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A Strange Kind Of Love (live)Bare-Boned And Sacred2017
A Strange Kind Of Love (Version One)Deep1990
All Night LongLove Hysteria1988
All Night Long (live)Bare-Boned And Sacred2017
Bauhaus Medley (live)Bare-Boned And Sacred2017
Bewlay Brothers (live)Bare-Boned And Sacred2017
Blind SublimeLove Hysteria1988
Blinded Like SaulUnshattered2004
Blue HeartShould The World Fail To Fall Apart1986
Breaking No One's HeavenUnshattered2004
Canvas BeautyShould The World Fail To Fall Apart1986
Cascade (live)Bare-Boned And Sacred2017
ConfessionsShould The World Fail To Fall Apart1986
Creme de la CremeNinth2011
Crystal WristsDeep1990
Cuts You UpDeep1990
Deep Ocean Vast SeaDeep1990
Dragnet DragLove Hysteria1988
Dream Gone ByHoly Smoke1992
Emergency UnitUnshattered2004
Face The MoonUnshattered2004
Fake Sparkle Or Golden DustDust2002
Final SolutionShould The World Fail To Fall Apart1986
FuntimeLove Hysteria1988
Gaslit (live)Bare-Boned And Sacred2017
Girlchild AglowDust2002
Give What He's GotUnshattered2004
Gliding Like A WhaleCascade1995
God SendsShould The World Fail To Fall Apart1986
Hang UpLion2014
His Circle And Hers MeetLove Hysteria1988
Hit SongHoly Smoke1992
Holy ClownLion2014
I Am My Own NameLion2014
I Spit RosesNinth2011
I'll Fall With Your KnifeCascade1995
I'm On Your SideLion2014
Idle FlowUnshattered2004
Indigo EyesLove Hysteria1988
JemalShould The World Fail To Fall Apart1986
Jungle HazeDust2002
Just For LoveDust2002
Keep Me From HarmHoly Smoke1992
Keep Me From Harm (Reprise) (Hidden Track)Holy Smoke1992
Kill The HateHoly Smoke1992
Kiss MyselfUnshattered2004
Let Me Love YouHoly Smoke1992
Lion (live)Bare-Boned And Sacred2017
Low RoomHoly Smoke1992
Low Tar StarsLion2014
Marlene Dietrich's Favourite PoemDeep1990
Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem (live)Bare-Boned And Sacred2017
Memory GoNinth2011
Mercy RainCascade1995
Mirror To My Woman's MindCascade1995
My Last Two WeeksLove Hysteria1988
My Last Two WeeksDust2002
Never Fall OutNinth2011
Never Fall Out (live)Bare-Boned And Sacred2017
Never ManShould The World Fail To Fall Apart1986
No Home Without Its SireDust2002
Our Secret GardenHoly Smoke1992
Peace To EachNinth2011
Piece Of YouUnshattered2004
Roll CallDeep1990
Roll Call (Reprise)Deep1990
Sails Wave GoodbyeCascade1995
Secret (live)Bare-Boned And Sacred2017
Secret Silk SocietyNinth2011
Seesaw SwayNinth2011
Seven VeilsDeep1990
Should The World Fail To Fall ApartShould The World Fail To Fall Apart1986
Socrates The PythonLove Hysteria1988
Subway (Epilogue)Dust2002
The Answer Is ClearShould The World Fail To Fall Apart1986
The First StoneUnshattered2004
The Ghost of Shokan LakeLion2014
The Light Pours Out Of MeShould The World Fail To Fall Apart1986
The Line Between The Devil's Teeth (And That Which Cannot Be Repeat)Deep1990
The Prince And Old Lady ShadeNinth2011
The RoseLion2014
The Rose (live)Bare-Boned And Sacred2017
The Scarlet Thing In YouCascade1995
The Sweetest DropHoly Smoke1992
The Weight Of LoveUnshattered2004
Thelma Sings To Little NellUnshattered2004
Things To RememberDust2002
Time Has Got Nothing To Do With ItLove Hysteria1988
Uneven And BrittleNinth2011
Velocity BirdNinth2011
Wild Birds Flock To MeCascade1995
You're So CloseHoly Smoke1992
Your FaceDust2002
Your Face (live)Bare-Boned And Sacred2017

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