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A New World OrderVI2013
A Perfect Day To Die (2020 Version)Generation Antichrist2020
A Prayer For The DeadKilling Peace2007
Addicted To The Smell Of DeathGeneration Antichrist2020
All Seeing EyeGeneration Antichrist2020
Angels of DeathPower From Hell1985
AntitheistSounds Of Violence2011
AsylumIn Search Of Sanity1989
Blood Upon The IceIn Search Of Sanity1989
Bomber (feat. Phil Campbell + Tom Angelripper)Sounds Of Violence2011
Born For WarSounds Of Violence2011
Bow Down To The ClownsGeneration Antichrist2020
BurnKilling Peace2007
Chaos Is KingVI2013
Children Of The SandVI2013
Code BlackSounds Of Violence2011
ConfusedIn Search Of Sanity1989
Contract In BloodThe Force1986
Cruci - FictionVI2013
Damnation - Onslaught (Power From Hell)Power From Hell1985
Dead Man WalkingVI2013
Death MetalPower From Hell1985
DemoniacThe Force1986
Destroyer Of WorldsKilling Peace2007
Empires FallGeneration Antichrist2020
End Of The Storm (Outro)Sounds Of Violence2011
Enemy Of My EnemyVI2013
Fight With The BeastThe Force1986
Flame Of The AntichristThe Force1986
Fuel For My FireVI2013
Generation AntichristGeneration Antichrist2020
GodheadSounds Of Violence2011
HateboxSounds Of Violence2011
In Search Of SanityIn Search Of Sanity1989
Into The Abyss (Intro)Sounds Of Violence2011
Killing PeaceKilling Peace2007
Let There Be DeathThe Force1986
Let There Be RockIn Search Of Sanity1989
Lightning WarIn Search Of Sanity1989
Lord Of EvilPower From Hell1985
Metal ForcesThe Force1986
Mighty EmpressPower From Hell1985
PainKilling Peace2007
Planting Seeds Of HateKilling Peace2007
Power PlayIn Search Of Sanity1989
ReligiousuicideGeneration Antichrist2020
Rest In PiecesSounds Of Violence2011
Rise To PowerGeneration Antichrist2020
ShellshockIn Search Of Sanity1989
Shellshock (Re-Recorded 2013) (Bouns Track)VI2013
Shock And AweKilling Peace2007
Skullcrusher 1Power From Hell1985
Skullcrusher 2Power From Hell1985
Steel Meets SteelPower From Hell1985
Strike Fast Strike HardGeneration Antichrist2020
SuicideologySounds Of Violence2011
Tested To DestructionKilling Peace2007
The Devil's LegionPower From Hell1985
The Devil's LegionPower From Hell1985
The Sound Of ViolenceSounds Of Violence2011
Thermonuclear DevastationPower From Hell1985
Thrash Till The DeathThe Force1986
Twisted JesusKilling Peace2007
Welcome To DyingIn Search Of Sanity1989
Witch HuntPower From Hell1985

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