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Adventures Of IsabelLeave Your Sleep2010
After The Gold Rush (live)Live In Concert1999
Beloved WifeTigerlily1995
Beloved Wife (live)Live In Concert1999
Beloved Wife (Version 2015)Paradise is There - The New Tigerlily Recordings2015
Big GirlsKeep Your Courage2023
Black SheepNatalie Merchant2014
Bleezer's Ice-CreamLeave Your Sleep2010
Break Your HeartOphelia1998
Break Your HeartRetrospective: 1995 - 20052005
Build A LeveeMotherland2001
Build A LeveeRetrospective: 1995 - 20052005
Bury Me Under The Weeping WillowThe House Carpenter's Daughter2003
Calico PieLeave Your Sleep2010
CarnivalRetrospective: 1995 - 20052005
Carnival (live)Live In Concert1999
Carnival (Version 2015)Paradise is There - The New Tigerlily Recordings2015
Come On, AphroditeKeep Your Courage2023
Cowboy RomanceTigerlily1995
Cowboy Romance (Version 2015)Paradise is There - The New Tigerlily Recordings2015
Crazy Man MichaelThe House Carpenter's Daughter2003
Diver BoyThe House Carpenter's Daughter2003
Down On Penny's FarmThe House Carpenter's Daughter2003
Dust Bowl (live)Live In Concert1999
EquestrienneLeave Your Sleep2010
Eye Of The StormKeep Your Courage2023
Frozen CharlotteOphelia1998
Giving Up EverythingNatalie Merchant2014
Go Down MosesNatalie Merchant2014
Golden BoyMotherland2001
Guardian AngelKeep Your Courage2023
Gun Shy (live)Live In Concert1999
Henry DargerMotherland2001
House CarpenterThe House Carpenter's Daughter2003
Hunting The WrenKeep Your Courage2023
I May Know The WordTigerlily1995
I May Know The Word (Version 2015)Paradise is There - The New Tigerlily Recordings2015
I'm Not Gonna BegMotherland2001
If No One Ever Marries MeLeave Your Sleep2010
It Makes A ChangeLeave Your Sleep2010
It's A-ComingNatalie Merchant2014
Jealousy (Single Version)Retrospective: 1995 - 20052005
Jealousy (Version 2015)Paradise is There - The New Tigerlily Recordings2015
Just Can't LastMotherland2001
Kind And GenerousOphelia1998
Kind And GenerousRetrospective: 1995 - 20052005
King Of MayOphelia1998
LadybirdNatalie Merchant2014
Life Is SweetOphelia1998
Life Is SweetRetrospective: 1995 - 20052005
LuluNatalie Merchant2014
Lulu (Introduction)Natalie Merchant2014
Maggie And Milly And Molly And MayLeave Your Sleep2010
Maggie SaidNatalie Merchant2014
MotherlandRetrospective: 1995 - 20052005
My SkinOphelia1998
NarcissusKeep Your Courage2023
Not In This LifeMotherland2001
Not In This LifeRetrospective: 1995 - 20052005
Nursery Rhyme Of Innocence And ExperienceLeave Your Sleep2010
Ophelia (live)Live In Concert1999
OwensboroThe House Carpenter's Daughter2003
OwensboroRetrospective: 1995 - 20052005
Poor Wayfaring StrangerThe House Carpenter's Daughter2003
Put The Law On YouMotherland2001
River (Version 2015)Paradise is There - The New Tigerlily Recordings2015
Saint JudasMotherland2001
Sally AnnThe House Carpenter's Daughter2003
Sally AnnRetrospective: 1995 - 20052005
San Andreas FaultTigerlily1995
San Andreas FaultRetrospective: 1995 - 20052005
San Andreas Fault (live)Live In Concert1999
San Andreas Fault (Version 2015)Paradise is There - The New Tigerlily Recordings2015
Seven Deadly SinsNatalie Merchant2014
Seven YearsTigerlily1995
Seven Years (live)Live In Concert1999
Seven Years (Version 2015)Paradise is There - The New Tigerlily Recordings2015
Sister TillyKeep Your Courage2023
Soldier, SoldierThe House Carpenter's Daughter2003
Song Of HimselfKeep Your Courage2023
Space Oddity (live)Live In Concert1999
Spring And Fall: To A Young ChildLeave Your Sleep2010
Tell YourselfMotherland2001
TexasNatalie Merchant2014
The Dancing BearLeave Your Sleep2010
The EndNatalie Merchant2014
The Feast Of Saint ValentineKeep Your Courage2023
The Gulf Of Araby (live)Live In Concert1999
The Janitor's BoyLeave Your Sleep2010
The King Of China's DaughterLeave Your Sleep2010
The LetterTigerlily1995
The Letter (Version 2015)Paradise is There - The New Tigerlily Recordings2015
The LivingOphelia1998
The LivingRetrospective: 1995 - 20052005
The Man In The WildernessLeave Your Sleep2010
The Peppery ManLeave Your Sleep2010
The Sleepy GiantLeave Your Sleep2010
The Worst ThingMotherland2001
These Are Days (live) (Bonus Track)Live In Concert1999
Thick As ThievesOphelia1998
This House Is On FireMotherland2001
Topsyturvey-WorldLeave Your Sleep2010
Tower Of BabelKeep Your Courage2023
Weeping PilgrimThe House Carpenter's Daughter2003
When They Ring The Golden Bells (+ Karen Peris) - Ophelia (Reprise)Ophelia1998
Where I GoTigerlily1995
Where I Go (Version 2015)Paradise is There - The New Tigerlily Recordings2015
Which Side Are You OnThe House Carpenter's Daughter2003
WonderRetrospective: 1995 - 20052005
Wonder (live)Live In Concert1999
Wonder (Version 2015)Paradise is There - The New Tigerlily Recordings2015

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