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80 - 81-Broadway Blues (live)The Orchestrion Project2013
Acid KissCuong Vu Trio Meets Pat Metheny2016
Adagia (live)The Unity Sessions2016
AlfieWhat's It All About2011
America UndefinedFrom This Place2020
And I Love HerWhat's It All About2011
Another ChanceOne Quiet Night2003
Antonia (live)The Orchestrion Project2013
Betcha By Golly, WowWhat's It All About2011
Better Days AheadSide-Eye NYC (V1.IV)2021
Born (live)The Unity Sessions2016
BreakdealerUnity Band2012
Bright Size LifeSide-Eye NYC (V1.IV)2021
CherishWhat's It All About2011
Cherokee (live)The Unity Sessions2016
Clouds Can't Change The SkyDream Box2023
Come And SeeUnity Band2012
Come And See (live)The Unity Sessions2016
Country PoemNew Chautauqua1979
DaybreakNew Chautauqua1979
Don't Forget - (Renato's Theme)Passaggio per il paradiso (Soundtrack)1996
Don't Know WhyOne Quiet Night2003
Entry PointOrchestrion2010
Entry Point (live)The Orchestrion Project2013
Everything ExplainedFrom This Place2020
Expansion (live)The Orchestrion Project2013
Ferry Cross The MerseyOne Quiet Night2003
Finale (It's Always Worth The Trouble)Passaggio per il paradiso (Soundtrack)1996
Four Paths Of Light, Pt. 1Road To The Sun2021
Four Paths Of Light, Pt. 2Road To The Sun2021
Four Paths Of Light, Pt. 3Road To The Sun2021
Four Paths Of Light, Pt. 4Road To The Sun2021
From The MountainsDream Box2023
From This PlaceFrom This Place2020
Für AlinaRoad To The Sun2021
Garota de IpanemaWhat's It All About2011
Genealogy (live)The Unity Sessions2016
Go Get It (live)The Unity Sessions2016
HermitageNew Chautauqua1979
I Fall In Love Too EasilyDream Box2023
I Will Find The WayOne Quiet Night2003
Improvisation #1 (live)The Orchestrion Project2013
Improvisation #2 (live)The Orchestrion Project2013
Interval WaltzUnity Band2012
It Starts When We DisappearSide-Eye NYC (V1.IV)2021
Kin (live)The Unity Sessions2016
Last Train HomeOne Quiet Night2003
Learning On The RoadPassaggio per il paradiso (Soundtrack)1996
Leaving TownUnity Band2012
Let's Get BackCuong Vu Trio Meets Pat Metheny2016
LodgerSide-Eye NYC (V1.IV)2021
Long Ago Child - Fallen StarNew Chautauqua1979
Love May Take AwhileFrom This Place2020
Marta On The Bus, Marta In The FieldsPassaggio per il paradiso (Soundtrack)1996
Marta's House StoryPassaggio per il paradiso (Soundtrack)1996
Marta's Stag StoryPassaggio per il paradiso (Soundtrack)1996
Marta's ThemePassaggio per il paradiso (Soundtrack)1996
Medley: Phase Dance - Minuano - Midwestern Nights - The Sun in Montreal - Omaha Celebration - Antonia - Last Train Home (live)The Unity Sessions2016
Morning Of The CarnivalDream Box2023
My SongOne Quiet Night2003
Never Was LoveDream Box2023
New ChautauquaNew Chautauqua1979
New YearUnity Band2012
North To South, East To WestOne Quiet Night2003
Not Crazy (Just Giddy Upping)Cuong Vu Trio Meets Pat Metheny2016
Ole And GardDream Box2023
On Day OneKin2014
On Day One (live)The Unity Sessions2016
One Quiet NightOne Quiet Night2003
Orchestrion (live)The Orchestrion Project2013
Over On 4th StreetOne Quiet Night2003
P.C. Of BelgiumDream Box2023
Part 1Zero Tolerance For Silence1994
Part 2Zero Tolerance For Silence1994
Part 3Zero Tolerance For Silence1994
Part 4Zero Tolerance For Silence1994
Part 5Zero Tolerance For Silence1994
PathmakerFrom This Place2020
Peace MemoryOne Quiet Night2003
PipelineWhat's It All About2011
Police People (live)The Unity Sessions2016
Private EyePassaggio per il paradiso (Soundtrack)1996
Rainy Days And MondaysWhat's It All About2011
Remembering Home, Meeting The KidsPassaggio per il paradiso (Soundtrack)1996
Renato's ThemePassaggio per il paradiso (Soundtrack)1996
Rise UpKin2014
Rise Up (live)The Unity Sessions2016
Road To The Sun, Pt. 1Road To The Sun2021
Road To The Sun, Pt. 2Road To The Sun2021
Road To The Sun, Pt. 3Road To The Sun2021
Road To The Sun, Pt. 4Road To The Sun2021
Road To The Sun, Pt. 5Road To The Sun2021
Road To The Sun, Pt. 6Road To The Sun2021
Roof Dogs (live)The Unity Sessions2016
RoofdogsUnity Band2012
Same RiverFrom This Place2020
Seeds Of DoubtCuong Vu Trio Meets Pat Metheny2016
Sign Of The SeasonKin2014
Sign Of The Season (live)The Unity Sessions2016
Signals (Orchestrion Sketch)Unity Band2012
SirabhornSide-Eye NYC (V1.IV)2021
Sixty-SixFrom This Place2020
Slow Hot WindWhat's It All About2011
Song For The BoysOne Quiet Night2003
Soul SearchOrchestrion2010
Soul Search (live)The Orchestrion Project2013
Spirit Of The AirOrchestrion2010
Spirit Of The Air (live)The Orchestrion Project2013
Stranger In Town (live)The Orchestrion Project2013
Sueno con MexicoNew Chautauqua1979
Sueno Con Mexico (live)The Orchestrion Project2013
TelescopeCuong Vu Trio Meets Pat Metheny2016
Tell Her You Saw Me (live)The Orchestrion Project2013
That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should BeWhat's It All About2011
The Past In UsFrom This Place2020
The Roads Of MarchePassaggio per il paradiso (Soundtrack)1996
The Sound Of SilenceWhat's It All About2011
The Waves Are Not The OceanDream Box2023
Theme From 'Passaggio per il paradiso'Passaggio per il paradiso (Soundtrack)1996
Then And NowUnity Band2012
This Belongs To YouUnity Band2012
This Belongs To You (live)The Unity Sessions2016
Time Goes OnOne Quiet Night2003
TimelineSide-Eye NYC (V1.IV)2021
Tiny Little PiecesCuong Vu Trio Meets Pat Metheny2016
Trust Your AngelsDream Box2023
Tune BluesCuong Vu Trio Meets Pat Metheny2016
TurnaroundSide-Eye NYC (V1.IV)2021
Two Folk Songs (live)The Unity Sessions2016
Unity Village (live)The Orchestrion Project2013
We Go OnKin2014
Wide And FarFrom This Place2020
Wolf StoryPassaggio per il paradiso (Soundtrack)1996
You AreFrom This Place2020
Zenith BlueSide-Eye NYC (V1.IV)2021

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