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AddictedTry Whistling This1998
AloneOut Of Silence2017
Angels Heap (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
Anger Plays A PartLightsleeper2018
Any Other WayLightsleeper2018
AnytimeOne Nil2001
Anytime (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
AstroTry Whistling This1998
Back To LifeLightsleeper2018
Better Than TVDizzy Heights2014
Chameleon DaysOut Of Silence2017
DivebomberDizzy Heights2014
Dizzy HeightsDizzy Heights2014
Don't Ask WhyOne Nil2001
Don't Dream It's Over (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
Down On The Corner (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
Dream DateTry Whistling This1998
Driving Me MadOne Nil2001
Edible Flowers (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
Elastic HeartOne Nil2001
Faster Than LightTry Whistling This1998
Flying In The Face Of LoveDizzy Heights2014
Hiding PlaceLightsleeper2018
Hold Her CloseLightsleeper2018
Hole In The IceOne Nil2001
I Know DifferentOut Of Silence2017
I See Red (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
ImpressionsDizzy Heights2014
In My BloodDizzy Heights2014
Independence DayOut Of Silence2017
Into The SunsetOne Nil2001
King TideTry Whistling This1998
Last One StandingTry Whistling This1998
Last To KnowOne Nil2001
Lights Of New YorkDizzy Heights2014
Loose TongueTry Whistling This1998
Loose Tongue (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
Love Is EmotionalOut Of Silence2017
Meet Me In The AirLightsleeper2018
More Than One Of YouOut Of Silence2017
Paper Doll (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
Paradise (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
Pasting Way (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
Pony RideDizzy Heights2014
Prelude - Island Of PeaceLightsleeper2018
RecluseDizzy Heights2014
Rest Of The Day OffOne Nil2001
Second NatureOut Of Silence2017
Secret GodOne Nil2001
She Will Have Her WayTry Whistling This1998
She Will Have Her Way (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
SinnerTry Whistling This1998
SouvenirTry Whistling This1998
Strangest FriendsDizzy Heights2014
Stuff And Nonsense (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
Take A Walk (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
Terrorise MeOut Of Silence2017
The ClimberOne Nil2001
The Climber (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
The Law Is Always On Your SideOut Of Silence2017
There Is A Light (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
TruthTry Whistling This1998
Try Whistling ThisTry Whistling This1998
Turn And RunOne Nil2001
Turn And Run (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
Twisty BassTry Whistling This1998
We Know What It MeansLightsleeper2018
Weather With You (live)7 Worlds Collide2001
Where's My RoomLightsleeper2018
Wherever You AreOne Nil2001
White Lies And AlibisDizzy Heights2014
Widow's PeakOut Of Silence2017

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