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A Different Point Of ViewVery1993
A Face Like ThatElysium2012
A Man Could Get Arrested (12'' Mix)Alternative1995
A New BohemiaNonetheless2024
A New LifeAlternative1995
A Red Letter DayBilingual1996
A Red Letter DayPopArt - The Hits2003
A Red Letter DaySmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Absolutely Fabulous (Rollo Our Tribe Tongue-In Cheek Mix)Disco 21994
Absolutely Fabulous (Rollo Our Tribe Tongue-In Cheek Mix)Disco 21994
After All (live)Concrete2006
After All (The Odessa Staircase)Battleship Potemkin2005
After The EventFormat2012
All Over The WorldYes2009
Always On My MindDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
Always On My MindPopArt - The Hits2003
Always On My MindUltimate2010
Always On My MindSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Always On My Mind (live)Pandemonium2010
Always On My Mind - In My HouseIntrospective1988
Back To The GrindThe Most Incredible Thing2011
Beautiful PeopleYes2009
BeforePopArt - The Hits2003
BeforeSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Being BoringBehaviour1990
Being BoringDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
Being BoringPopArt - The Hits2003
Being BoringUltimate2010
Being BoringSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Being Boring (live)Pandemonium2010
Bet She's Not Your GirlfriendAlternative1995
Between Two IslandsFormat2012
Birthday BoyRelease2002
Blue On BlueFormat2012
Boy StrangeNightlife1999
Breathing SpaceElysium2012
Bright Young ThingsFormat2012
Building A WallYes2009
Bullet For NarcissusNonetheless2024
Burning The HeatherHotspot2020
Can You Forgive HerVery1993
Can You Forgive HerPopArt - The Hits2003
Can You Forgive HerSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Can You Forgive Her (Rollo Dub)Disco 21994
Can You Forgive Pandemonium (live)Pandemonium2010
Casanova In HellFundamental2006
Casanova In Hell (Rufus Wainwright) (live)Concrete2006
Casting A ShadowFormat2012
Closer To HeavenNightlife1999
Closer To Heaven - Left To My Own Devices (live)Pandemonium2010
ComradesBattleship Potemkin2005
Confidential (Demo For Tina Turner)Format2012
Dancing StarNonetheless2024
Delusions Of GrandeurFormat2012
DestructionThe Most Incredible Thing2011
Did You See Me ComingYes2009
Did You See Me ComingSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Did You See Me Coming (live)Pandemonium2010
Disco PotentialFormat2012
Discoteca (New Version)Format2012
DJ CultureDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
DJ CulturePopArt - The Hits2003
DJ CultureSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Do I Have ToAlternative1995
Do I Have To (live)Pandemonium2010
Domino DancingIntrospective1988
Domino DancingDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
Domino DancingPopArt - The Hits2003
Domino DancingUltimate2010
Domino DancingSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Don JuanAlternative1995
Drama In The HarbourBattleship Potemkin2005
Dreaming Of The QueenVery1993
Dreaming Of The Queen (live)Concrete2006
Ego MusicElysium2012
Everything Means SomethingElysium2012
FlamboyantPopArt - The Hits2003
Flamboyant (7'' Mix)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
For FreedomBattleship Potemkin2005
For Your Own GoodNightlife1999
Friendly FireFormat2012
Friendly Fire (Frances Barber) (live)Concrete2006
Full Steam AheadBattleship Potemkin2005
Gin And JagFormat2012
Girls Don't CryFormat2012
Give It A GoElysium2012
Go Paninaro (live)Pandemonium2010
Go WestVery1993
Go WestPopArt - The Hits2003
Go WestUltimate2010
Go WestSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Go West (Farley + Heller Mix)Disco 21994
God WillingFundamental2006
Happiness Is An OptionNightlife1999
Happy PeopleHotspot2020
HeartDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
HeartPopArt - The Hits2003
HeartSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Heart (live)Pandemonium2010
Help MeThe Most Incredible Thing2011
Here (PSB New Extended Mix)Disco 32003
Hey, HeadmasterAlternative1995
Hit And MissFormat2012
Hit MusicActually1987
Hold OnElysium2012
Home And DryRelease2002
Home And DryPopArt - The Hits2003
Home And DryUltimate2010
Home And DrySmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Home And Dry (Blank + Jones Remix)Disco 32003
Hoping For A MiracleHotspot2020
How Can You Expect To Be Taken SeriouslyBehaviour1990
How I Learned To Hate RockFormat2012
I Didn't Get Where I Am TodayFormat2012
I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any MoreNightlife1999
I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any MorePopArt - The Hits2003
I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any MoreSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
I Don't WannaHotspot2020
I Get AlongRelease2002
I Get AlongPopArt - The Hits2003
I Get Along (Radio Edit)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)Alternative1995
I Made My Excuses And LeftFundamental2006
I Want A DogIntrospective1988
I Want A DogAlternative1995
I Want A LoverPlease1986
I Want To Wake UpActually1987
I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of ThingVery1993
I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of ThingPopArt - The Hits2003
I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of ThingSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (Beatmasters Extended Nude Mix)Disco 21994
I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing (DJ Pierre Wild Pitch Mix)Disco 21994
I'm Not ScaredIntrospective1988
I'm With StupidFundamental2006
I'm With StupidUltimate2010
I'm With StupidSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
If Looks Could KillDisco 32003
If Love Were AllAlternative1995
In Denial (featuring Kylie Minogue)Nightlife1999
In Private (7'' Mix)Format2012
In The NightAlternative1995
In The Night (Arthur Baker's Extended Mix)Disco1986
In The Night 1995Format2012
Indefinite Leave To RemainFundamental2006
Indefinite Leave To Remain (live)Concrete2006
Inner SanctumSuper2016
Inside A DreamElectric2013
Integral (live)Concrete2006
Into Thin AirSuper2016
It Always Comes As A SurpriseBilingual1996
It Couldn't Happen HereActually1987
It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas (New Version)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
It Must Be ObviousAlternative1995
It's A SinActually1987
It's A SinDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
It's A SinPopArt - The Hits2003
It's A SinUltimate2010
It's A SinSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
It's A Sin (live)Concrete2006
It's A Sin (live)Pandemonium2010
It's AlrightIntrospective1988
It's AlrightDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
It's AlrightPopArt - The Hits2003
It's AlrightSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
It's Alright (live)Concrete2006
Jack The LadAlternative1995
JealousyDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
JealousyPopArt - The Hits2003
JealousySmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Jealousy (Robbie Williams) (live)Concrete2006
King Of RomeYes2009
King's CrossActually1987
Kings Cross (live)Pandemonium2010
Later TonightPlease1986
LeavingSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Left To My Own DevicesIntrospective1988
Left To My Own DevicesDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
Left To My Own DevicesPopArt - The Hits2003
Left To My Own DevicesUltimate2010
Left To My Own DevicesSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Left To My Own Devices (live)Concrete2006
LiberationPopArt - The Hits2003
LiberationSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Liberation (E Smoove 12'' Mix)Disco 21994
London (Genuine Piano Mix)Disco 32003
London (Thee Radikal Blaklite Edit)Disco 32003
Losing My MindAlternative1995
Love Comes QuicklyPlease1986
Love Comes QuicklyDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
Love Comes QuicklyPopArt - The Hits2003
Love Comes QuicklySmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Love Comes Quickly (Shep Pettibone's Mastermix)Disco1986
Love Etc.Yes2009
Love Etc.Ultimate2010
Love Etc.Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Love Etc. (live)Pandemonium2010
Love Is A Bourgeois ConstructElectric2013
Love Is A Bourgeois Construct (Nighttime Radio Edit)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Love Is A CatastropheRelease2002
Love Is The LawNonetheless2024
Luna ParkFundamental2006
Luna Park (live)Concrete2006
Memory Of The FutureElysium2012
Memory Of The Future (New Single Mix)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Men And MaggotsBattleship Potemkin2005
Minimal (Radio Edit)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
MiraclesPopArt - The Hits2003
Miracles (Radio Edit)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Monkey BusinessHotspot2020
More Than A DreamYes2009
Music For BoysAlternative1995
My Girl (live)Pandemonium2010
My October SymphonyBehaviour1990
New London BoyNonetheless2024
New York City BoyNightlife1999
New York City BoyPopArt - The Hits2003
New York City BoyUltimate2010
New York City Boy (US Radio Edit)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Night FallsBattleship Potemkin2005
No Time For TearsBattleship Potemkin2005
No Time For Tears (7'' Mix)Format2012
Nothing Has Been Proved (live)Concrete2006
Numb (live)Concrete2006
Numb (Single Edit)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
NYC Boy (live)Pandemonium2010
NyetBattleship Potemkin2005
OdessaBattleship Potemkin2005
One And One Make FiveVery1993
One In A MillionVery1993
One More ChanceActually1987
One Of The CrowdAlternative1995
Only The DarkHotspot2020
Only The WindBehaviour1990
Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)Please1986
Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)Discography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)PopArt - The Hits2003
Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) (Ron Dean Miller And Latin Rascals's Version Latina)Disco1986
Opportunities (Reprise)Please1986
Our Daily BreadBattleship Potemkin2005
Paninaro '95PopArt - The Hits2003
Paninaro '95Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Paninaro (Pet Shop Boys And David Jacob's Italian Mix)Disco1986
Party SongFormat2012
Physical JerksThe Most Incredible Thing2011
Positive Role ModelDisco 32003
Postscript (Hidden Track)Very1993
PrologueThe Most Incredible Thing2011
RentDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
RentPopArt - The Hits2003
RentSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Rent (live)Concrete2006
Requiem In Denim And LeopardskinElysium2012
RiskThe Most Incredible Thing2011
Sad Robot WorldSuper2016
Saturday Night ForeverBilingual1996
Say It To MeSuper2016
Se a vida eUltimate2010
Se A Vida E (That's The Way Life Is)Bilingual1996
Se A Vida E (That's The Way Life Is)PopArt - The Hits2003
Se a vida e (That's The Way Life Is)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Searching For The Face Of JesusFormat2012
Sexy NorthernerFormat2012
Sexy Northerner (Superchumbo Mix)Disco 32003
Shout In The EveningElectric2013
Silver AgeFormat2012
SingleSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Single (Bilingual)PopArt - The Hits2003
So HardBehaviour1990
So HardDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
So HardPopArt - The Hits2003
So HardSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
So Hard (Morales Red Zone Mix)Disco 21994
Some SpeculationAlternative1995
Somebody Else's BusinessDisco 32003
SomewherePopArt - The Hits2003
SomewhereSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Stormy MeetingsBattleship Potemkin2005
SuburbiaDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
SuburbiaPopArt - The Hits2003
SuburbiaSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Suburbia (Julian Mendelssohn's Full Horror Mix)Disco1986
Suburbia (live)Pandemonium2010
That's My Impression (Disco Mix)Alternative1995
The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes OnFormat2012
The Calm Before The StormFormat2012
The ChallengeThe Most Incredible Thing2011
The Clock 1 - 2 - 3The Most Incredible Thing2011
The Clock 10 - 11 - 12The Most Incredible Thing2011
The Clock 4 - 5 - 6The Most Incredible Thing2011
The Clock 7 - 8 - 9The Most Incredible Thing2011
The CompetitionThe Most Incredible Thing2011
The Dictator DecidesSuper2016
The End Of The WorldBehaviour1990
The Former Enfant TerribleFormat2012
The Ghost Of MyselfFormat2012
The GrindThe Most Incredible Thing2011
The Last To DieElectric2013
The MeetingThe Most Incredible Thing2011
The Miracle - CeremonyThe Most Incredible Thing2011
The Miracle - Colour And LightThe Most Incredible Thing2011
The Miracle - ResurrectionThe Most Incredible Thing2011
The Miracle - RevolutionThe Most Incredible Thing2011
The Miracle - The Meeting (Reprise)The Most Incredible Thing2011
The Night I Fell In LoveRelease2002
The Only OneNightlife1999
The Pop KidsSuper2016
The Pop Kids (Radio Edit)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
The ResurrectionistFormat2012
The Samurai In AutumnRelease2002
The Schlager Hit ParadeNonetheless2024
The Secret Of HappinessNonetheless2024
The Sodom And Gomorrah ShowFundamental2006
The Sodom And Gomorrah Show (live)Concrete2006
The Sound Of The Atom Splitting (Extended Version)Alternative1995
The SquadronBattleship Potemkin2005
The SurvivorsBilingual1996
The TheatreVery1993
The Truck Driver And His MateFormat2012
The View From Your BalconyFormat2012
The Way It Used To BeYes2009
The WeddingThe Most Incredible Thing2011
The WinnerThe Most Incredible Thing2011
This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To LeaveBehaviour1990
ThursdaySmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Thursday (feat. Example)Electric2013
Time On My HandsDisco 32003
To Face The TruthBehaviour1990
To Speak Is A SinVery1993
To Step AsideBilingual1996
To The BattleshipBattleship Potemkin2005
To The ShoreBattleship Potemkin2005
Together (Ultimate Mix)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Tonight Is ForeverPlease1986
Too Many PeopleAlternative1995
Try It (I'm In Love With A Married Man)Disco 32003
Twentieth CenturyFundamental2006
Two Divided By ZeroPlease1986
Two Divided By Zero (live)Pandemonium2010
Up Against ItBilingual1996
Up And DownFormat2012
Violence (Hacienda Version)Alternative1995
Vocal (Radio Edit)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Was It Worth ItDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
Was It Worth ItSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Was That What It WasAlternative1995
We All Feel Better In The DarkAlternative1995
We All Feel Better In The Dark (Brothers In Rhythm After Hours Climax Mix)Disco 21994
We're All Criminals NowFormat2012
We're The Pet Shop BoysFormat2012
Wedding In BerlinHotspot2020
West End GirlsPlease1986
West End GirlsDiscography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
West End GirlsPopArt - The Hits2003
West End GirlsUltimate2010
West End GirlsSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
West End Girls (live)Concrete2006
West End Girls (live)Pandemonium2010
West End Girls (Shep Pettibone's Disco Mix)Disco1986
What Have I Done To Deserve ThisUltimate2010
What Have I Done to Deserve ThisSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
What Have I Done To Deserve This (live)Pandemonium2010
What Have I Done To Deserve This (With Dusty Springfield)Actually1987
What Have I Done To Deserve This (with Dusty Springfield)Discography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
What Have I Done To Deserve This (with Dusty Springfield)PopArt - The Hits2003
What Keeps Mankind AliveAlternative1995
Where The Streets Have No NameUltimate2010
Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)Discography - The Complete Singles Collection1991
Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)PopArt - The Hits2003
Where The Streets Have No Name - I Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Medley)Smash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Why Am I DancingNonetheless2024
Why Don't We Live TogetherPlease1986
Why Don't We Live Together (live)Pandemonium2010
WinnerSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Yesterday, When I Was MadVery1993
Yesterday, When I Was MadPopArt - The Hits2003
Yesterday, When I Was MadSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
Yesterday, When I Was Mad (Coconut 1 12'' Mix)Disco 21994
Yesterday, When I Was Mad (Jam + Spoon Mix)Disco 21994
Yesterday, When I Was Mad (Junior Vasquez Fabulous Dub)Disco 21994
You Are The OneHotspot2020
You ChooseRelease2002
You Know Where You Went WrongAlternative1995
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're DrunkNightlife1999
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're DrunkPopArt - The Hits2003
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're DrunkSmash - The Singles 1985-20202023
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk (live)Concrete2006
Young OffenderVery1993
Your Early StuffElysium2012

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