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A City Is Its PeopleFor What We Are1973
A Love So BeautifulRespect2008
A Man In WhiteFor The Children Of The World1973
A Word Without LoveRespect2008
AlaskaYou're The One1977
AlaskaSan Francisco1978
All I Have To Do Is DreamSongs2002
All My LovingMore Songs2003
Alone Again (Naturally)More Songs2003
AmerikaDans - Dans - Dans1979
Angel EyesOur New Songs2005
AngelinaSan Francisco1978
AngelinaThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
Angelina (2000 Version)Wings Of Love2000
Angelina (Die Frau in meinen Träumen)Weil nur die Liebe zählt2003
Angelina (New Version)Greatest And Latest1994
Another RevolutionThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
Another YouSongs2002
Anytime Anyhow AnywhereOur New Songs2005
Baby BlueNeon Madonna2001
Baby I Need Your LovingRespect2008
Bad Moon RisingBrothers To Brothers2013
Bang-A-BoomerangWings Of Eurovision2010
BanjoDans - Dans - Dans1979
Beautiful AngelWalk Right Back2001
Beautiful SundayMore Songs2003
Black Is BlackMore Songs2003
Blue AngelNeon Madonna2001
Breaking Up Is Hard To DoSongs2002
But It's All Over NowSongs2002
Bye Bye LoveMore Songs2003
Bye Bye LoveCelebration2005
Can't Help Falling In LoveSongs2002
Carribean LoveNeon Madonna2001
Changes JulieYou're The One1977
Child Of The UniverseOur New Songs2005
Come Join The DanceFor The Children Of The World1973
CongratulationsWings Of Eurovision2010
Crack Brained MamaBack On The Tracks1976
Cry Baby CryGreatest And Latest1994
Da du Virklig Gik Din VejDans - Dans - Dans1979
Dans Dans DansDans - Dans - Dans1979
Dans Dans DansThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
Daydream BelieverSongs2002
Deluding IllusionsFor What We Are1973
Dig Og Kun DigSan Francisco1978
Do You Wanna DanceWalk Right Back2001
Dreaming Of Love SongsNeon Madonna2001
DreamworldWings Of Love2000
DrømmelandSan Francisco1978
Du bist mein EngelWeil nur die Liebe zählt2003
Early One MorningFor The Children Of The World1973
Efter En Lang Dags NatDans - Dans - Dans1979
Ein bißchen Frieden (+ Nicole)Wings Of Eurovision2010
En Lille Drengs GradSan Francisco1978
English PassionFor What We Are1973
Es ist zu EndeWeil nur die Liebe zählt2003
Everything I OwnRespect2008
Faces On The BusOlsen1972
Feels Like I'm CrazyNeon Madonna2001
FernandoMore Songs2003
Fly On The Wings Of LoveWings Of Love2000
Fly On The Wings Of LoveCelebration2005
Fly On The Wings Of Love (New Version 2010)Wings Of Eurovision2010
Fly On The Wings Of Love (TA2's Radio Mix)The Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
Flyvende sommerGreatest And Latest1994
Flyvende SommerThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
For One More DayYou're The One1977
For What We AreFor What We Are1973
For What We AreThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
ForeverWalk Right Back2001
FugleThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
Fugle (New Version)Greatest And Latest1994
Full Of LoveFor The Children Of The World1973
Garden PartyRespect2008
Gib nicht aufWeil nur die Liebe zählt2003
Go East Go WestWalk Right Back2001
Go To AmericaOur New Songs2005
Got A Lot Of LoveOur New Songs2005
Halleluja (+ Lill Babs)Wings Of Eurovision2010
Have You Ever Seen The RainBrothers To Brothers2013
HeatbreakerBrothers To Brothers2013
Hello Mary LouRockstalgi1987
Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart)More Songs2003
Help Me RhondaBrothers To Brothers2013
Here Comes That Rainy Day Feelin AgainRockstalgi1987
Hot KissesNeon Madonna2001
I Can See ClearlyRespect2008
I Have To DanceWings Of Love2000
I Have To DanceCelebration2005
I Have To Dance (Mike B. Trunkin Radio Mix)The Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
I Hear You KnockingMore Songs2003
I Only Want To See You AgainBack On The Tracks1976
I Only Want To See You AgainWalk Right Back2001
I Saw Her Standing ThereRockstalgi1987
I Tressernes SkärDans - Dans - Dans1979
I Want Your Loving TooBack On The Tracks1976
I'll Give You All The Love I GotNeon Madonna2001
I'm AliveRockstalgi1987
I'm On My WayFor What We Are1973
I've Ceased To WonderFor What We Are1973
I've Should Have Known BetterSongs2002
If You Are Going To San FransiscoRespect2008
If You Gotta Go, Go NowRockstalgi1987
Im In Love With YouBack On The Tracks1976
Institution GirlOlsen1972
Je ne regrette rienOlsen1972
Je ne regrette rienThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
Je Ne Regrette Rien (New Version)Greatest And Latest1994
Jeg Önsker Stadig Vi Ku Ses IgenSan Francisco1978
Jimmy Loves MeThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
JulieSan Francisco1978
JulieGreatest And Latest1994
JulieThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
Julie (Du bist Magie)Weil nur die Liebe zählt2003
Just A KissOur New Songs2005
Just Like A WomanMore Songs2003
King Of Rock And RollBack On The Tracks1976
Kyrie EleisonOlsen1972
Lass Deine Sorgen bei mirWeil nur die Liebe zählt2003
Let It Swing And Let It Rock?n? RollWings Of Eurovision2010
Let Your Love FlowBrothers To Brothers2013
Let's Twist AgainRockstalgi1987
Liebe michWeil nur die Liebe zählt2003
Like Our LoveOlsen1972
Little Boys CryBack On The Tracks1976
Little JohnnyWings Of Love2000
Little Tin SoldierOur New Songs2005
Little Tin SoldierCelebration2005
Little Yellow RadioOur New Songs2005
Little Yellow RadioCelebration2005
Little Yellow RadioBrothers To Brothers2013
Livin DollRespect2008
Lögn Over LögnDans - Dans - Dans1979
Long Live LoveBack On The Tracks1976
Look Up Look DownWalk Right Back2001
Look Up Look DownRespect2008
LouiseNeon Madonna2001
Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)Songs2002
Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)Celebration2005
Love Shine A LightWings Of Eurovision2010
Love Was An Empty WordFor The Children Of The World1973
Lovely LadyFor The Children Of The World1973
Loving YouGreatest And Latest1994
Maiken SongFor What We Are1973
MarieSan Francisco1978
Marie MarieThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
Marie MarieNeon Madonna2001
Marie MarieCelebration2005
Marie Marie (Ich schenk dir ein Lied)Weil nur die Liebe zählt2003
Marie Marie (Version 2001)Walk Right Back2001
Marie, MarieGreatest And Latest1994
MassachusettsBrothers To Brothers2013
Min AngelaSan Francisco1978
Monday MondayRespect2008
Morning StarNeon Madonna2001
Mr. Tambourine ManSongs2002
Music Is My Only FriendBack On The Tracks1976
Music Is My Only FriendThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
Music Is My Only FriendWalk Right Back2001
My Gypsy FriendFor The Children Of The World1973
My Rainy DayBack On The Tracks1976
My Sweet, Sweet BabyFor The Children Of The World1973
Nar Bare Solen SkinnerSan Francisco1978
Neon MadonnaThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
Neon MadonnaNeon Madonna2001
Neon MadonnaCelebration2005
Neon Madonna (2000 Version)Wings Of Love2000
Neon Madonna (überall in der Stadt)Weil nur die Liebe zählt2003
Nice GirlsNeon Madonna2001
No Milk TodaySongs2002
Non so che darei (+ Alan Sorrenti)Wings Of Eurovision2010
Ob in Ost, in SüdWeil nur die Liebe zählt2003
Obladi ObladaRespect2008
On And OnBack On The Tracks1976
One Woman, Two LoversWings Of Love2000
OrangeYou're The One1977
Praise The LoveOur New Songs2005
Proud MaryBrothers To Brothers2013
RamonaBrothers To Brothers2013
Rhythm Of The RainMore Songs2003
Ride The RainbowOur New Songs2005
Ring AroundYou're The One1977
Rock Mig Ligesa StilleDans - Dans - Dans1979
Rock?n? Roll KidsWings Of Eurovision2010
Rocken Gav Mig AltSan Francisco1978
San FranciscoSan Francisco1978
San FranciscoThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
San FranciscoCelebration2005
San Francisco (2000 Version)Wings Of Love2000
San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)Rockstalgi1987
San Francisco (Du bist die Stadt für mich)Weil nur die Liebe zählt2003
San Francisco (New Version)Greatest And Latest1994
Save Your Kisses For MeWings Of Eurovision2010
Schein, oh ScheinWeil nur die Liebe zählt2003
Sealed With A KissRockstalgi1987
Shine On ShineWalk Right Back2001
Smile Like An AngelNeon Madonna2001
Smuk som et stjerneskudThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
Smuk som et stjerneskudWings Of Love2000
Smuk som et stjerneskudCelebration2005
Smuk Som Et Stjerneskud (New Version 2010)Wings Of Eurovision2010
So Long JulieYou're The One1977
SommersangenDans - Dans - Dans1979
SpinninBack On The Tracks1976
Stand Inside Your HeadOlsen1972
Stop In The Name Of LoveRespect2008
Strawberry FieldsRespect2008
Sunday MorningWings Of Love2000
SuzyWings Of Love2000
Sweet AngelaYou're The One1977
Take Good Care Of My BabyMore Songs2003
The Ballad Of Bold EricFor What We Are1973
The Children Of The WorldFor The Children Of The World1973
The Children Of The World (Part 2)For The Children Of The World1973
The End Of The WorldSongs2002
The Game Is OverNeon Madonna2001
The Rising SunFor What We Are1973
The Sun, The SandOlsen1972
The Vienna ExpressOlsen1972
The Vienna ExpressThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
The Vienna Express (New Version)Greatest And Latest1994
The WandererRockstalgi1987
The WandererThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
There's A Kind Of HushMore Songs2003
Tiger - Born A ManFor The Children Of The World1973
To Hope Is To LiveOlsen1972
TraumgirlWeil nur die Liebe zählt2003
True To Your LoveWalk Right Back2001
VictoriaBrothers To Brothers2013
WaitingFor The Children Of The World1973
Wake Up Little SusieBrothers To Brothers2013
Walk Right BackWalk Right Back2001
Walk Right BackCelebration2005
Walk Right BackBrothers To Brothers2013
WaterlooWings Of Eurovision2010
Waterloo SunsetSongs2002
We Believe In LoveCelebration2005
We Believe In Love - NYThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
We Were So YoungOur New Songs2005
We Were So YoungCelebration2005
We'll Be MeetingFor What We Are1973
Weil nur die Liebe zähltWeil nur die Liebe zählt2003
What Now ChristineFor What We Are1973
What Now ChristineThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
What?s Another YearWings Of Eurovision2010
When You Walk In The RoomBrothers To Brothers2013
Wings Of An EagleGreatest And Latest1994
Wings Of An EagleThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
Wings Of An EagleNeon Madonna2001
With A Girl Like YouSongs2002
Yellow RiverMore Songs2003
Yes, Because Of YouFor What We Are1973
You Dont Have To Say You Love MeMore Songs2003
You Dont KnowGreatest And Latest1994
You Only YouYou're The One1977
You Really Got MeBrothers To Brothers2013
You're The OneYou're The One1977
You're The OneThe Story Of Olsen Brothers - All The Hits 1972 - 20002000
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'Rockstalgi1987
You?ll Never Be AloneOur New Songs2005
You?ll Never Be AloneCelebration2005
Young Girl (Get Out Of My Mind)Songs2002
Youre Part Of The SystemFor The Children Of The World1973

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