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1000 YearsAmerican Ghetto2010
1989Censored Colors2008
60 YearsAmerican Ghetto2010
AKA M80 The WolfWaiter: You Vultures2006
All MineCensored Colors2008
All My PeopleAmerican Ghetto2010
All Your Light (Times Like These)In The Mountain In The Cloud2011
And ICensored Colors2008
Anxiety:ClarityChris Black Changed My Life2023
Atomic ManEvil Friends2013
Bad, Bad Levi BrownWaiter: You Vultures2006
Bellies Are FullChurch Mouth2007
BreakAmerican Ghetto2010
ChampChris Black Changed My Life2023
ChicagoWaiter: You Vultures2006
ChildrenChurch Mouth2007
Church MouthChurch Mouth2007
ColorsCensored Colors2008
CreatedCensored Colors2008
Creep In A T-ShirtEvil Friends2013
DawnChurch Mouth2007
Do What We DoAmerican Ghetto2010
Do YouThe Satanic Satanist2009
DoubtChris Black Changed My Life2023
DummyChris Black Changed My Life2023
Easy TigerWoodstock2017
Elephants (featuring Nic Newsham)Waiter: You Vultures2006
Everyone Is GoldenThe Satanic Satanist2009
Everything You See (Kinds Count Hallelujahs)In The Mountain In The Cloud2011
Evil FriendsEvil Friends2013
Fantastic PaceAmerican Ghetto2010
Feel It StillWoodstock2017
Floating (Time Isn't Working My Side)In The Mountain In The Cloud2011
Ghost TownChris Black Changed My Life2023
Gold FrontsWaiter: You Vultures2006
Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now)In The Mountain In The Cloud2011
Grim GenerationChris Black Changed My Life2023
Guns And DogsThe Satanic Satanist2009
Guns.Guns...GunsWaiter: You Vultures2006
Hard TimesCensored Colors2008
Head Is A Flame (Cool With It)In The Mountain In The Cloud2011
Heavy Games IIChris Black Changed My Life2023
Hip Hop KidsEvil Friends2013
Holy Roller (Hallelujah)Evil Friends2013
Horse Warming PartyWaiter: You Vultures2006
How The Leopard Got Its SpotsWaiter: You Vultures2006
IntermissionCensored Colors2008
Just A FoolAmerican Ghetto2010
Keep OnWoodstock2017
Kill Me. The KingWaiter: You Vultures2006
Lay Me Back DownCensored Colors2008
Let You DownThe Satanic Satanist2009
Live In The MomentWoodstock2017
Lovers In LoveThe Satanic Satanist2009
Marching With 6 (featuring Nic Newsham)Waiter: You Vultures2006
Modern JesusEvil Friends2013
MorningsThe Satanic Satanist2009
Mr. Lonely (+ Fat Lip)Woodstock2017
My MindChurch Mouth2007
Never PleasedCensored Colors2008
New OrleansCensored Colors2008
Noise Pollution (+ Mary Elizabeth Winstead + Zoe Manville) (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3)Woodstock2017
Number One (+ Richie Havens + Son Little)Woodstock2017
Oh LordChurch Mouth2007
Once Was OneIn The Mountain In The Cloud2011
Our TimesCensored Colors2008
Our WayCensored Colors2008
Out And In And In And OutCensored Colors2008
People SayThe Satanic Satanist2009
Plastic IslandChris Black Changed My Life2023
Plastic SoldiersEvil Friends2013
Purple Yellow Red And BlueEvil Friends2013
Rich FriendsWoodstock2017
SaltCensored Colors2008
Sea Of AirEvil Friends2013
SenselessIn The Mountain In The Cloud2011
ShadeChurch Mouth2007
Share With Me The SunIn The Mountain In The Cloud2011
Sit Back And DreamCensored Colors2008
Sleep ForeverIn The Mountain In The Cloud2011
Sleeping Sleepers SleepChurch Mouth2007
SmileEvil Friends2013
So AmericanIn The Mountain In The Cloud2011
So YoungWoodstock2017
Some MenAmerican Ghetto2010
Someday BelieversEvil Friends2013
Stables And ChairsWaiter: You Vultures2006
Sugar CinnamonChurch Mouth2007
Summer Of LuvChris Black Changed My Life2023
Sun Brother (Excerpt)Church Mouth2007
Telling Tellers Tell MeChurch Mouth2007
The BottomChurch Mouth2007
The Dead DogAmerican Ghetto2010
The HomeThe Satanic Satanist2009
The Pushers PartyAmerican Ghetto2010
The SunThe Satanic Satanist2009
The WoodsThe Satanic Satanist2009
Thunderdome (W.T.A.)Chris Black Changed My Life2023
Tidal WaveWoodstock2017
Time's A FantasyChris Black Changed My Life2023
TommyWaiter: You Vultures2006
WaiterWaiter: You Vultures2006
WavesEvil Friends2013
When The War EndsAmerican Ghetto2010
Work All DayThe Satanic Satanist2009
You Carried Us (Share With Me The Sun)In The Mountain In The Cloud2011

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