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A Change Is Gonna ComeSongs Around The World2009
Africa Mokili Mobimba (+ Preservation Hall Jazz Band + Tp Ok Jazz Band)Listen To The Music2018
Ahoulaguine Akaline (+ Bombino, Lee Oskar)Listen To The Music2018
All Along The Watchtower (+ John Cruz, Warren Haynes, Cyril + Ivan Neville)Listen To The Music2018
Better ManSongs Around The World2009
BikoSongs Around The World2009
Bring It On Home To Me (+ Roger Ridley, Alice Tan Ridley, Grandpa Elliott)Listen To The Music2018
Chan Chan (+ Tete Garcia Catulra, Pancho Amat, Mamadou Diabate)Listen To The Music2018
Chanda MamaSongs Around The World2009
Congo To The Mississippi (+ Afro Fiesta, Grandpa Elliott, Vasti Jackson)Listen To The Music2018
Don't WorrySongs Around The World2009
Everlasting Arms (+ Luke Winslow-King, Vasti Jackson + DrListen To The Music2018
Listen To The Music (+ Doobie Brothers + Ellis Hall)Listen To The Music2018
Love Rescue MeSongs Around The World2009
Natural Mystic - Just A Little Bit (+ Paula Fuga, Afro Fiesta, Jack Johnson)Listen To The Music2018
One LoveSongs Around The World2009
Rasta Children (+ Paulo Da Luz, Blue King Brown)Listen To The Music2018
Ripple (+ Jimmy Buffett, David Crosby, David Hidalgo)Listen To The Music2018
Skin Deep (+ Buddy Guy, Tom Morello)Listen To The Music2018
Stand By MeSongs Around The World2009
Talkin' Bout A RevolutionSongs Around The World2009
War/No More TroubleSongs Around The World2009

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