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11122 Dreams2008
22 Dreams22 Dreams2008
22 DreamsMore Modern Classics2014
5th Season (live)Live Wood1994
7 And 3 Is The Strikers NameWake Up The Nation2010
A Bullet For EveryoneIllumination2002
A Dream Reprise22 Dreams2008
A Glimpse Of You662024
A Man Of Great Promise (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
A Whale's TaleHeliocentric2000
Above the CloudsPaul Weller1992
Above The CloudsModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
Above The Clouds (live)Live Wood1994
Above The Clouds (live)Days Of Speed2001
Aim HighWake Up The Nation2010
All Along The WatchtowerStudio 1502004
All Good BooksIllumination2002
All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)22 Dreams2008
All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)More Modern Classics2014
All On A Misty MorningAs Is Now2005
All The Pictures On The WallWild Wood1993
All The Pictures On The Wall (live)Live Wood1994
AloneWill Of The People2022
AlphaWill Of The People2022
Amongst ButterfliesPaul Weller1992
Amongst Butterflies (live)Days Of Speed2001
Amongst Butterflies (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
AndromedaWake Up The Nation2010
Andromeda (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
Around The LakeSonik Kicks2012
As You Lean Into The LightHeavy Soul1997
AspectsTrue Meanings2018
Aspects (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
Back In The FireHeliocentric2000
Back In The Fire (live)Days Of Speed2001
Bag ManIllumination2002
BaptisteOn Sunset2020
Be Happy ChildrenSonik Kicks2012
Big Brass ButtonsWill Of The People2022
BirdsStudio 1502004
BirthdayWill Of The People2022
Bitterness RisingPaul Weller1992
Black Is The ColourStudio 1502004
Black River22 Dreams2008
Blink And You'l Miss It (live)Catch-Flame!2006
Blink And You'll Miss ItAs Is Now2005
BooksTrue Meanings2018
Books (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
BottleJawbone (Soundtrack)2017
BowieTrue Meanings2018
Bowie (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
Boy About Town (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
Brand New StartModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
Brand New Start (live)Days Of Speed2001
Brand New ToyMore Modern Classics2014
Bring Back The Funk (Pts. 1 + 2)As Is Now2005
Broken StonesStanley Road1995
Broken StonesModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
Broken Stones (live)Catch-Flame!2006
Broken Stones (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
BrushedHeavy Soul1997
BrushedModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
Bull Rush - Magic Bus (live)Live Wood1994
Bull-RushPaul Weller1992
Burn Out662024
By The WatersSonik Kicks2012
Call Me No. 5 (+ Kelly Jones)Illumination2002
Can You Heal Us (Holy Man)Wild Wood1993
Carnation (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
Close To YouStudio 1502004
CluesPaul Weller1992
Clues (live)Days Of Speed2001
Cobweb - ConnectionsFat Pop (Volume 1)2021
Cold Moments22 Dreams2008
Come AlongTrue Meanings2018
Come On - Let's GoAs Is Now2005
Come On - Let's GoMore Modern Classics2014
Come On - Let's Go (live)Catch-Flame!2006
Cosmic FringesFat Pop (Volume 1)2021
Cosmic FringesWill Of The People2022
CountryWild Wood1993
Country (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
DevotionWill Of The People2022
Don't Make PromisesStudio 1502004
Down In The Seine (live)Days Of Speed2001
DragonflySonik Kicks2012
DriftersSonik Kicks2012
Driving NowhereHeavy Soul1997
Dusk Til DawnWill Of The People2022
Dust And RicksHeliocentric2000
Early Morning RainStudio 1502004
Earth BeatOn Sunset2020
Echoes Round The Sun22 Dreams2008
Echoes Round The SunMore Modern Classics2014
Empty Ring22 Dreams2008
End Fight SequenceJawbone (Soundtrack)2017
English Rose (live)Days Of Speed2001
English Rose (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
EquanimityOn Sunset2020
Equanimity (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
Everything Has A Price To Pay (live)Days Of Speed2001
FailedFat Pop (Volume 1)2021
Fast Car - Slow TrafficWake Up The Nation2010
Fast Car - Slow TrafficMore Modern Classics2014
Fat PopFat Pop (Volume 1)2021
Fifth SeasonWild Wood1993
Find The Torch, Burn The PlansWake Up The Nation2010
Flame-OutMore Modern Classics2014
Fly Little BirdAs Is Now2005
Flying Fish662024
Foot Of The MountainWild Wood1993
Foot Of The Mountain (live)Live Wood1994
Foot Of The Mountain (live)Catch-Flame!2006
Friday StreetHeavy Soul1997
Friday StreetModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
From The Floorboards UpAs Is Now2005
From The Floorboards UpMore Modern Classics2014
From The Floorboards Up (live)Catch-Flame!2006
Glad TimesFat Pop (Volume 1)2021
Glad Times (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
GlideTrue Meanings2018
Glide (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
God22 Dreams2008
Going My WaySaturns Pattern2015
Going PlacesIllumination2002
Going Places (live)Catch-Flame!2006
Golden LeavesWill Of The People2022
Golden SandsHeavy Soul1997
Gotta Get On662024
Grasp And Still ConnectWake Up The Nation2010
GravityTrue Meanings2018
Gravity (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
Gravity (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
GreenSonik Kicks2012
Has My Fire Really Gone OutWild Wood1993
Has My Fire Really Gone Out (live)Live Wood1994
Have You Ever Had It Blue (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
Have You Made Up Your Mind22 Dreams2008
Have You Made Up Your MindMore Modern Classics2014
He's The KeeperHeliocentric2000
He's The KeeperMore Modern Classics2014
Headstart For Happiness (live)Days Of Speed2001
Heavy Soul (Pt. 1)Heavy Soul1997
Heavy Soul (Pt. 2)Heavy Soul1997
HerculesStudio 1502004
Here's The Good NewsAs Is Now2005
Holy ManWild Wood1993
Holy Man - War (live)Live Wood1994
HopperA Kind Revolution2017
HopperWill Of The People2022
Hopper (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)Will Of The People2022
Hung UpWild Wood1993
Hung UpModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
I Didn't Mean To Hurt YouPaul Weller1992
I Should Have Been There To Inspire YouHeavy Soul1997
I SpyWill Of The People2022
I Walk On Gilded SplintersStanley Road1995
I Wanna Make It AlrightAs Is Now2005
I Woke Up662024
I Work In The CloudsWill Of The People2022
I'll Think Of SomethingWill Of The People2022
I'm Where I Should BeSaturns Pattern2015
If I Could Only Be SureStudio 1502004
In A Silent World662024
In AmsterdamWake Up The Nation2010
In Better TimesFat Pop (Volume 1)2021
In Full Flight662024
In The Car...Saturns Pattern2015
In The Crowd (live)Catch-Flame!2006
InstrumentalWild Wood1993
Instrumental (2)Wild Wood1993
Into The SeaWill Of The People2022
Into TomorrowPaul Weller1992
Into TomorrowModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
Into Tomorrow (live)Live Wood1994
Invisible22 Dreams2008
It's A Very Deep Sea (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
It's Written In The StarsIllumination2002
It's Written In the StarsMore Modern Classics2014
JawboneJawbone (Soundtrack)2017
Jawbone TrainingJawbone (Soundtrack)2017
Jimmy - BlackoutJawbone (Soundtrack)2017
Jumble Queen662024
Kling I KlangSonik Kicks2012
KosmosPaul Weller1992
LandslideWill Of The People2022
Lay Down Your Weary BurdenWill Of The People2022
Leafy MysteriesIllumination2002
Let Me InWill Of The People2022
Light Nights22 Dreams2008
Long Hot Summer (live)Catch-Flame!2006
Long Long RoadA Kind Revolution2017
Long Long Road (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
Long TimeSaturns Pattern2015
Love-Less (live)Days Of Speed2001
Lullaby Für Kinder22 Dreams2008
Man On FireJawbone (Soundtrack)2017
May Love Travel With YouTrue Meanings2018
May Love Travel With You (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
MayflyTrue Meanings2018
Mayfly (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
MermaidsHeavy Soul1997
MermaidsModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
Mirror BallOn Sunset2020
Moon On Your PyjamasWild Wood1993
MoonshineWake Up The Nation2010
MoreOn Sunset2020
Mother Ethiopia - Paul Weller, Stone FoundationWill Of The People2022
Movin On (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
Movin On (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
Movin' OnTrue Meanings2018
Moving CanvasFat Pop (Volume 1)2021
My Best Friend's Coat662024
My Ephing Burnt ToastPaul Weller1992
My Ever Changing Moods (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
New YorkA Kind Revolution2017
Night Lights22 Dreams2008
No Tears To CryWake Up The Nation2010
No Tears To CryMore Modern Classics2014
NovaA Kind Revolution2017
Now is Here662024
Now The Night Is HereIllumination2002
Old CastlesTrue Meanings2018
Old Castles (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
Old Father TymeOn Sunset2020
On SunsetOn Sunset2020
On Sunset (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
One Bright Star22 Dreams2008
One Bright Star (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
One TearA Kind Revolution2017
One Way RoadStudio 1502004
One X OneIllumination2002
Oranges and RosewaterWill Of The People2022
Out Of The SinkingStanley Road1995
Out Of The SinkingModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
Out Of The Sinking (live)Days Of Speed2001
Out Of The Sinking (live)Catch-Flame!2006
PanAs Is Now2005
Paper SmileAs Is Now2005
Paper Smile (live)Catch-Flame!2006
PaperchaseSonik Kicks2012
Peacock SuitHeavy Soul1997
Peacock SuitModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
Peacock Suit (live)Catch-Flame!2006
PhoenixSaturns Pattern2015
Pick It UpSaturns Pattern2015
Picking Up SticksHeliocentric2000
Pieces Of DreamWake Up The Nation2010
Pink On White WallsStanley Road1995
Porcelain GodsStanley Road1995
Porcelain Gods - I Walk On Gilded Splinters (live)Catch-Flame!2006
Portal To The PastWill Of The People2022
Praise If You WannaWill Of The People2022
Private Hell (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
Pure SoundWill Of The People2022
Push It Along22 Dreams2008
Push It AlongMore Modern Classics2014
Remember How We StartedPaul Weller1992
Remember How We Started - Dominoes (live)Live Wood1994
Rip The Pages UpWill Of The People2022
Rise Up Singing662024
RocketsOn Sunset2020
Rockets (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
Roll Along SummerAs Is Now2005
Round And RoundPaul Weller1992
Satellite KidA Kind Revolution2017
Saturns PatternSaturns Pattern2015
Saturns PatternWill Of The People2022
SavagesAs Is Now2005
Savages (live)Catch-Flame!2006
ScienceHeavy Soul1997
Science (live)Days Of Speed2001
Sea Spray22 Dreams2008
SerafinaWill Of The People2022
Shades Of BlueFat Pop (Volume 1)2021
Shadow Of The SunWild Wood1993
Shadow Of The Sun (live)Live Wood1994
She Moves With The FayreA Kind Revolution2017
She SpeaksWake Up The Nation2010
Ship Of Fools662024
Shout To The Top (live)Catch-Flame!2006
Sleep Of The SereneSonik Kicks2012
Sleepy Hollow662024
Song For Alice22 Dreams2008
Soul Wandering662024
Spring (At Last)Illumination2002
Standing Out In The UniverseIllumination2002
Stanley RoadStanley Road1995
StarliteMore Modern Classics2014
Still Glides The StreamFat Pop (Volume 1)2021
Still Glides The Stream (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
Strange Museum (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
Study in BlueSonik Kicks2012
Sun GoesWill Of The People2022
SunflowerWild Wood1993
SunflowerModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
Sunflower (live)Live Wood1994
Super Lekker StonedWill Of The People2022
Sweet Pea, My Sweet PeaHeliocentric2000
Sweet Pea, My Sweet PeaMore Modern Classics2014
Tales From The Riverbank (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
TestifyFat Pop (Volume 1)2021
That Dangerous AgeSonik Kicks2012
That Dangerous AgeMore Modern Classics2014
That PleasureFat Pop (Volume 1)2021
That's Entertainment (live)Days Of Speed2001
That's Entertainment (live)Catch-Flame!2006
The AtticSonik Kicks2012
The AtticMore Modern Classics2014
The Ballad Of Jimmy McCabeJawbone (Soundtrack)2017
The Ballad Of Jimmy McCabeWill Of The People2022
The BottleStudio 1502004
The ChangingmanStanley Road1995
The ChangingmanModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
The Changingman (live)Catch-Flame!2006
The Cranes Are BackA Kind Revolution2017
The Dark Pages Of September Lead To The New Leaves Of Spring22 Dreams2008
The Impossible IdeaA Kind Revolution2017
The Loved (live)Days Of Speed2001
The Olde OriginalWill Of The People2022
The Pebble And The BoyAs Is Now2005
The Pebble And The Boy (live)Catch-Flame!2006
The PiperWill Of The People2022
The Soul SearchersTrue Meanings2018
The Soul Searchers (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
The Start Of ForeverAs Is Now2005
The Strange MuseumPaul Weller1992
The WeaverModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
The Weaver (live)Catch-Flame!2006
There's No Drinking, After You're DeadHeliocentric2000
There's No Drinking, After You're Dead (live)Days Of Speed2001
These City StreetsSaturns Pattern2015
Thinking Of YouStudio 1502004
This Is No Time (live)Live Wood1994
Time Passes...Stanley Road1995
Town Called Malice (live)Days Of Speed2001
Town Called Malice (live)Catch-Flame!2006
TreesWake Up The Nation2010
True (+ Lia Metcalfe)Fat Pop (Volume 1)2021
TwilightSonik Kicks2012
Two Fat LadiesWake Up The Nation2010
Uh Huh Oh YehPaul Weller1992
Uh Huh Oh YehModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
Up In Suzes' RoomHeavy Soul1997
Up In Suzes' Room (live)Catch-Flame!2006
Up The DosageWake Up The Nation2010
VillageOn Sunset2020
Wake Up The NationWake Up The Nation2010
Wake Up The NationMore Modern Classics2014
Walkin'On Sunset2020
We Got A LotWill Of The People2022
WeaverWild Wood1993
What Would He SayTrue Meanings2018
What Would He Say (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
Whatever NextWake Up The Nation2010
Wheel Of Fortune662024
When Your Garden's OvergrownMore Modern Classics2014
When Your Garden?s OvergrownSonik Kicks2012
Where'er Ye Go (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
Where'er Ye Go'22 Dreams2008
Whirlpool's EndStanley Road1995
White HorsesTrue Meanings2018
White Horses (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
White Horses (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
White SkySaturns Pattern2015
Who Brings JoyIllumination2002
Why Walk When You Can Run22 Dreams2008
Wild Blue YonderMore Modern Classics2014
Wild WoodWild Wood1993
Wild WoodModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
Wild Wood (live)Live Wood1994
Wild Wood (live)Days Of Speed2001
Wild Wood (live)Catch-Flame!2006
Wild Wood (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
Wild Wood (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
Wings Of SpeedStanley Road1995
Wishing On A StarStudio 1502004
Wishing On A StarMore Modern Classics2014
Wishing On A Star (live)Catch-Flame!2006
Wishing WellTrue Meanings2018
With Time And TemperanceHeliocentric2000
Woo Se MamaA Kind Revolution2017
Woodcutter's SonStanley Road1995
You Do Something To MeStanley Road1995
You Do Something To MeModern Classics - The Greatest Hits1998
You Do Something To Me (live)Days Of Speed2001
You Do Something To Me (live)Catch-Flame!2006
You Do Something To Me (live)Other Aspects - Live At The Royal Festival Hall2019
You Do Something To Me (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021
You're The Best Thing (Version 2021)An Orchestrated Songbook2021

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