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A Time For SpringOther Directions2004
Afro BlackLet Your Light Shine On2018
All GoneOther Directions2004
All Praises To AllahLove And Revolution2011
Aphrodite's DreamOther Directions2004
ArabesqueJet Sounds2000
BantuLove And Revolution2011
Black Is The Graceful VeilRituals2008
Black SpiritsLove And Revolution2011
Bohemian's Dilemma (Bonus Track)Other Directions2004
Bossa Per DueJet Sounds2000
Charade (Bonus Track)Other Directions2004
Cosmic PeaceLet Your Light Shine On2018
Danubian (Bonus Track)Other Directions2004
Do You Feel Like I FeelLove And Revolution2011
Dossier OmegaJet Sounds2000
Essence Of The SunLet Your Light Shine On2018
Forma 2000Jet Sounds2000
Fuoco FatuoJet Sounds2000
GhanaLove And Revolution2011
HereLove And Revolution2011
I See All Shades Of YouRituals2008
I'm The AirLove And Revolution2011
Il Cerchio RossoJet Sounds2000
ImpulsoOther Directions2004
Jazz Pour DadineJet Sounds2000
Jet SoundsJet Sounds2000
Karma FlowerRituals2008
Kind Of SunshineOther Directions2004
Kind Of Sunshine (Extended Version) (Bonus Track)Other Directions2004
La Coda Del DiavoloJet Sounds2000
Le DepartOther Directions2004
Let Your Light Shine OnLet Your Light Shine On2018
Like Leaves In The WindRituals2008
Love And RevolutionLove And Revolution2011
Love From The SunLove And Revolution2011
Love InRituals2008
Love PowerLet Your Light Shine On2018
Mambo De Los DandiesJet Sounds2000
Me Do WoLet Your Light Shine On2018
Missione A BombayJet Sounds2000
Mystery Of YouLove And Revolution2011
Mystic Revelation Of The GodsLet Your Light Shine On2018
NefertitiOther Directions2004
Nefertiti (Alternative Version) (Bonus Track)Other Directions2004
OgunLet Your Light Shine On2018
Other DirectionsOther Directions2004
Paper CloudsRituals2008
Quiet DawnLove And Revolution2011
Quiet Star (Bonus Track)Other Directions2004
Ra In EgyptLove And Revolution2011
Red SunRituals2008
Scarborough FairLove And Revolution2011
Sea And SandOther Directions2004
Several Shades Of DawnOther Directions2004
ShivaLove And Revolution2011
Song Of The SeasonsRituals2008
Space DimensionsLet Your Light Shine On2018
Teardrop Painted Blue (Bonus Track)Other Directions2004
Temple Of Far EastLove And Revolution2011
The Dharma BumsOther Directions2004
The In BetweenOther Directions2004
The In SambaJet Sounds2000
The Nubian QueensRituals2008
Trappola MortaleJet Sounds2000
Tribes From The UnknownLet Your Light Shine On2018
Uhuru Na UmojaLet Your Light Shine On2018
Universal RhythmLet Your Light Shine On2018
Waltz Of The Sirens (Bonus Track)Other Directions2004
Wanin' MoonOther Directions2004
Wanin' Moon (Alternative Take) (Bonus Track)Other Directions2004

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