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A Song For You (+ Jerry di Monza)The Princess2012
All Grown Up (+ Anduze)The Burning Spider2017
All NightThe Princess2012
All NightThe Art Of Sampling2013
All Night (Extended Club Version)The Princess2012
All Night (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
At The Flamingo BarThe Invisible Girl2013
Baska BrotherThe Princess2012
Beautiful MorningThe Princess2012
Beauty Mark (+ Anduze)The Burning Spider2017
Berlin Shuffle (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
Black Coffee (+ Wingy Manone)The Burning Spider2017
Booty SwingThe Princess2012
Booty Swing (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
CatgrooveThe Art Of Sampling2013
Catgroove (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
Clap Your Hands (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
Cuba Libre (+ Mildred Bailey)The Burning Spider2017
Demon DanceThe Demon Diaries2015
Demon Dance (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
Djangos Revenge (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
Doctor FooThe Invisible Girl2013
Doctor Foo (Smooth Version)The Invisible Girl2013
Dust In The Summer Rain (+ Lilja Bloom)The Princess2012
Everything Of My HeartThe Burning Spider2017
Faith (featuring Odette Di Maio)The Art Of Sampling2013
Golden Arrow (Demon Diaries Version)The Demon Diaries2015
Heavens Radio (featuring Y'akoto)The Art Of Sampling2013
Hit Me Like A DrumThe Demon Diaries2015
Hit Me Like A Drum (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
Hooked On YouThe Demon Diaries2015
I Need L.O.V.E.The Demon Diaries2015
I Need L.O.V.E. (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
Jimmy's GangThe Princess2012
Jimmy's Gang (Enzo Siffredi Remix)The Princess2012
Jimmy's Gang (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
Jimmy's Gang (Radio Edit)The Art Of Sampling2013
Josephine (1930 Version) (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
Josephine (featuring Anduze)The Art Of Sampling2013
Keep On Dancing (featuring Marvin Gaye)The Art Of Sampling2013
Keep This Fire BurningThe Demon Diaries2015
La CalatravaThe Invisible Girl2013
La DivinaThe Invisible Girl2013
Libella SwingThe Art Of Sampling2013
Love RemixThe Art Of Sampling2013
Mama Talking (+ Stuff Smith)The Burning Spider2017
MatildaThe Art Of Sampling2013
Menage a troisThe Invisible Girl2013
Menage a trois (Club Edit)The Invisible Girl2013
Milla's DreamThe Princess2012
My Man (+ Lightnin Hopkins)The Burning Spider2017
Nobody's Fool (+ Cleo Panther)The Princess2012
Oh YeahThe Princess2012
Requiem For AnnieThe Princess2012
Sally's Dance (+ Cleo Panther)The Princess2012
Sally's Dance (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
She Ain't Got No Money (featuring Lukas Graham)The Art Of Sampling2013
Shine (featuring Lilja Bloom)The Art Of Sampling2013
Silent Shuffle (+ Jerry di Monza)The Princess2012
Six Feet UndergroundThe Demon Diaries2015
Song For The CricketsThe Princess2012
Soul Fever Blues (+ Muddy Waters)The Burning Spider2017
State Of The Union (+ Anduze)The Burning Spider2017
Step Two (+ Lilja Bloom)The Burning Spider2017
SummertimeThe Demon Diaries2015
The BeachThe Princess2012
The Burning Spider (+ Lightnin Hopkins)The Burning Spider2017
The FirefaceThe Invisible Girl2013
The Fireface (Club Edit)The Invisible Girl2013
The Fog (+ Jerry di Monza)The Princess2012
The Green FrogThe Demon Diaries2015
The Invisible GirlThe Invisible Girl2013
The Invisible Girl (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
The Lonely Trumpet (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
The Mojo Radio Gang (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
The Mojo Radio Gang (Radio Version)The Art Of Sampling2013
The Paris Swing BoxThe Princess2012
The Phantom (1930 Swing Version)The Art Of Sampling2013
The Phantom (1930 Version)The Princess2012
The PrincessThe Princess2012
The RideThe Burning Spider2017
The SeaThe Demon Diaries2015
The SnakeThe Princess2012
The Speed Demon (live)Live At Pukkelpop2016
The SunThe Demon Diaries2015
The Vamp (+ Max The Sax)The Princess2012
This Game (+ Anduze)The Princess2012
True Romance Part 2 (+ Lilja Bloom)The Princess2012
Walk AwayThe Demon Diaries2015
Wanna FeteThe Princess2012
With You (+ Lilja Bloom)The Princess2012
You Got Me ThereThe Princess2012

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