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15 Minutes15 Minutes1999
All About YouYou've Got To Laugh2006
All Is FairTo Be Frank2001
AlreadyTo Be Frank2001
Babylon BrothersOxymoron2020
Bad Day You're HavingEi8ht2012
Billy15 Minutes1999
BogartHuman Racing1984
Born YesterdayYou've Got To Laugh2006
Burning At Both EndsThe Works1989
Can't Get ArrestedYou've Got To Laugh2006
Can't Go OnOxymoron2020
City Of AngelsThe Riddle1984
Cloak And DaggerHuman Racing1984
Cloud NineThen And Now2005
Come Back TomorrowOxymoron2020
Cowboys And IndiansThe Works1989
Dancing GirlsHuman Racing1984
Dancing GirlsThen And Now2005
Dangerous EyesThen And Now2005
Die LaughingTo Be Frank2001
Don QuixoteThe Riddle1984
Don QuixoteThen And Now2005
Don't Ask MeThe Works1989
Don't Let Me Out Of My CageRadio Musicola1986
Drum TalkHuman Racing1984
EasyThe Riddle1984
Elisabeth's EyesThe Works1989
Elizabeth's EyesThen And Now2005
Enjoy The RideEi8ht2012
FacesHuman Racing1984
Fiction15 Minutes1999
Find Me An Angel15 Minutes1999
From Cloudy Bay To MalibuOxymoron2020
Get UpTo Be Frank2001
God Bless15 Minutes1999
Gone To PiecesHuman Racing1984
Have A Nice Life15 Minutes1999
Hello WorldTo Be Frank2001
How SadTo Be Frank2001
Human RacingHuman Racing1984
Human RacingThen And Now2005
I Do BelieveOxymoron2020
I Hope You're Happy NowYou've Got To Laugh2006
I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On MeHuman Racing1984
I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On MeThen And Now2005
James CagneyRadio Musicola1986
Jane DoeTo Be Frank2001
Know HowThe Riddle1984
L.A.B.A.T.Y.D.Radio Musicola1986
Lady On The PhoneThe Works1989
Let's Get LostOxymoron2020
Life Goes OnRadio Musicola1986
Little StarOxymoron2020
Long Live The KingOxymoron2020
LostYou've Got To Laugh2006
Loud, Confident And WrongYou've Got To Laugh2006
Made In Heaven15 Minutes1999
Nobody KnowsRadio Musicola1986
Nobody KnowsThen And Now2005
Oh You Beautiful ThingYou've Got To Laugh2006
Old Friend (Elton John + Nik Kershaw)Then And Now2005
Old HouseYou've Got To Laugh2006
One DayTo Be Frank2001
One Step AheadThen And Now2005
One WorldThe Works1989
Promises, PromisesYou've Got To Laugh2006
Radio MusicolaRadio Musicola1986
Radio MusicolaThen And Now2005
Red StrandEi8ht2012
Rock Of AgesEi8ht2012
RosesThe Riddle1984
Roundabouts And SwingsOxymoron2020
Running ScaredRadio Musicola1986
Save The WhaleThe Riddle1984
Shame On YouHuman Racing1984
She Could Be The OneYou've Got To Laugh2006
She Gets MeOxymoron2020
Shine On15 Minutes1999
Shoot MeEi8ht2012
Show Them What You're Made OfTo Be Frank2001
Somebody Loves You15 Minutes1999
Somebody Loves YouThen And Now2005
Sometimes (Les Rythmes Digitales Featuring Nik Kershaw)Then And Now2005
Stick Around15 Minutes1999
Take Me To The ChurchTo Be Frank2001
Take My PlaceThe Works1989
The BellEi8ht2012
The Best I CanOxymoron2020
The Chosen OnesOxymoron2020
The RiddleThe Riddle1984
The RiddleThen And Now2005
The Sky's The LimitEi8ht2012
The Sky's The Limit (Radio Version) (Robbie Bronnimann Mix)Ei8ht2012
The Smallest SoulOxymoron2020
The Wind Will Blow [Explicit]Oxymoron2020
These Little ThingsOxymoron2020
These TearsEi8ht2012
They Were ThereOxymoron2020
Times Like TheseThen And Now2005
Violet To BlueRadio Musicola1986
WalkaboutThe Works1989
What Did You Think Of It So Far15 Minutes1999
What It IsThen And Now2005
What The Papers SayRadio Musicola1986
When A Heart BeatsRadio Musicola1986
When A Heart BeatsThen And Now2005
Wide BoyThe Riddle1984
Wide BoyThen And Now2005
Wild HorsesThe Riddle1984
Wouldn't It Be GoodHuman Racing1984
Wouldn't It Be GoodThen And Now2005
Wouldn't It Be Good (Version 1999)15 Minutes1999
WoundedTo Be Frank2001
WoundedThen And Now2005
Wounded KneeThe Works1989
Yeah, YeahYou've Got To Laugh2006
You Don't Have To Be The SunYou've Got To Laugh2006
You MightThe Riddle1984
You're The BestEi8ht2012
Your Brave Face15 Minutes1999

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