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...And Justice For WhomDownfall Of Mankind2018
BleedingDownfall Of Mankind2018
Blood EaglePerpetual Chaos2021
ConflictDownfall Of Mankind2018
Cultura do EstuproDownfall Of Mankind2018
DeathVictim Of Yourself2014
Deep MiseryVictim Of Yourself2014
EnslaveDownfall Of Mankind2018
EnviousVictim Of Yourself2014
Fear, Violence And MassacreDownfall Of Mankind2018
Genocidal Command (+ Schmier)Perpetual Chaos2021
Godless PrisonerPerpetual Chaos2021
Guided By EvilPerpetual Chaos2021
HorrordomeDownfall Of Mankind2018
Into Mosh PitVictim Of Yourself2014
IntroVictim Of Yourself2014
IntroDownfall Of Mankind2018
Justice Be DoneVictim Of Yourself2014
Kill The SilenceDownfall Of Mankind2018
Kings Of DominationPerpetual Chaos2021
Morbid CourageVictim Of Yourself2014
Nasty InjuryVictim Of Yourself2014
Never Forget, Never RepeatDownfall Of Mankind2018
No MercyDownfall Of Mankind2018
People Of The AbyssPerpetual Chaos2021
Perpetual ChaosPerpetual Chaos2021
Pursued By JudgementPerpetual Chaos2021
Raise Your FistDownfall Of Mankind2018
Rebel Soul (+ Erik AK)Perpetual Chaos2021
Selfish Battle (Bonus Track)Downfall Of Mankind2018
Time To FightPerpetual Chaos2021
Twisted ValuesVictim Of Yourself2014
Under RuinsPerpetual Chaos2021
Until The Very End (+ Guilherme Miranda)Perpetual Chaos2021
Uranio Em NosVictim Of Yourself2014
VenomousPerpetual Chaos2021
Victim Of YourselfVictim Of Yourself2014
VulturesDownfall Of Mankind2018
Wake Up And FightVictim Of Yourself2014

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