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11 SilverBlack Rain2007
21st Century Schizoid ManUnder Cover2005
A Thousand ShadesPatient Number 92022
A.V.H.No More Tears1991
AliveDown To Earth2001
All My LifeOrdinary Man2020
All The Young DudesUnder Cover2005
Bark At The MoonBark At The Moon1983
Bark At The MoonThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Bark At The MoonMemoirs Of A Madman2014
Bark At The Moon (live)Live And Loud1993
Bark At The Moon (live)Live At Budokan2002
BelieverDiary Of A Madman1981
Believer (live)Randy Rhoads Tribute1987
Believer (live)Live At Budokan2002
Black IllusionDown To Earth2001
Black RainBlack Rain2007
Black Sabbath (live)Speak Of The Devil1982
Black Sabbath (live)Live And Loud1993
Bloodbath In ParadiseNo Rest For The Wicked1988
Breakin' All The RulesThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Breaking All The RulesNo Rest For The Wicked1988
Can You Hear ThemDown To Earth2001
Centre Of EternityBark At The Moon1983
Changes (+ Kelly Osbourne)Under Cover2005
Changes (+ Kelly Osbourne)Memoirs Of A Madman2014
Changes (live)Live And Loud1993
Children Of The Grave (live)Randy Rhoads Tribute1987
Civilize The UniverseBlack Rain2007
Countdown's BegunBlack Rain2007
Crazy BabiesNo Rest For The Wicked1988
Crazy BabiesThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Crazy TrainBlizzard Of Ozz1980
Crazy TrainThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Crazy TrainMemoirs Of A Madman2014
Crazy Train (live)Randy Rhoads Tribute1987
Crazy Train (live)Live And Loud1993
Crazy Train (live)Live At Budokan2002
Darkside BluesPatient Number 92022
Dead And GonePatient Number 92022
DeeBlizzard Of Ozz1980
Dee (Randy Rhoads)Randy Rhoads Tribute1987
Degradation RulesPatient Number 92022
Demon AlcoholNo Rest For The Wicked1988
DesireNo More Tears1991
DesireThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Desire (live)Live And Loud1993
Devil's DaughterNo Rest For The Wicked1988
Diary Of A MadmanDiary Of A Madman1981
Diary Of A MadmanThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Diggin' Me DownScream2010
DreamerDown To Earth2001
DreamerThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Drum Solo (live)Live And Loud1993
Eat MeOrdinary Man2020
Evil ShufflePatient Number 92022
Facing HellDown To Earth2001
Fairies Wear Boots (live)Speak Of The Devil1982
FireUnder Cover2005
Fire In The SkyNo Rest For The Wicked1988
Fire In The SkyThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Flying High AgainDiary Of A Madman1981
Flying High AgainThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Flying High AgainMemoirs Of A Madman2014
Flying High Again (live)Randy Rhoads Tribute1987
Flying High Again (live)Live And Loud1993
Fool Like YouThe Ultimate Sin1986
For What It's WorthUnder Cover2005
Gets Me ThroughDown To Earth2001
Gets Me ThroughThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Gets Me ThroughMemoirs Of A Madman2014
Gets Me Through (live)Live At Budokan2002
Ghost Behind My EyesOzzmosis1995
Go NowUnder Cover2005
God Only KnowsPatient Number 92022
Good TimesUnder Cover2005
GoodbyeOrdinary Man2020
Goodbye To RomanceBlizzard Of Ozz1980
Goodbye To RomanceThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Goodbye To Romance (live)Randy Rhoads Tribute1987
Goodbye To Romance (live)Live And Loud1993
Guitar Solo (live)Live And Loud1993
HellraiserNo More Tears1991
Here For YouBlack Rain2007
Hero (Hidden Track)No Rest For The Wicked1988
Holy For TonightOrdinary Man2020
I Don't KnowBlizzard Of Ozz1980
I Don't Know (live)Randy Rhoads Tribute1987
I Don't Know (live)Live And Loud1993
I Don't Know (live)Live At Budokan2002
I Don't Know (live)The Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
I Don't Wanna StopBlack Rain2007
I Don't Wanna StopMemoirs Of A Madman2014
I Don't Want To Change The WorldNo More Tears1991
I Don't Want To Change The World (live)Live And Loud1993
I Don't Want To Change The World (live)Live At Budokan2002
I Don't Want To Change The World (live)The Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
I Just Want YouOzzmosis1995
I Just Want YouThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
I Just Want YouMemoirs Of A Madman2014
I Love You AllScream2010
I Want It MoreScream2010
ImmortalPatient Number 92022
In My LifeUnder Cover2005
Intro (live)Live And Loud1993
Iron Man (live)Randy Rhoads Tribute1987
Iron Man - Children Of The Grave (live)Speak Of The Devil1982
It's A RaidOrdinary Man2020
JunkieDown To Earth2001
Junkie (live)Live At Budokan2002
Killer Of GiantsThe Ultimate Sin1986
Latimer's MercyScream2010
Lay Your World On MeBlack Rain2007
Let It DieScream2010
Let Me Hear You ScreamScream2010
Let Me Hear You ScreamMemoirs Of A Madman2014
Life Won't WaitScream2010
Lightning StrikesThe Ultimate Sin1986
Little DollsDiary Of A Madman1981
Mama, I'm Coming HomeNo More Tears1991
Mama, I'm Coming HomeThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Mama, I'm Coming HomeMemoirs Of A Madman2014
Mama, I'm Coming Home (live)Live And Loud1993
Mama, I'm Coming Home (live)Live At Budokan2002
Miracle ManNo Rest For The Wicked1988
Miracle ManThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Miracle ManMemoirs Of A Madman2014
Miracle Man (live)Live And Loud1993
Mississippi QueenUnder Cover2005
Mr. CrowleyBlizzard Of Ozz1980
Mr. CrowleyThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Mr. CrowleyMemoirs Of A Madman2014
Mr. Crowley (live)Randy Rhoads Tribute1987
Mr. Crowley (live)Live And Loud1993
Mr. Crowley (live)Live At Budokan2002
Mr. DarknessPatient Number 92022
Mr. TinkertrainNo More Tears1991
My Jekyll Doesn't HideOzzmosis1995
My Little ManOzzmosis1995
N.I.B. (live)Speak Of The Devil1982
NeverThe Ultimate Sin1986
Never Know WhyThe Ultimate Sin1986
Never Say Die (live)Speak Of The Devil1982
No Bone MoviesBlizzard Of Ozz1980
No Bone Movies (live)Randy Rhoads Tribute1987
No Easy Way OutDown To Earth2001
No Easy Way OutThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
No Escape From NowPatient Number 92022
No More TearsNo More Tears1991
No More TearsThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
No More TearsMemoirs Of A Madman2014
No More Tears (live)Live And Loud1993
No More Tears (live)Live At Budokan2002
Not Going AwayBlack Rain2007
Nothing Feels RightPatient Number 92022
Now You See It (Now You Don't)Bark At The Moon1983
Old L.A. TonightOzzmosis1995
One Of Those DaysPatient Number 92022
Ordinary Man (+ Elton John)Ordinary Man2020
Over The MountainDiary Of A Madman1981
Over The MountainThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Over The MountainMemoirs Of A Madman2014
Paranoid (live)Speak Of The Devil1982
Paranoid (live)Randy Rhoads Tribute1987
Paranoid (live)Live And Loud1993
Paranoid (live)Live At Budokan2002
Paranoid (live)The Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Paranoid (live)Memoirs Of A Madman2014
ParasitePatient Number 92022
Patient Number 9Patient Number 92022
Perry MasonOzzmosis1995
Perry MasonThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Perry MasonMemoirs Of A Madman2014
Revelation (Mother Earth)Blizzard Of Ozz1980
Revelation (Mother Earth) (live)Randy Rhoads Tribute1987
Road To NowhereNo More Tears1991
Road To NowhereThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Road To NowhereMemoirs Of A Madman2014
Road To Nowhere (live)Live And Loud1993
Road To Nowhere (live)Live At Budokan2002
Rock'n' Roll RebelBark At The Moon1983
Rock'n' Roll RebelThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Rocky Mountain WayUnder Cover2005
Running Out Of TimeDown To Earth2001
S.A.T.O.Diary Of A Madman1981
S.I.N.No More Tears1991
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (live)Speak Of The Devil1982
Scary Little Green MenOrdinary Man2020
Secret LoserThe Ultimate Sin1986
See You On The Other SideOzzmosis1995
See You On The Other SideThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Shot In The DarkThe Ultimate Sin1986
Shot In The Dark (live)Live And Loud1993
Slow DownBark At The Moon1983
Snowblind (live)Speak Of The Devil1982
So TiredBark At The Moon1983
Soul SuckerScream2010
Steal Away (The Night)Blizzard Of Ozz1980
Steal Away (The Night) (live)Randy Rhoads Tribute1987
Straight To HellOrdinary Man2020
Suicide SolutionBlizzard Of Ozz1980
Suicide SolutionThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Suicide Solution (live)Randy Rhoads Tribute1987
Suicide Solution (live)Live And Loud1993
Sunshine Of Your LoveUnder Cover2005
Sweet Leaf (live)Speak Of The Devil1982
Sympathy For The DevilUnder Cover2005
Symptom Of The Universe (live)Speak Of The Devil1982
Take What You WantOrdinary Man2020
Tattooed DancerNo Rest For The Wicked1988
Thank God For The BombThe Ultimate Sin1986
That I Never HadDown To Earth2001
That I Never Had (live)Live At Budokan2002
The Almighty DollarBlack Rain2007
The Ultimate SinThe Ultimate Sin1986
The Ultimate SinMemoirs Of A Madman2014
The Wizard (live)Speak Of The Devil1982
Thunder UndergroundOzzmosis1995
Thunder UndergroundThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Time After TimeNo More Tears1991
Time After TimeThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Today Is The EndOrdinary Man2020
TonightDiary Of A Madman1981
Trap DoorBlizzard Of Ozz1980
Trap DoorBlack Rain2007
Under The GraveyardOrdinary Man2020
Waiting For DarknessBark At The Moon1983
War Pigs (live)Speak Of The Devil1982
War Pigs (live)Live And Loud1993
WomanUnder Cover2005
Working Class HeroUnder Cover2005
You Can't Kill Rock And RollDiary Of A Madman1981
You Know... Pt. 1Down To Earth2001
You're No DifferentBark At The Moon1983
You're No DifferentThe Essential Ozzy Osbourne2003
Zombie StompNo More Tears1991

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