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1963 (Bonus Track)Substance1987
5 8 6Power, Corruption And Lies1983
586 (live)Live At Bestival 20122013
60 Miles An HourGet Ready2001
60 Miles An HourSingles2005
AcademicMusic Complete2015
Academic (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Age Of ConsentPower, Corruption And Lies1983
All Day LongBrotherhood1986
All Day Long (live)So It Goes...2019
All The WayTechnique1989
Angel DustBrotherhood1986
As It Is When It WasBrotherhood1986
Atmosphere (Joy Division)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
Atmosphere (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Behind Closed Doors (live)So It Goes...2019
Bizarre Love TriangleBrotherhood1986
Bizarre Love TriangleSubstance1987
Bizarre Love TriangleSingles2005
Bizarre Love Triangle (live)Live At Bestival 20122013
Bizarre Love Triangle (live)So It Goes...2019
Bizarre Love Triangle (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Bizarre Love Triangle (Shep Pettibone 7'' Remix) (New Order)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
Blue MondaySubstance1987
Blue MondaySingles2005
Blue Monday (1988)Singles2005
Blue Monday (live)Live At Bestival 20122013
Blue Monday (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Blue Monday (New Order)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
Broken PromiseBrotherhood1986
Californian GrassLost Sirens2013
Ceremony (New Order)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
Chosen TimeMovement1981
Close RangeGet Ready2001
Confusion (87)Substance1987
Confusion (Bonus Track)Substance1987
Cries And Whispers (Bonus Track)Substance1987
CrystalGet Ready2001
Crystal (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Crystal (New Order)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
Das Rheingold: Vorspiel (live) (Wiener Philharmoniker)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Decades (live)So It Goes...2019
Decades (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Disorder (live)So It Goes...2019
Disorder (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Doubts Even HereMovement1981
Dracula's CastleWaiting For The Sirens' Call2005
Dream AttackTechnique1989
Dream Attack (live)So It Goes...2019
Dreams Never EndMovement1981
EcstasyPower, Corruption And Lies1983
Elegia (live)Live At Bestival 20122013
Elegia (live)So It Goes...2019
Every Little CountsBrotherhood1986
Everyone EverywhereRepublic1993
Everything's Gone GreenSubstance1987
Everything's Gone GreenSingles2005
Face UpLow-Life1985
Fine TimeTechnique1989
Fine TimeSingles2005
Fine Time (New Order)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
Guilt Is A Useless EmotionWaiting For The Sirens' Call2005
Guilt Is A Useless Emotion (live)So It Goes...2019
Guilty PartnerTechnique1989
Heart And Soul (live)So It Goes...2019
Hellbent (New Order)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
Hellbent (Original Mix)Lost Sirens2013
Here To StaySingles2005
Here To Stay (live)Live At Bestival 20122013
Hey Now What You DoingWaiting For The Sirens' Call2005
Hurt (Bonus Track)Substance1987
I Told You SoWaiting For The Sirens' Call2005
I Told You SoLost Sirens2013
I'll Stay With YouLost Sirens2013
I've Got A FeelingLost Sirens2013
In A Lonely Place (Bonus Track)Substance1987
In A Lonely Place (live)So It Goes...2019
Isolation (Joy Division)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
Isolation (live)Live At Bestival 20122013
JetstreamWaiting For The Sirens' Call2005
Kiss Of Death (Bonus Track)Substance1987
KraftyWaiting For The Sirens' Call2005
Krafty (live)Live At Bestival 20122013
Krafty (New Order)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
Lonesome Tonight (Bonus Track)Substance1987
Love LessTechnique1989
Love VigilantesLow-Life1985
Love Vigilantes (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
Love Will Tear Us Apart (live)Live At Bestival 20122013
Love Will Tear Us Apart (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Morning Night And DayWaiting For The Sirens' Call2005
Mr. DiscoTechnique1989
Murder (Bonus Track)Substance1987
Nothing But A FoolMusic Complete2015
People On The High LineMusic Complete2015
PlasticMusic Complete2015
Plastic (live)So It Goes...2019
Plastic (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Primitive NotionGet Ready2001
Procession (Bonus Track)Substance1987
RecoilLost Sirens2013
Regret (live)Live At Bestival 20122013
Regret (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Regret (New Order)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
RestlessMusic Complete2015
Rock The ShackGet Ready2001
Round And RoundTechnique1989
Round And RoundSingles2005
Ruined In A DayRepublic1993
Ruined In A DaySingles2005
Run 2Singles2005
Run WildGet Ready2001
Shake It UpLost Sirens2013
Shame Of The Nation (Bonus Track)Substance1987
She's Lost Control (Joy Division)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
Shellshock (live)So It Goes...2019
SingularityMusic Complete2015
Singularity (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Slow JamGet Ready2001
Someone Like YouGet Ready2001
Sooner Than You ThinkLow-Life1985
State Of The NationSubstance1987
State Of The NationSingles2005
Stray DogMusic Complete2015
Sub-Culture (live)So It Goes...2019
Sub-culture (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
SugarcaneLost Sirens2013
SuperheatedMusic Complete2015
Temptation (87)Substance1987
Temptation (live)Live At Bestival 20122013
Temptation (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Temptation (New Order)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
The Beach (Bonus Track)Substance1987
The GameMusic Complete2015
The HimMovement1981
The Perfect KissLow-Life1985
The Perfect KissSubstance1987
The Perfect KissSingles2005
The Perfect Kiss (live)Live At Bestival 20122013
The Perfect Kiss (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
The Perfect Kiss (New Order)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
The VillagePower, Corruption And Lies1983
Thieves Like UsSubstance1987
Thieves Like UsSingles2005
Thieves Like Us (Bonus Track)Substance1987
Thieves Like Us (New Order)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
This Time Of NightLow-Life1985
Times ChangeRepublic1993
Times Change (live)So It Goes...2019
Touched By The Hand Of GodSingles2005
Transmission (Joy Division)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
Transmission (live)Live At Bestival 20122013
True FaithSubstance1987
True FaithSingles2005
True Faith (live)Live At Bestival 20122013
True Faith (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
True Faith (New Order)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
TurnWaiting For The Sirens' Call2005
Turn My Way (Featuring Billy Corgan)Get Ready2001
Tutti FruttiMusic Complete2015
UltraviolencePower, Corruption And Lies1983
Ultraviolence (live)So It Goes...2019
Ultraviolence (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Unlearn This HatredMusic Complete2015
Vanishing PointTechnique1989
Vanishing Point (live)So It Goes...2019
Vanishing Point (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Vicious StreakGet Ready2001
Waiting For The Sirens' CallSingles2005
Waiting For The Sirens' CallWaiting For The Sirens' Call2005
Waiting For The Sirens? Call (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021
Way Of LifeBrotherhood1986
We All StandPower, Corruption And Lies1983
Who's JoeWaiting For The Sirens' Call2005
Who's Joe (live)So It Goes...2019
Working OvertimeWaiting For The Sirens' Call2005
World In MotionSingles2005
World In Motion (New Order)Total From Joy Division To New Order2011
Young OffenderRepublic1993
Your Silent FacePower, Corruption And Lies1983
Your Silent Face (live)So It Goes...2019
Your Silent Face (live)Education Entertainment Recreation2021

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