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3 To TangoLibertad 5482019
305 Anthem (featuring Lil Jon)M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
A Little Story (Intro)The Boatlift2007
Across The World (feat. B.O.B.)Rebelution2009
Ah Leke (+ Sean Paul)Globalization2014
Amanda Diva SkitEl Mariel2006
Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera)El Mariel2006
Back In TimeGlobal Warming2012
Back UpM.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
Bad Man (+ Robin Thicke, Joe Perry + Travis Barker)Climate Change2017
Baddest Girl in Town (+ Mohombi + Wisin)Dale2015
Be QuietEl Mariel2006
Better On Me (+ Ty Dolla Sign)Climate Change2017
Blood Is Thicker Than Water (featuring Redd Eyezz)El Mariel2006
Bojangles (Remix) (featuring Lil' Jon Ying Yang Twins)El Mariel2006
Born N Raised (DJ Khaled featuring Pitbull, Trick Daddy + Rick Ross)El Mariel2006
C-o 'miami Mix' (featuring Lil Jon + Mr. Vegas)M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
Call Of The WildRebelution2009
Can't Have (+ Steven A. Kelly + Austin Mahone)Climate Change2017
Can't Stop Me NowRebelution2009
Candyman (feat. Twista)The Boatlift2007
Castle Made Of Sand (feat. Kelly Rowland + Jamie Drastik)Planet Pit2011
Chi Chi Bon Bon (+ Osmani Garcia)Dale2015
Cinco de mayoLibertad 5482019
Come N Go (feat. Enrique Iglesias)Planet Pit2011
Come See MeEl Mariel2006
Como Yo Le Doy (Spanglish Version) (+ Don Miguelo)Dale2015
Culo (featuring Lil Jon)M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
Daddy's Little Girl (feat. Slim)Rebelution2009
Dammit Man (featuring Piccalo)M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
Day Drinking (+ Heymous Molly)Globalization2014
Dedicated (+ R. Kelly + Austin Mahone)Climate Change2017
Descarada (Dance) (featuring Vybz Kartel)El Mariel2006
Dime (Remix) (featuring KenEl Mariel2006
Dirty (featuring Bun B)M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
Don't Stop The Party (+ TJR)Global Warming2012
Dope Ball (Interlude)Rebelution2009
Drinks For You (Ladies Anthem) (+ Jennifer Lopez)Global Warming2012
Drive You Crazy (+ Jason Derulo + Juicy J)Globalization2014
Dukey Love (feat. Trick Daddy + Dabo)The Boatlift2007
Educate Ya (+ Jason Derulo)Climate Change2017
El Party (+ Micha)Dale2015
El Taxi (+ Sensato + Osmani Garcia)Dale2015
Fademaster SkitEl Mariel2006
Feel This Moment (+ Christina Aguilera)Global Warming2012
Fireball (+ John Ryan)Globalization2014
FreedomClimate Change2017
FuegoEl Mariel2006
Fuego (DJ Buddha Remix) (feat. Don Omar)The Boatlift2007
Full Of ShitRebelution2009
Fun (+ Chris Brown)Globalization2014
Get On The Floor (featuring Oobie)M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
Get ReadyLibertad 5482019
Get Up - LevantateThe Boatlift2007
Girls (feat. Ke$ha)Rebelution2009
Give Me Everything (feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack + Nayer)Planet Pit2011
Give Them What They Ask ForRebelution2009
Global WarmingGlobal Warming2012
Go Girl (feat. Trina + Young Bo$$)The Boatlift2007
Greenlight (+ Flo Rida + LunchMoney Lewis)Climate Change2017
Haciendo ruido (+ Ricky Martin)Dale2015
Happy Mama DayLibertad 5482019
Have Some Fun (+ Wanted)Global Warming2012
Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) (feat. T- Pain)Planet Pit2011
Hey You GirlEl Mariel2006
Hope We Meet Again (+ Chris Brown)Global Warming2012
Hotel Room ServiceRebelution2009
Hoy se bebe (+ Farruko)Dale2015
Hurry Up And WaitM.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
Hustler's WithdrawalM.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
I Don't See 'Em (feat. Cubo + AIM)The Boatlift2007
I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)Rebelution2009
I Wonder (featuring Oobie)M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
International Love (feat. Chris Brown)Planet Pit2011
IntroEl Mariel2006
JealousoEl Mariel2006
Juice BoxRebelution2009
Jungle Fever (featuring Wyclef Jean + Oobie)El Mariel2006
Krazy (feat. Lil Jon)Rebelution2009
Last Night (+ Havanna Brown)Global Warming2012
MalaLibertad 5482019
Mami Mami (+ Fuego)Dale2015
Me quedare contigoLibertad 5482019
Melting Pot (featuring Trick Daddy)M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
Messin' Around (+ Enrique Iglesias)Climate Change2017
Miami ShitEl Mariel2006
Midnight (feat. Casely)The Boatlift2007
MoviendoloLibertad 5482019
Mr. 305 (Outro)The Boatlift2007
Mr. Worldwide (feat. Vein)Planet Pit2011
Mueve la cinturaLibertad 5482019
My Life (feat. Jason Derulo)The Boatlift2007
No lo tratesLibertad 5482019
No puedo mas (+ Yandel)Dale2015
No se lleva nadaLibertad 5482019
Off ThatGlobal Warming2012
Only Ones To Know (+ Leona Lewis)Climate Change2017
Options (+ Stephen Marley)Climate Change2017
OutroEl Mariel2006
Outta Nowhere (+ Danny Mercer + Jamie Drastik)Global Warming2012
Party Ain't Over (+ Usher)Global Warming2012
PausePlanet Pit2011
Piensas (Dile la verdad) (+ Gente De Zona)Dale2015
Que lo que (+ Sensato, Papayo + El Chevo)Dale2015
Que tu sabes de eso (featuring Fat Joe + Sinful)El Mariel2006
Rain Over Me (feat. Marc Anthony)Planet Pit2011
Raindrops (featuring Anjuli Stars)El Mariel2006
Rock Bottom (featuring Bun B + Cubo)El Mariel2006
Se la viLibertad 5482019
Secret Admirer (feat. Lloyd)The Boatlift2007
Sexy Beaches (+ Chloe Angelides)Globalization2014
Sexy Body (+ Jennifer Lopez)Climate Change2017
Shake It Up (featuring Oobie)M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
Shake Senora (feat. T-Pain + Sean Paul)Planet Pit2011
She's FreakyM.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
Shut It Down (feat. Akon)Rebelution2009
Something For The DJsPlanet Pit2011
Sticky Icky (feat. Jim Jones)The Boatlift2007
Stripper Pole (Remix) (feat. Toby Love)The Boatlift2007
Tchu Tchu Tcha (+ Enrique Iglesias)Global Warming2012
Tell Me (Remix) (feat. Frankie J + Ken-Y)The Boatlift2007
Tell Me AgainLibertad 5482019
That's Nasty (featuring Lil Jon + Fat Joe)M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
The Anthem (feat. Lil' Jon)The Boatlift2007
The Truth (Interlude)The Boatlift2007
This Is Not A Drill (+ Bebe Rexha)Globalization2014
Time Of Our Lives (+ Ne-Yo)Globalization2014
Toma (featuring Lil Jon)M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
Took My Love (feat. Red Foo, Vein + David Rush)Planet Pit2011
Triumph (feat. Avery Storm)Rebelution2009
Un Poquito (feat. Yung Berg)The Boatlift2007
VoodooEl Mariel2006
We Are One (Ole Ola) (+ Jennifer Lopez + Claudia Leitte)Globalization2014
We Are Strong (+ Kiesza)Climate Change2017
We Don't Care Bout Ya (featuring Cubo)M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue2004
Wild Wild LoveGlobalization2014
WinningLibertad 5482019
Ying And The YangThe Boatlift2007
Yo quiero (Si tu te enamoras) (+ Gente De Zona)Dale2015

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