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... To Be Loved (Live)Time For Annihilation... On The Record And On The Road2010
...To Be LovedThe Paramour Sessions2006
829Old Friends From Young Years1997
9th LifeThe Connection2012
Alive (N' Out Of Control)The Paramour Sessions2006
Always WanderingEgo Trip2022
American DreamsCrooked Teeth2017
American DreamsGreatest Hits Vol. 22021
As Far As I RememberThe Connection2012
Be FreeGetting Away With Murder2004
Before I DieThe Connection2012
Better Than LifeWho Do You Trust2019
Between Angels And InsectsInfest2000
Between Angels And Insects (Live)Time For Annihilation... On The Record And On The Road2010
Black CloudsLovehatetragedy2002
Blanket Of FearGetting Away With Murder2004
Blood (Empty Promises)Getting Away With Murder2004
Blood BrothersInfest2000
BloodlineEgo Trip2022
Born For GreatnessCrooked Teeth2017
Born For GreatnessGreatest Hits Vol. 22021
Born For Greatness (Cymek Remix)Greatest Hits Vol. 22021
Born With Nothing, Die With EverythingLovehatetragedy2002
Break The FallCrooked Teeth2017
Breathe You InThe Connection2012
Broken As MeF.E.a.R.2015
Broken As MeGreatest Hits Vol. 22021
Broken HomeInfest2000
BurnTime For Annihilation... On The Record And On The Road2010
BurnGreatest Hits Vol. 22021
Carry MeMetamorphosis2009
Change Or DieMetamorphosis2009
Code Of EnergyLovehatetragedy2002
Come AroundWho Do You Trust2019
Come AroundGreatest Hits Vol. 22021
CrashThe Paramour Sessions2006
Crooked TeethCrooked Teeth2017
Cut The LineEgo Trip2022
Days Of WarMetamorphosis2009
Dead CellInfest2000
Dead Cell (live) (Bonus Track)Infest2000
Decompression PeriodLovehatetragedy2002
DirtycutfreakOld Friends From Young Years1997
Do Or DieGetting Away With Murder2004
Done With YouGetting Away With Murder2004
Dying To BelieveEgo Trip2022
Ego TripEgo Trip2022
ElevateWho Do You Trust2019
ElevateGreatest Hits Vol. 22021
Elevate (Aelonia Remix)Greatest Hits Vol. 22021
EngageThe Connection2012
Face Everything And RiseF.E.a.R.2015
Face Everything And RiseGreatest Hits Vol. 22021
Face Everything And Rise (Live Acoustic)Greatest Hits Vol. 22021
Falling ApartF.E.a.R.2015
Falling ApartGreatest Hits Vol. 22021
Feel Like HomeWho Do You Trust2019
ForeverThe Paramour Sessions2006
Forever (Live)Time For Annihilation... On The Record And On The Road2010
Getting Away With MurderGetting Away With Murder2004
Getting Away With Murder (Live)Time For Annihilation... On The Record And On The Road2010
Give Me Back My LifeThe Connection2012
GravityGreatest Hits Vol. 22021
GrrbrrOld Friends From Young Years1997
Had EnoughMetamorphosis2009
HedakeOld Friends From Young Years1997
HelpCrooked Teeth2017
HelpGreatest Hits Vol. 22021
Help (Aelonia Remix)Greatest Hits Vol. 22021
Hollywood WhoreMetamorphosis2009
Hollywood Whore (Live)Time For Annihilation... On The Record And On The Road2010
I Almost Told You That I Loved YouMetamorphosis2009
I Devise My Own DemiseThe Paramour Sessions2006
I Suffer WellWho Do You Trust2019
I SurrenderEgo Trip2022
Into The LightMetamorphosis2009
IntroOld Friends From Young Years1997
Iseduf**NdieOld Friends From Young Years1997
Kick In The TeethTime For Annihilation... On The Record And On The Road2010
Kick In The TeethGreatest Hits Vol. 22021
Kill The NoiseEgo Trip2022
Killing TimeEgo Trip2022
Last ResortInfest2000
Last Resort (Live)Time For Annihilation... On The Record And On The Road2010
Leader Of The Broken HeartsThe Connection2012
Leader Of The Broken Hearts (Live Acoustic)Greatest Hits Vol. 22021
Leave A Light OnEgo Trip2022
Legacy (Bonus Track)Infest2000
LiarEgo Trip2022
Life Is A BulletLovehatetragedy2002
Lifeline (Live)Time For Annihilation... On The Record And On The Road2010
Liquid DietOld Friends From Young Years1997
Live This DownMetamorphosis2009
Living RoomOld Friends From Young Years1997
Love Me Till It HurtsF.E.a.R.2015
M-80 (Explosive Energy Movement)Lovehatetragedy2002
ManiacWho Do You Trust2019
March Out Of The DarknessMetamorphosis2009
My Heart Is A FistThe Paramour Sessions2006
My MedicationCrooked Teeth2017
Never EnoughInfest2000
Never Have To Say GoodbyeF.E.a.R.2015
Nights Of LoveMetamorphosis2009
No ApologiesEgo Trip2022
No Matter WhatTime For Annihilation... On The Record And On The Road2010
No More SecretsThe Paramour Sessions2006
None Of The AboveCrooked Teeth2017
Not ListeningGetting Away With Murder2004
Not That BeautifulThe Connection2012
Not The Only OneWho Do You Trust2019
One Track MindTime For Annihilation... On The Record And On The Road2010
Orange Drive PalmsOld Friends From Young Years1997
PeewagonOld Friends From Young Years1997
PeriscopeGreatest Hits Vol. 22021
Periscope (+ Skylar Grey)Crooked Teeth2017
ProblemsWho Do You Trust2019
RecklessThe Paramour Sessions2006
Renegade MusicWho Do You Trust2019
Roses On My GraveThe Paramour Sessions2006
ScarsGetting Away With Murder2004
Scars (Live)Time For Annihilation... On The Record And On The Road2010
She Loves Me NotLovehatetragedy2002
Shut Up N Die (Reprise)Old Friends From Young Years1997
Silence Is The EnemyThe Connection2012
Singular Indestructible DroidLovehatetragedy2002
SometimesGetting Away With Murder2004
Stand UpEgo Trip2022
State Of EmergencyMetamorphosis2009
Still SwinginThe Connection2012
Still Swingin?Greatest Hits Vol. 22021
Stop Looking Start SeeingGetting Away With Murder2004
Sunrise Trailer Park (+ MGK)Crooked Teeth2017
SwerveEgo Trip2022
Take MeGetting Away With Murder2004
ThanxOld Friends From Young Years1997
The EndingWho Do You Trust2019
The EndingGreatest Hits Vol. 22021
The EnemyTime For Annihilation... On The Record And On The Road2010
The FireThe Paramour Sessions2006
The World Around YouThe Paramour Sessions2006
Thrown AwayInfest2000
Time And Time AgainLovehatetragedy2002
Time Is Running OutThe Paramour Sessions2006
Time Is Running Out (Live)Time For Annihilation... On The Record And On The Road2010
Top Of The WorldWho Do You Trust2019
Top Of The World (Aelonia Remix)Greatest Hits Vol. 22021
Track 13Old Friends From Young Years1997
TraumaticCrooked Teeth2017
Tyranny Of NormalityGetting Away With Murder2004
UngluedEgo Trip2022
Walking DeadThe Connection2012
Walking Thru Barbed WireLovehatetragedy2002
War Over MeF.E.a.R.2015
What Do You DoThe Paramour Sessions2006
What's Left Of MeThe Connection2012
Where Did The Angels GoThe Connection2012
Who Do You TrustWho Do You Trust2019
Who Do You TrustGreatest Hits Vol. 22021
Wish You Never Met MeThe Connection2012
Won't Let UpThe Connection2012

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