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A Reason To GiveRavenhead2015
Absolution For Our Final DaysFinal Days2021
Alone In The DarkFinal Days2021
Angels WarTo The End2012
Ashen RainGunmen2017
Ashen Rain (live)Gunmen - Live2017
Black HoleFinal Days2021
Come With Me To The Other Side (+ Liv Kristine)Gunmen2017
Come With Me To The Other Side (live)Gunmen - Live2017
Deaf Among The BlindRavenhead2015
Down HereGunmen2017
Down Here (Wanted: Dead Or Alive) (live)Gunmen - Live2017
Dying ParadiseTo The End2012
Evil Lies In Every ManRavenhead2015
F.E.V.E.R (live)Gunmen - Live2017
Fields Of SorrowGunmen2017
Fields Of Sorrow (live)Gunmen - Live2017
Finis Coronat OpusGunmen2017
Forlorn And ForsakenGunmen2017
Forlorn And Forsaken (live)Gunmen - Live2017
Gunman (live)Gunmen - Live2017
Heart Of The AndroidFinal Days2021
Here At The End Of The World (+ Chris Bolten)Ravenhead2015
HollowFinal Days2021
In Grief And ChainsRavenhead2015
In The Dawn Of The AiFinal Days2021
InfernoFinal Days2021
InterstellarFinal Days2021
It Is OverFinal Days2021
Land Of The DeadTo The End2012
Let The Fire RainFinal Days2021
One Last ChanceGunmen2017
Orden OganRavenhead2015
Sorrow Is Your Tale (+ Joacim Cans)Ravenhead2015
Take This LightTo The End2012
The Face Of SilenceGunmen2017
The Frozen FewTo The End2012
The Ice KingsTo The End2012
The LakeRavenhead2015
The Mystic SymphonyTo The End2012
The Things We Believe InTo The End2012
The Things We Believe In (live)Gunmen - Live2017
This World Of IceTo The End2012
Till The Stars Cry OutTo The End2012
To The EndTo The End2012
Too SoonRavenhead2015
Vampire In Ghost TownGunmen2017
Vampire In Ghost Town (live)Gunmen - Live2017
We Are Pirates (live)Gunmen - Live2017

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