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2nd ThoughtOrganisation1980
4-NeuNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
66 And Fading (Edit)Navigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
88 Seconds In GreensboroCrush1985
ABC Auto Industry (live)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
ABC Auto-IndustryDazzle Ships1983
Agnus DeiLiberator1993
All That GlittersSugar Tax1991
All Wrapped UpJunk Culture1984
AlmostOrchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
AlmostNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
Almost (Hannett - Cargo Studios Version) (Bonus Track)Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
AnnexNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
Annex (Bonus Track)Organisation1980
Annex (live)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
AnthropoceneBauhaus Staircase2023
Aphrodite'S Favourite ChildBauhaus Staircase2023
ApolloJunk Culture1984
Apollo XISugar Tax1991
Architecture And MoralityArchitecture And Morality1981
Architecture And Morality (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
Art Eats ArtThe Punishment of Luxury2017
As We Open, So We CloseThe Punishment of Luxury2017
Atomic RanchEnglish Electric2013
Bauhaus StaircaseBauhaus Staircase2023
Beginning And The End (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
Best Years Of Our LivesLiberator1993
Big TownSugar Tax1991
Bloc Bloc BlocCrush1985
Bondage Of FateHistory Of Modern2010
Bunker SoldiersOrchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
Bunker Soldiers (live)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
BurningNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
Call My NameSugar Tax1991
Call My NameThe OMD Singles1998
Call My NameSouvenir2019
Concrete HandsNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
DancingOrchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
Dancing (live)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
Dazzle Ships (Parts II, III & VII)Dazzle Ships1983
DecimalEnglish Electric2013
Distance Fades Between Us (Bonus Track)Organisation1980
Dollar GirlLiberator1993
Don't GoSouvenir2019
Don't GoBauhaus Staircase2023
Dream Of MeThe OMD Singles1998
Dream Of Me (Based On 'love's Theme')Liberator1993
Dream Of Me (Based On Love's Theme)Messages - Greatest Hits2008
Dream Of Me (Based On Love's Theme)Souvenir2019
DreamingThe Best Of OMD1988
DreamingThe OMD Singles1998
DreamingMessages - Greatest Hits2008
DresdenEnglish Electric2013
Dresden (Single Version)Souvenir2019
ElectricityOrchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
ElectricityThe Best Of OMD1988
ElectricityThe OMD Singles1998
ElectricityMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Electricity (Dindisc 1980 Version) (Bonus Track)Organisation1980
Electricity (Hannett - Cargo Studios Version) (Bonus Track)Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
Electricity (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
Electricity (Single Version) (Bonus Track)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
Enola GayOrganisation1980
Enola GayThe Best Of OMD1988
Enola GayThe OMD Singles1998
Enola GayMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Enola GaySouvenir2019
Enola Gay (live)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
Enola Gay (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
Evolution Of SpeciesBauhaus Staircase2023
Extended Souvenir (Bonus Track)Architecture And Morality1981
Final SongEnglish Electric2013
FiregunNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
Flame Of HopeThe Pacific Age1986
G.E.M.Bauhaus Staircase2023
Garden CityNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
Genetic EngineeringDazzle Ships1983
Genetic EngineeringThe Best Of OMD1988
Genetic EngineeringMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Genetic EngineeringSouvenir2019
Genetic Engineering (live)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
GeorgiaArchitecture And Morality1981
Georgia (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
Ghost StarThe Punishment of Luxury2017
Goddess Of LoveThe Pacific Age1986
Gravity Never FailedNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
Gravity Never Failed (Bonus Track)Architecture And Morality1981
GreenHistory Of Modern2010
HahahaThe Punishment Of Luxury: B-Sides + Bonus Material2017
Hard DayJunk Culture1984
HealingBauhaus Staircase2023
Heaven IsLiberator1993
Helen Of TroyEnglish Electric2013
Her Body In My SoulNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
History Of Modern (Part I)History Of Modern2010
History Of Modern (Part II)History Of Modern2010
History Of Modern, Pt. 1 (Radio Edit)Souvenir2019
Hold YouCrush1985
I Betray My FriendsNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
I Betray My Friends (Bonus Track)Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
If You LeaveThe Best Of OMD1988
If You LeaveThe OMD Singles1998
If You LeaveMessages - Greatest Hits2008
If You LeaveSouvenir2019
If You Leave (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
If You Want ItHistory Of Modern2010
If You Want It (Radio Edit)Souvenir2019
If You're Still In Love With MeUniversal1996
InternationalDazzle Ships1983
Introducing Radios (Bonus Track)Organisation1980
IsotypeThe Punishment of Luxury2017
Isotype (Single Mix)The Punishment Of Luxury: B-Sides + Bonus Material2017
Isotype (Single Mix)Souvenir2019
Joan Of ArcArchitecture And Morality1981
Joan Of ArcThe Best Of OMD1988
Joan Of ArcThe OMD Singles1998
Joan Of ArcMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Joan Of ArcSouvenir2019
Joan Of Arc (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
Julia's SongOrchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
Julia's Song (live)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
Junk CultureJunk Culture1984
King Of StoneLiberator1993
Kiss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang BangThe Punishment of Luxury2017
Kissing The MachineEnglish Electric2013
KleptocracyBauhaus Staircase2023
La Femme AccidentCrush1985
La Femme AccidentSouvenir2019
La Femme Accident (12'' Version)The Best Of OMD1988
La MitrailleuseThe Punishment of Luxury2017
Lampe LichtThe Punishment Of Luxury: B-Sides + Bonus Material2017
Live And DieThe Pacific Age1986
Live And DieThe Best Of OMD1988
Live And DieThe OMD Singles1998
Live And DieMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Live And DieSouvenir2019
Live And Die (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
LocomotionJunk Culture1984
LocomotionThe Best Of OMD1988
LocomotionThe OMD Singles1998
LocomotionMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Locomotion (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
Look At You NowBauhaus Staircase2023
Love And Hate YouLiberator1993
Love And ViolenceJunk Culture1984
Maid Of OrleansThe Best Of OMD1988
Maid Of OrleansThe OMD Singles1998
Maid Of OrleansMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Maid Of OrleansSouvenir2019
Maid Of Orleans (Joan Of Arc)Architecture And Morality1981
Maid Of Orleans (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
MessagesOrchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
MessagesThe Best Of OMD1988
MessagesThe OMD Singles1998
MessagesMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Messages (10'' Single Version) (Bonus Track)Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
Messages (live)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
MetrolandEnglish Electric2013
Metroland (Radio Edit)Souvenir2019
Motion And HeartOrganisation1980
Motion And Heart (Amazon Version) (Bonus Track)Architecture And Morality1981
Motion And Heart (live)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
MysterealityOrchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
NavigationArchitecture And Morality1981
NavigationNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
Neon LightsSugar Tax1991
Never Turn AwayJunk Culture1984
Never Turn AwaySouvenir2019
New Babies: New ToysHistory Of Modern2010
New HeadUniversal1996
New Holy GroundHistory Of Modern2010
New Stone Age (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
Night CafeEnglish Electric2013
Night CafeSouvenir2019
Of All The Things We've MadeDazzle Ships1983
Of All The Things We've Made (Bonus Track)Architecture And Morality1981
Off All The Things We've Made (live)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
Once When I Was Six (Bonus Track)Organisation1980
One More TimeThe Punishment of Luxury2017
Only TearsLiberator1993
Our SystemEnglish Electric2013
Pandora's BoxSugar Tax1991
Pandora's BoxThe OMD Singles1998
Pandora's BoxMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Pandora's Box (It's A Long, Long Way)Souvenir2019
Pandora's Box (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
Please Remain SeatedEnglish Electric2013
Precision And DecayThe Punishment of Luxury2017
Pretending To See The FutureOrchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
Pretending To See The Future (live)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
Progress (Bonus Track)Organisation1980
PulseHistory Of Modern2010
Radio PragueDazzle Ships1983
Radio WavesDazzle Ships1983
Red Frame - White LightOrchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
Red Frame - White LightSouvenir2019
Red Frame - White Light (live)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
RFWKHistory Of Modern2010
Robot ManThe Punishment of Luxury2017
Romance Of The Telescope (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
Sacred HeartNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
Sacred Heart (Bonus Track)Architecture And Morality1981
Sailing On The Seven SeasSugar Tax1991
Sailing On The Seven SeasThe OMD Singles1998
Sailing On The Seven SeasMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Sailing On The Seven SeasSouvenir2019
Sailing On The Seven Seas (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
SealandArchitecture And Morality1981
Sealand (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
SecretThe Best Of OMD1988
SecretMessages - Greatest Hits2008
ShameThe Pacific Age1986
She's LeavingArchitecture And Morality1981
She's Leaving (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
Silent RunningDazzle Ships1983
Sister Marie SaysHistory Of Modern2010
Sister Marie Says (Radio Edit)Souvenir2019
SkinThe Punishment Of Luxury: B-Sides + Bonus Material2017
Slow TrainBauhaus Staircase2023
So In LoveCrush1985
So In LoveThe Best Of OMD1988
So In LoveThe OMD Singles1998
So In LoveMessages - Greatest Hits2008
So In LoveSouvenir2019
SometimesHistory Of Modern2010
SouthernThe Pacific Age1986
SouvenirArchitecture And Morality1981
SouvenirThe Best Of OMD1988
SouvenirThe OMD Singles1998
SouvenirMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Souvenir (live)Architecture And Morality And More2008
Speed Of LightSugar Tax1991
Stand Above MeLiberator1993
Stand Above MeSouvenir2019
Stay (The Black Rose And The Universal Wheel)The Pacific Age1986
Stay With MeEnglish Electric2013
Sugar TaxNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
Sunday MorningLiberator1993
Taking Sides Again (Bonus Track)Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
Talking Loud And ClearJunk Culture1984
Talking Loud And ClearThe Best Of OMD1988
Talking Loud And ClearThe OMD Singles1998
Talking Loud And ClearMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Talking Loud And ClearSouvenir2019
TelegraphDazzle Ships1983
TelegraphThe Best Of OMD1988
TelegraphMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Temptation (Bonus Track)Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
Tesla GirlsJunk Culture1984
Tesla GirlsThe Best Of OMD1988
Tesla GirlsThe OMD Singles1998
Tesla GirlsMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Tesla GirlsSouvenir2019
That Was ThenUniversal1996
The AvenueNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
The Beginning And The EndArchitecture And Morality1981
The Black SeaUniversal1996
The Boy From The Chemist Is Here To See YouUniversal1996
The Dead GirlsThe Pacific Age1986
The Future Will Be SilentEnglish Electric2013
The Future, The Past, And Forever AfterHistory Of Modern2010
The Gospel Of St. JudeUniversal1996
The Lights Are Going OutCrush1985
The Messerschmitt TwinsOrchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
The MisunderstandingOrganisation1980
The Misunderstanding (live)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
The Moon And The SunUniversal1996
The More I See YouOrganisation1980
The More I See You (live)Peel Sessions 1979 - 19832000
The Native Daughters Of The Golden WestCrush1985
The New Stone AgeArchitecture And Morality1981
The Pacific AgeThe Pacific Age1986
The Punishment Of LuxuryThe Punishment of Luxury2017
The Punishment Of Luxury (12'' Extended Mix)The Punishment Of Luxury: B-Sides + Bonus Material2017
The Punishment Of Luxury (Manhattan Clique Remix)The Punishment Of Luxury: B-Sides + Bonus Material2017
The Punishment Of Luxury (Single Mix)The Punishment Of Luxury: B-Sides + Bonus Material2017
The Punishment Of Luxury (Single Mix)Souvenir2019
The Right SideHistory Of Modern2010
The Romance Of The TelescopeDazzle Ships1983
The Romance Of The TelescopeNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
The Romance Of The Telescope (Unfinished) (Bonus Track)Architecture And Morality1981
The View From HereThe Punishment of Luxury2017
The Wheels Of The UniverseNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
Then You Turn AwaySugar Tax1991
Then You Turn AwaySouvenir2019
This Is HelenaDazzle Ships1983
This TownNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
Time ZonesDazzle Ships1983
Too LateUniversal1996
VCL XIOrganisation1980
VeruschkaBauhaus Staircase2023
Very Close To Far AwayUniversal1996
Victory WaltzUniversal1996
Waiting For The ManNavigation - The OMD B-Sides2001
Waiting For The Man (Bonus Track)Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark1980
Walk TallSugar Tax1991
Walking On AirSugar Tax1991
Walking On The Milky WayUniversal1996
Walking On The Milky WayThe OMD Singles1998
Walking On The Milky WayMessages - Greatest Hits2008
Walking On The Milky WaySouvenir2019
Was It Something I SaidSugar Tax1991
Watch Us FallThe Pacific Age1986
We Love YouThe Pacific Age1986
We Love YouSouvenir2019
We Love You (12'' Version)The Best Of OMD1988
What Have We DoneThe Punishment of Luxury2017
What Have We Done (12'' Extended Mix)The Punishment Of Luxury: B-Sides + Bonus Material2017
What Have We Done (Chicky Remix)The Punishment Of Luxury: B-Sides + Bonus Material2017
What Have We Done (Single Mix)Souvenir2019
What Have We Done (Single Version)The Punishment Of Luxury: B-Sides + Bonus Material2017
Where We StartedBauhaus Staircase2023
White TrashJunk Culture1984
Women IIICrush1985

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