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2:00 AMKowtow1988
A Man Of Nomatic TradesNot Of This World2001
AlaskaThe Jewel1985
Am I Really Losing YouThe Window Of Life1993
And We'll Go Hunting DeerThe World1991
Armageddon (Bonus Track)The Jewel1985
As Good As GoldThe Masquerade Overture1996
As Good As Gold (live)Masquerade 202017
Back In The SpotlightThe World1991
Back In The SpotlightOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
Beautiful Soul (live)Masquerade 202017
Breaking The SpellThe Window Of Life1993
Breaking The Spell (live)Masquerade 202017
CircusThe Jewel1985
ComatoseOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
Come Home Jack (live)Masquerade 202017
Dance Of The Seven WalesNot Of This World2001
DuneThe Window Of Life1993
EmpathyOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
Explorers Of The Infinite (live)Masquerade 202017
Face Of Light (live)Masquerade 202017
Fallen Dreams And AngelsThe Window Of Life1993
Feeding FrenzyOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
Fly High Fall FarThe Jewel1985
FreakshowOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
GhostsThe Window Of Life1993
GhostsOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
Guardian Of My SoulThe Masquerade Overture1996
Guardian Of My Soul (live)Masquerade 202017
Higher CirclesThe Jewel1985
I Walk The RopeKowtow1988
If I Were The WindOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
If I Where The WindNot Of This World2001
IndigoOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
Indigo (live)Masquerade 202017
Insomnia (Bonus Track)The Jewel1985
It's Only MePure2009
King Of The Castle (live)Masquerade 202017
Last Man On EarthOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
Learning CurveBelieve2005
LeviathanThe Jewel1985
Masters Of IllusionThe Masquerade Overture1996
Masters Of Illusion (live)Masquerade 202017
No Place For The InnocentBelieve2005
NostradamusThe Window Of Life1993
NostradamusOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
Nostradamus (live)Masquerade 202017
Not Of This WorldNot Of This World2001
Not Of This WorldOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
Oh DivineoThe Jewel1985
PaintboxThe Masquerade Overture1996
PaintboxOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
Paintbox (live)Masquerade 202017
PassionOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
PrayerThe World1991
PrayerOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
Queen Of Hearts (Queen Of Hearts - A Man Could Die Out Here - The Last Waltz)The World1991
Saved By YouKowtow1988
Schizo (live)Masquerade 202017
Shadow (live)Masquerade 202017
ShaneThe World1991
ShaneOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
Sister BluebirdThe Window Of Life1993
Sister Bluebird (Bonus Track)The World1991
Solid HeartKowtow1988
The Black KnightThe Jewel1985
The Edge Of The WorldBelieve2005
The Freak ShowPure2009
The HauntingKowtow1988
The Last Man On EarthThe Window Of Life1993
The Last Man On Earth (live) (Bonus Track)The Masquerade Overture1996
The MaskKowtow1988
The Masquerade OvertureThe Masquerade Overture1996
The Masquerade Overture (live)Masquerade 202017
The Pleasure Of HopeThe Jewel1985
The Pursuit Of ExcellenceThe Masquerade Overture1996
The Pursuit Of Excellence (live)Masquerade 202017
The ShadowThe Masquerade Overture1996
The Third World In The U.K.The Window Of Life1993
The VoyagerThe World1991
The Walls Of BabylonThe Window Of Life1993
The Wisdom Of SolomonBelieve2005
The Wishing WellBelieve2005
This Green And Pleasant LandOut Of Order Comes Chaos2013
This Green And Pleasant Land (live)Masquerade 202017
Time For A ChangeKowtow1988
Total RecallKowtow1988
Victims Of LifeThe Jewel1985
World's EndNot Of This World2001

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