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0.3In Absentia2002
A Smart KidStupid Dream1999
Always NeverUp The Downstair1993
And The Swallows Dance Above The SunOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
And The Swallows Dance Above The SunOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
AnesthetizeFear Of A Black Planet2007
Arriving Somewhere But Not HereDeadwing2005
Baby Dream In CellophaneStupid Dream1999
Begonia Seduction SceneOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
Begonia Seduction SceneOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
Black DahliaThe Incident2009
Blackest EyesIn Absentia2002
Bonnie The CatThe Incident2009
Bonnie The Cat (live)Octane Twisted2012
Burning SkyUp The Downstair1993
Chimera'S WreckClosure-Continuation2022
Circle Of ManiasThe Incident2009
Circle Of Manias (live)Octane Twisted2012
Collapse The Light Into EarthIn Absentia2002
Dark MatterSignify1996
Degree Zero Of LibertyThe Incident2009
Degree Zero Of Liberty (live)Octane Twisted2012
Dislocated DayThe Sky Moves Sideways1995
Dislocated Day (live)Octane Twisted2012
Don't Hate MeStupid Dream1999
Drawing The LineThe Incident2009
Drawing The Line (live)Octane Twisted2012
Even LessStupid Dream1999
Even Less (live)Octane Twisted2012
Evening Train (live)Octane Twisted2012
Every Home Is WiredSignify1996
FadeawayUp The Downstair1993
Fear Of A Blank PlanetFear Of A Black Planet2007
Feel So LowLightbulb Sun2000
FlickerThe Incident2009
FootprintsOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
FootprintsOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
Four Chords That Made A MillionLightbulb Sun2000
Glass Arm ShatteringDeadwing2005
Gravity EyelidsIn Absentia2002
Great ExpectationsThe Incident2009
Great Expectations (live)Octane Twisted2012
HatesongLightbulb Sun2000
Hatesong (live)Octane Twisted2012
Heartattack In A LaybyIn Absentia2002
Herd CullingClosure-Continuation2022
How Is Your Life TodayLightbulb Sun2000
HymnOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
HymnOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
I Drive The HearseThe Incident2009
I Drive The Hearse (live)Octane Twisted2012
Idiot PrayerSignify1996
Intermediate JesusSignify1996
It Will Rain For A Million YearsOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
It Will Rain For A Million YearsOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
Jupiter IslandOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
Jupiter IslandOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
Kneel And DisconnectThe Incident2009
Kneel And Disconnect (live)Octane Twisted2012
Last Chance To Evacuate Planet Earth Before It Is RecycledLightbulb Sun2000
Light Mass PrayersSignify1996
Lightbulb SunLightbulb Sun2000
Linton Samuel DawsonOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
Linton Samuel DawsonOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
Lips Of AshesIn Absentia2002
Love In The Past TenseClosure-Continuation2022
Mellotron ScratchDeadwing2005
Message From A Self-Destructing TurnipOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
Message From A Self-Destructing TurnipOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
Monuments Burn Into MomentsUp The Downstair1993
MoonloopThe Sky Moves Sideways1995
Music For The HeadOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
Music For The HeadOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
My AshesFear Of A Black Planet2007
Never HaveClosure-Continuation2022
Nine CatsOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
Nine CatsOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
No Luck With RabbitsOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
No Luck With RabbitsOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
Not Beautiful AnymoreUp The Downstair1993
Occam's RazorThe Incident2009
Occam's Razor (live)Octane Twisted2012
Octane TwistedThe Incident2009
Octane Twisted (live)Octane Twisted2012
Of The New DayClosure-Continuation2022
On The Sunday Of LifeOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
On The Sunday Of LifeOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
Open CarDeadwing2005
Piano LessonsStupid Dream1999
Population ThreeClosure-Continuation2022
Prepare YourselfThe Sky Moves Sideways1995
ProdigalIn Absentia2002
Pure NarcoticStupid Dream1999
Queen Quotes CrowleyOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
Queen Quotes CrowleyOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
Radioactive ToyOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
Radioactive ToyOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
Rats ReturnClosure-Continuation2022
Remember Me LoverThe Incident2009
Russia On IceLightbulb Sun2000
Russia On Ice - The Pills I'm Taking (live)Octane Twisted2012
SentimentalFear Of A Black Planet2007
ShesmovedonLightbulb Sun2000
SirenUp The Downstair1993
Slave Called ShiverStupid Dream1999
Sleep TogetherFear Of A Black Planet2007
Small FishUp The Downstair1993
Space TransmissionOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
Space TransmissionOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
Stars Die (live)Octane Twisted2012
Stop SwimmingStupid Dream1999
Stranger By The MinuteStupid Dream1999
Strip The SoulIn Absentia2002
Stupid DreamStupid Dream1999
SynesthesiaUp The Downstair1993
The Blind HouseThe Incident2009
The Blind House (live)Octane Twisted2012
The Creator Has A MastertapeIn Absentia2002
The IncidentThe Incident2009
The Incident (live)Octane Twisted2012
The Moon Touches Your ShoulderThe Sky Moves Sideways1995
The Nostalgia FactoryOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
The Nostalgia FactoryOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
The Rest Will FlowLightbulb Sun2000
The SeanceThe Incident2009
The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase One)The Sky Moves Sideways1995
The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase Two)The Sky Moves Sideways1995
The Sleep Of No DreamingSignify1996
The Sound Of MuzakIn Absentia2002
The Start Of Something BeautifulDeadwing2005
The Suance (live)Octane Twisted2012
The Yellow Windows Of The Evening TrainThe Incident2009
The Yellow Windows Of The Evening Train (live)Octane Twisted2012
Third Eye SurferOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
Third Eye SurferOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
This Is No RehearsalStupid Dream1999
This Long SilenceOne The Sunday Of Life...1991
This Long SilenceOn The Sunday Of Life...2016
Time FliesThe Incident2009
Time Flies (live)Octane Twisted2012
Tinto BrassStupid Dream1999
TrainsIn Absentia2002
Up The DownstairUp The Downstair1993
Waiting (Phase One)Signify1996
Waiting (Phase Two)Signify1996
Walk The PlankClosure-Continuation2022
Way Out Of HereFear Of A Black Planet2007
Wedding NailsIn Absentia2002
What You Are Listening To...Up The Downstair1993
Where We Would BeLightbulb Sun2000
Your Unpleasant FamilyThe Incident2009
Your Unpleasant Family (live)Octane Twisted2012

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