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All Good Things (Come To An End)Loose2006
All Good Things (Come To An End)The Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
Baby GirlWhoa! Nelly2001
Bajo otra luzMi plan2009
BelieversThe Spirit Indestructible2012
Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)The Spirit Indestructible2012
Broken Strings (Best Of Version )The Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
Bucket ListThe Spirit Indestructible2012
Build You UpFolklore2003
Carnival GamesThe Ride2017
Childhood DreamsFolklore2003
CirclesThe Spirit Indestructible2012
Cold Hard TruthThe Ride2017
Como lluviaMi plan2009
Crazy (Radio 1 Live Lounge Session)The Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
Do ItLoose2006
EnemyThe Spirit Indestructible2012
Feliz cumpleanosMi plan2009
FlatlineThe Ride2017
ForcaThe Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
Fotografía - Best Of VersionThe Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
Fresh Off the BoatFolklore2003
FuerteMi plan2009
Girlfriend In This CityThe Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
Hey, Man!Whoa! Nelly2001
High Life (featuring Ace Primo)The Spirit Indestructible2012
I Will Make U CryWhoa! Nelly2001
I'm Like A BirdWhoa! Nelly2001
I'm Like A BirdThe Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
In God's HandsLoose2006
In God's HandsThe Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
Island of WonderFolklore2003
LegendWhoa! Nelly2001
LiveThe Ride2017
MagicThe Ride2017
ManeaterThe Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
Manos al aireMi plan2009
Manos al aire (Best Of Version)The Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
MasMi plan2009
Mi planMi plan2009
MiraclesThe Spirit Indestructible2012
My Love Grows DeeperWhoa! Nelly2001
Night Is YoungThe Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
No Hay IgualLoose2006
Onde estasWhoa! Nelly2001
One-Trick PonyFolklore2003
PalacesThe Ride2017
Paris SunThe Ride2017
Parking LotThe Spirit Indestructible2012
PartyWhoa! Nelly2001
PhoenixThe Ride2017
Picture PerfectFolklore2003
Pipe DreamsThe Ride2017
Powerless (Say What You Want)Folklore2003
Powerless (Say What You Want)The Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
PromiscuousThe Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
Right RoadThe Ride2017
Say It RightLoose2006
Say It RightThe Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
Scared Of YouWhoa! Nelly2001
Shit On The Radio (Remember The Days)Whoa! Nelly2001
Shit On The Radio (Remember The Days)The Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
SilencioMi plan2009
Somebody To LoveLoose2006
Something (featuring Nas)The Spirit Indestructible2012
Spirit IndestructibleThe Spirit Indestructible2012
StarsThe Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
Sticks And StonesThe Ride2017
SuenosMi plan2009
Suficiente tiempoMi plan2009
Tap DancingThe Ride2017
Te BusqueLoose2006
The Grass Is GreenFolklore2003
The Most Beautiful Thing (featuring Sara Tavares)The Spirit Indestructible2012
TryThe Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
Trynna Finda WayWhoa! Nelly2001
Turn Off The LightWhoa! Nelly2001
Turn Off The LightThe Best Of Nelly Furtado2010
VacacionMi plan2009
Wait For YouLoose2006
Waiting For The NightThe Spirit Indestructible2012
Well, WellWhoa! Nelly2001

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