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AfricansVictim Of Truth2005
BabylonMy Fairy Tales2015
BeautifulVictim Of Truth2005
Believe SystemMy Fairy Tales2015
Book Of JobMy Fairy Tales2015
Burning Bush (Everybody)Victim Of Truth2005
CamouflageSoul Is Heavy2011
ChangesVictim Of Truth2005
Come With MeNo Longer At Ease2008
ConfessionVictim Of Truth2005
Deadly CombinationNo Longer At Ease2008
DeathNo Longer At Ease2008
Do You Love Me NowSoul Is Heavy2011
Don't Even ThinkSoul Is Heavy2011
FocusNo Longer At Ease2008
From Africa 2 UNo Longer At Ease2008
God Knows Why (feat. Black Thought)Soul Is Heavy2011
God Of MercyVictim Of Truth2005
GypsyNo Longer At Ease2008
HalfcastNo Longer At Ease2008
HeartbeatNo Longer At Ease2008
In ChargeVictim Of Truth2005
In MeMy Fairy Tales2015
IntroVictim Of Truth2005
JSoul Is Heavy2011
KangpeNo Longer At Ease2008
Local ChampionMy Fairy Tales2015
Lucifer (No Doubt)Soul Is Heavy2011
Material ThingsVictim Of Truth2005
Me Me Strong (Interlude)Victim Of Truth2005
Mind vs. HeartNo Longer At Ease2008
My HomeSoul Is Heavy2011
My Love, My LoveMy Fairy Tales2015
My Love, My Love (Reprise)My Fairy Tales2015
Niger DeltaNo Longer At Ease2008
Pray For YouMy Fairy Tales2015
QuitVictim Of Truth2005
RestlessSoul Is Heavy2011
Running AwayNo Longer At Ease2008
Shining StarSoul Is Heavy2011
Showin' LoveVictim Of Truth2005
Sleep (feat. Ms. Synamite)Soul Is Heavy2011
Something To SayNo Longer At Ease2008
Soul Is HeavySoul Is Heavy2011
Stand StrongVictim Of Truth2005
StaySoul Is Heavy2011
Still I RiseSoul Is Heavy2011
Streets Lack LoveNo Longer At Ease2008
SuffriNo Longer At Ease2008
SurpriseMy Fairy Tales2015
The Uncomfortable TruthVictim Of Truth2005
V.I.P.Soul Is Heavy2011
ValleySoul Is Heavy2011
WarriorVictim Of Truth2005
Your RequestVictim Of Truth2005

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