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A Snowglobe ChristmasJoy To The World2010
Al Bint Al ShalabiyaJe dis oui!2016
Amado MioSympathique1997
And Then You're GoneSplendor In The Grass2009
Anna (El Negro Zumbon)Hang On Little Tomato2004
Askim BarardhiJe dis oui!2016
AspettamiHang On Little Tomato2004
Auld Lang SyneJoy To The World2010
AutrefoisHang On Little Tomato2004
Bitty Boppy BettySplendor In The Grass2009
Blue Light Yokohama19692011
Blue MoonJe dis oui!2016
Bukra Wba'doHey Eugene!2007
But Now I'm BlackSplendor In The Grass2009
Cante e DanceHey Eugene!2007
City Of NightHey Eugene!2007
ClementineHang On Little Tomato2004
Congratulations (A Happy New Year Song)Joy To The World2010
Dansez-vousHang On Little Tomato2004
Die DorfmusikDream A Little Dream2014
Do You Hear What I HearJoy To The World2010
Donde Estas, YolandaSympathique1997
Dosvedanya Mio BombinoHey Eugene!2007
Dream A Little DreamDream A Little Dream2014
Du soleil pleil les yeux (Eyes Full Of Sun)19692011
Edelweiss (+ Charmian Carr)Dream A Little Dream2014
Elohai, N'tzorJoy To The World2010
EverywhereHey Eugene!2007
FernandoDream A Little Dream2014
Fini La MusiqueJe dis oui!2016
Finnisma DiJe dis oui!2016
FriendDream A Little Dream2014
Get Happy - Happy DaysGet Happy2013
GongxiDream A Little Dream2014
Hang On Little TomatoHang On Little Tomato2004
Hayalda hachi yafa baganDream A Little Dream2014
Heliotrope BouquetGet Happy2013
Hey EugeneHey Eugene!2007
Hushabye MountainDream A Little Dream2014
I'm Waiting for YouGet Happy2013
Ich dich liebeGet Happy2013
Ii janaino Shiawase naraba (It's Okay If I'm Happy)19692011
In stiller NachtDream A Little Dream2014
Is That All There Is19692011
Je ne t'aime plusGet Happy2013
Joli GarconJe dis oui!2016
Kaj Kolah KhanJe dis oui!2016
Kikuchiyo To MohshimasuHang On Little Tomato2004
Kisetsu no Ashioto (Footsteps Of The Seasons)19692011
Kitty Come HomeGet Happy2013
Kuroneko no tangoDream A Little Dream2014
La SoledadSympathique1997
La Vergine Degli AngeliJoy To The World2010
Le premier bonheur du jourDream A Little Dream2014
Let's Never Stop Falling In LoveHang On Little Tomato2004
LillyHang On Little Tomato2004
Little Drummer BoyJoy To The World2010
Lonely Goatherd (+ Charmian Carr, Wayne Newton + Jack Hanna)Dream A Little Dream2014
Love For SaleJe dis oui!2016
Mar DesconocidoHey Eugene!2007
Mas Que Nada19692011
Mayonaka no Bossa Nova (Midnight Bossa Nova)19692011
Never On SundaySympathique1997
New AmsterdamSplendor In The Grass2009
Ninna NannaSplendor In The Grass2009
Ninna Nanna (Reprise)Splendor In The Grass2009
No Hay ProblemaSympathique1997
Ocho Kandelikas (Eight Little Candles)Joy To The World2010
Ohayoo Ohio (Hello Ohio)Splendor In The Grass2009
OjalaHey Eugene!2007
Omide ZendeganiGet Happy2013
Ou est ma teteSplendor In The Grass2009
Ov Sirun SirunJe dis oui!2016
Over The ValleySplendor In The Grass2009
Pan Cand Nu Te IubeamGet Happy2013
Pata PataJe dis oui!2016
Piensa en miSplendor In The Grass2009
Puff, The Magic Dragon19692011
Que Sera SeraSympathique1997
Quizas, quizas, quizasGet Happy2013
Rwanda nzizaDream A Little Dream2014
Santa BabyJoy To The World2010
SegundoJe dis oui!2016
SerenadeJe dis oui!2016
Shchedryk (Ukrainian Bell Carol)Joy To The World2010
She Was Too Good to MeGet Happy2013
Silent NightJoy To The World2010
SingSplendor In The Grass2009
SmileGet Happy2013
SolidaoJe dis oui!2016
Song Of The Black LizardSympathique1997
Song Of The Black SwanHang On Little Tomato2004
SouvenirJe dis oui!2016
Splendor In The GrassSplendor In The Grass2009
StormDream A Little Dream2014
Sunday TableSplendor In The Grass2009
SwayGet Happy2013
SyracuseHey Eugene!2007
Taya TanHey Eugene!2007
Tea For Two (featuring Jimmy Scott)Hey Eugene!2007
Tempo PerdidoHey Eugene!2007
The Butterfly SongJe dis oui!2016
The Gardens Of Sampson And BeasleyHang On Little Tomato2004
ThunderDream A Little Dream2014
Tuca TucaSplendor In The Grass2009
U Plavu ZoruHang On Little Tomato2004
ÜsküdarGet Happy2013
Una Notte a NapoliHang On Little Tomato2004
VeroniqueHang On Little Tomato2004
Wasuretainoni (I Want To Forget You, But19692011
Watashi mo Anata to Naite Ii (Consolation)19692011
We Three KingsJoy To The World2010
What'll I DoGet Happy2013
White Chrismas (Part 1)Joy To The World2010
White Chrismas (Part 2)Joy To The World2010
Yo te quiero siempreGet Happy2013
Yoake no Scat (Melody For A New Dawn)19692011
Yuuzuki (Evening Moon)19692011
ZundokoGet Happy2013

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