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A Fallen StarDeath Unlimited2004
Alone In The EndTill Death Unites Us2005
Always And NeverN2008
BelieveCircle Regenerated2011
BeneathDeath Unlimited2004
BetrayedMirror Of Madness2003
Black GoldN2008
BlackheartedMirror Of Madness2003
Break Myself AwayCircle Regenerated2011
ChasmDeath Unlimited2004
Closing InCircle Regenerated2011
CryMirror Of Madness2003
Darkest TimeDreams Of Endless War2002
Day Of RedemptionDeath Unlimited2004
DeadMirror Of Madness2003
Death UnlimitedDeath Unlimited2004
Deep InsideDeath Unlimited2004
DieTill Death Unites Us2005
DreamDreams Of Endless War2002
DrowningTill Death Unites Us2005
Endless WarDreams Of Endless War2002
EverythingTill Death Unites Us2005
Everything Is An EndMirror Of Madness2003
Evil LadiesTill Death Unites Us2005
FallingCircle Regenerated2011
Final CountdownDreams Of Endless War2002
Forever And EverN2008
Frozen AngelN2008
Frozen Sky (Bonus Track)Mirror Of Madness2003
Fuck YouTill Death Unites Us2005
Going NowhereDeath Unlimited2004
HollowDeath Unlimited2004
If You GoN2008
Last BreathDreams Of Endless War2002
Midnight WalkerMirror Of Madness2003
Mirror Of MadnessMirror Of Madness2003
My AntichristN2008
NightfallDeath Unlimited2004
NortherTill Death Unites Us2005
NothingDeath Unlimited2004
Nothing LeftDreams Of Endless War2002
Of Darkness And LightMirror Of Madness2003
OmenTill Death Unites Us2005
ReleasedDreams Of Endless War2002
ScreamTill Death Unites Us2005
Self-Righteous FuckN2008
Smash (Bonus Track)Mirror Of Madness2003
Some DayCircle Regenerated2011
Tell Me WhyN2008
The CureDeath Unlimited2004
The End Of Our LivesTill Death Unites Us2005
The Hate I BearCircle Regenerated2011
The Last NightDreams Of Endless War2002
The Last TimeCircle Regenerated2011
Through It AllCircle Regenerated2011
Throwing My Life AwayTill Death Unites Us2005
To HellN2008
Tornado Of Souls (Bonus Track)Death Unlimited2004
TruthCircle Regenerated2011
Unleash HellMirror Of Madness2003
VainDeath Unlimited2004
Victorious OneDreams Of Endless War2002
Wasted YearsTill Death Unites Us2005
We Do Not CareCircle Regenerated2011
We RockN2008
Youth Gone Wild (Bonus Track)Dreams Of Endless War2002

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