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A Charming Introduction To An Intercorse (Interlude)Songs Of Liberty2001
A Little Bit Insane (Lavalogyq)Songs Of Liberty2001
All That MattersSuperstar2007
All The Lyrics Are Dead (Interlude)Songs Of Liberty2001
Always On My MindPanta Rhei2004
Around The World Within A Day (Interlude)Songs Of Liberty2001
Bottom Of A Red Wine BottleIn Love With A Dream2000
Bottom Of A Red Wine Bottle (Interlude)Forever - Best Of2003
But I DoPanta Rhei2004
Can Somebody Tell Me Who I AmIn Love With A Dream2000
Can Somebody Tell Me Who I Am (Instrumental)Forever - Best Of2003
CarelesslyPanta Rhei2004
Caught In SilencePanta Rhei2004
Dance On A WaterfallSongs Of Liberty2001
Dance On A WaterfallForever - Best Of2003
Do You Mind If I Call You A Rainbow (Interlude)Songs Of Liberty2001
Dougs IntroPanta Rhei2004
EmmaIn Love With A Dream2000
Everywhere In My HeadPanta Rhei2004
ForeverForever - Best Of2003
GuiltyIn Love With A Dream2000
GuiltyForever - Best Of2003
Heaven Knows (I've Changed)Panta Rhei2004
Heaven Was Her NameSongs Of Liberty2001
Heaven Was Her NameForever - Best Of2003
Here AgainSuperstar2007
Here And NowPanta Rhei2004
I Am Not AfraidSuperstar2007
I Can't Go On Like That (Interlude)Songs Of Liberty2001
I Swallowed The MoonIn Love With A Dream2000
I've Foreseen This DayPanta Rhei2004
If You BelieveIn Love With A Dream2000
If You Love MeSuperstar2007
In Love With A DreamIn Love With A Dream2000
Is There AnyoneIn Love With A Dream2000
Is This The PointPanta Rhei2004
It's My LifeSuperstar2007
Kind Of DeliveranceIn Love With A Dream2000
LenaSongs Of Liberty2001
LenaForever - Best Of2003
Love And FearSuperstar2007
Made For TodaySongs Of Liberty2001
Million Years Of RainSongs Of Liberty2001
MoroccoIn Love With A Dream2000
My HomeSuperstar2007
Powered By EmotionsSongs Of Liberty2001
She's Got That LightIn Love With A Dream2000
She's Got That Light (Orange-Mix)Forever - Best Of2003
She's With MeSuperstar2007
So BeautifulSuperstar2007
SOL (Song Of Liberty)Songs Of Liberty2001
SOL (Song Of Liberty)Forever - Best Of2003
SometimesIn Love With A Dream2000
SometimesForever - Best Of2003
Telephone Call From N.Y.C. #1In Love With A Dream2000
Telephone Call From N.Y.C. #1In Love With A Dream2000
Tell Me WhyPanta Rhei2004
The Lowest Point On EarthSongs Of Liberty2001
The Lowest Point On EarthForever - Best Of2003
The Saturn Plain (Interlude)Songs Of Liberty2001
The SmileSongs Of Liberty2001
The Sun On Your FaceSongs Of Liberty2001
The Sun On Your FaceForever - Best Of2003
The Voice Of My BloodIn Love With A Dream2000
Theme From 'If You Believe'In Love With A Dream2000
Theme From 'SOL' (Interlude)Songs Of Liberty2001
These ThingsSongs Of Liberty2001
Tomorrow Is TodayPanta Rhei2004
When Julie SaysIn Love With A Dream2000
When Julie SaysForever - Best Of2003
When You Love Some OnePanta Rhei2004
Who Am ISongs Of Liberty2001
You Are The OneIn Love With A Dream2000
You're All I NeedSuperstar2007
Your WayPanta Rhei2004

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