Dynamite (New Version 2020)Best Of The Blessed2020
Sanctus DominusBlessed And Posessed2015
Saturday SatanLupus Dei2007
Saturday Satan (New Version 2020)Best Of The Blessed2020
Secrets Of The SacristyPreachers Of The Night2013
Sermon Of SwordsCall Of The Wild2021
Sermon Of SwordsMissa Cantorem II2022
Seven Deadly SaintsBible Of The Beast2009
Shot In The DarkMetallum Nostrum2015
Son Of A WolfBlood Of The Saints2011
Son Of The Morning StarReturn In Bloodred2005
St. Satan's DayBible Of The Beast2009
StossgebetThe Sacrament Of Sin2018
Stossgebet (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
The Evil Made Me Do ItReturn In Bloodred2005
The Evil That Men DoMetallum Nostrum2015
The Sacrament Of SinThe Sacrament Of Sin2018
Tiger Of SabrodLupus Dei2007
Touch Of EvilMetallum Nostrum2015
Undress To ConfessCall Of The Wild2021
Undress To ConfessMissa Cantorem II2022
Vampires Don't DieLupus Dei2007
VarcolacCall Of The Wild2021
VarcolacMissa Cantorem II2022
Venom Of VenusThe Sacrament Of Sin2018
Venom Of Venus (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
We Are The WildBlessed And Posessed2015
We Came To Take Yor SoulsReturn In Bloodred2005
We Drink Your BloodBlood Of The Saints2011
We drink your blood (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
We Drink Your Blood (New Version 2020)Best Of The Blessed2020
We Drink Your Blood (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
We Take It From The LivingLupus Dei2007
We Take The Church By StormBible Of The Beast2009
Werewolves Of AmericaBible Of The Beast2009
Werewolves Of Armenia (live)The Metal Mass - Live2016
Werewolves Of Armenia (New Version 2020)Best Of The Blessed2020
When The Moon Shines RedLupus Dei2007
Where The Wild Wolves Have GoneThe Sacrament Of Sin2018
Where The Wild Wolves Have GoneBest Of The Blessed2020
Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone (The Monumental Mass) (live)The Monumental Mass2022
Wolves Against The WorldBible Of The Beast2009

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