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12 Step ProgramThe Fatal Feast2012
A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Destroyer)The Art Of Partying2007
Abusement ParkHazardous Mutation2005
Accelerated VisionHazardous Mutation2005
Acid SentenceMassive Aggresive2009
Amateur SketchSlime And Punishment2017
Authority ComplexThe Fatal Feast2012
BangoverHazardous Mutation2005
Beer PressureThe Art Of Partying2007
Black IceHazardous Mutation2005
Blood DriveHazardous Mutation2005
Blood HungerWaste 'Em All2003
Born To PartyThe Art Of Partying2007
Bourbon DisciplineSlime And Punishment2017
Breathe GreaseSlime And Punishment2017
Chemically AlteredThe Art Of Partying2007
Covered In Sick - The BarferThe Fatal Feast2012
Crushing Chest WoundThe Fatal Feast2012
Death PrankWaste 'Em All2003
Death ProofSlime And Punishment2017
Death TaxThe Fatal Feast2012
Dingy SituationsSlime And Punishment2017
Divine BlasphemerMassive Aggresive2009
Dropped OutWaste 'Em All2003
Drunk As ShitWaste 'Em All2003
Enjoy The NightSlime And Punishment2017
Eviction Party (Bonus Track)The Fatal Feast2012
Excessive CelebrationSlime And Punishment2017
Executioner (Intro)Waste 'Em All2003
Guilty Of Being TightHazardous Mutation2005
Hazardous MutationHazardous Mutation2005
Headbanger Face RipThe Art Of Partying2007
Horny For BloodMassive Aggresive2009
I Want To Kill The PresidentWaste 'Em All2003
Idiot CheckThe Fatal Feast2012
Intro - DeathripperHazardous Mutation2005
Jesus FreaksThe Fatal Feast2012
Jock PitWaste 'Em All2003
Knife FightWaste 'Em All2003
Low ToleranceSlime And Punishment2017
Lunch Hall Food BrawlThe Art Of Partying2007
Masked By DeliriumMassive Aggresive2009
Massive AggressiveMassive Aggresive2009
Mech-CannibalMassive Aggresive2009
Media SkepticMassive Aggresive2009
Mental Shock (Deathripper Part II)The Art Of Partying2007
Mind EraserHazardous Mutation2005
Mutants Of WarWaste 'Em All2003
Nailed CasketHazardous Mutation2005
New Dead MastersThe Fatal Feast2012
Open Your MindThe Art Of Partying2007
Parole ViolatorsSlime And Punishment2017
Poison The PreacherSlime And Punishment2017
Pre-GameThe Art Of Partying2007
Radioactive ForceThe Art Of Partying2007
Relentless ThreatMassive Aggresive2009
RepossessionThe Fatal Feast2012
Residential DisasterThe Fatal Feast2012
Rigorous VengeanceThe Art Of Partying2007
Sadistic MagicianThe Art Of Partying2007
Septic DetonationThe Art Of Partying2007
Set To DestructHazardous Mutation2005
Shredded OfferingMassive Aggresive2009
ShrednecksSlime And Punishment2017
Slime And PunishmentSlime And Punishment2017
Standards And PracticesThe Fatal Feast2012
Substitute CreatureWaste 'Em All2003
Sweet AttackWaste 'Em All2003
Terror SharkHazardous Mutation2005
The Art Of PartyingThe Art Of Partying2007
The Fatal FeastThe Fatal Feast2012
The InebriatorThe Art Of Partying2007
The Monster With 21 FacesThe Fatal Feast2012
The Mountain WizardWaste 'Em All2003
The ThingHazardous Mutation2005
The Thrashin' Of The ChristHazardous Mutation2005
The Wrath Of The Severed HeadMassive Aggresive2009
Think FastSlime And Punishment2017
Thrash! Don't Mind If I DoWaste 'Em All2003
Toxic RevolutionWaste 'Em All2003
Under The Waste CommandSlime And Punishment2017
Unholy AbductorThe Fatal Feast2012
Unleash The BastardsHazardous Mutation2005
Upside Down ChurchMassive Aggresive2009
Waste 'Em AllWaste 'Em All2003
Waste In SpaceThe Fatal Feast2012
Wolves Of ChernobylMassive Aggresive2009
Wrong AnswerMassive Aggresive2009
You're Cut OffThe Fatal Feast2012

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