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... Of Dream And DramaWolfheart1995
1 de Novembro17552017
A Dying BreedExtinct2015
A Dying Breed (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
A Greater Darkness (Bonus Track)Alpha Noir2012
A Poisoned GiftIrreligious1996
A Poisoned Gift (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
A Walk On The DarksideThe Antidote2003
Abysmo (live)Lusitanian Metal2008
AdaptablesThe Butterfly Effect1999
Age Of MothersNight Eternal2008
All Gone From The Wild - La Baphomette (Intro) (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
All Or NothingHermitage2021
Alma MaterWolfheart1995
Alma MaterThe Great Silver Eye2007
Alma Mater (live)Lusitanian Metal2008
Alma Mater (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Alpha noirAlpha Noir2012
An Erotic AlchemyWolfheart1995
An Erotic Alchemy (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Ancient Winter GoddessUnder Satanae2007
AngelizerThe Butterfly Effect1999
AntidoteThe Antidote2003
As We Eternally Sleep On ItThe Antidote2003
At The Image Of PainMemorial2006
At Tragic HeightsNight Eternal2008
Ataegina (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Awake (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Axis mundiAlpha Noir2012
Best ForgottenMemorial2006
Blood TellsMemorial2006
Breathe (Until We Are No More)Extinct2015
Breathe (Until We Are No More) (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Butterfly FXThe Butterfly Effect1999
Can't BeeThe Butterfly Effect1999
Capricorn At Her FeetThe Antidote2003
Capricorn At Her FeetThe Great Silver Eye2007
Chorai Lusitania (Epilogus - Incantatam Maresia)Under Satanae2007
City Quitter (Outro)Hermitage2021
Common PrayersHermitage2021
Crystal GazingThe Antidote2003
Darkness And HopeDarkness And Hope2001
Desastre (Spanish Version)17552017
DevilredDarkness And Hope2001
Devilred (live)Lusitanian Metal2008
Disappear HereThe Butterfly Effect1999
Domina (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Dreamless (Lucifer And Lilith)Night Eternal2008
Earth Of MineNight Eternal2008
Em nome do medo17552017
En nome do medoAlpha Noir2012
Everything InvadedThe Antidote2003
Everything InvadedThe Great Silver Eye2007
Extinct (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
FinisterraThe Great Silver Eye2007
Fireseason (Bonus Track)Alpha Noir2012
FirewalkingDarkness And Hope2001
FirewalkingThe Great Silver Eye2007
First LightNight Eternal2008
For A Taste Of EternityIrreligious1996
For A Taste Of Eternity (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
From Lowering SkiesThe Antidote2003
From Lowering Skies (live)Lusitanian Metal2008
Full Moon MadnessIrreligious1996
Full Moon MadnessThe Great Silver Eye2007
Full Moon Madness (live)Lusitanian Metal2008
Full Moon Madness (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Funeral BloomExtinct2015
Funeral Bloom (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
GhostsongDarkness And Hope2001
Goat On FireUnder Satanae2007
Grand StandAlpha Noir2012
Halla Alle Halla Al Rabka Halla (Praeludium - Incantatum Solis)Under Satanae2007
Heartshaped AbyssDarkness And Hope2001
Herodisiac (Bonus Track)Alpha Noir2012
Herr SpiegelmannIrreligious1996
Herr Spiegelmann (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Hers Is The TwilightNight Eternal2008
How We Became FireDarkness And Hope2001
I Am The Eternal SpectatorThe Butterfly Effect1999
In And Above MenThe Antidote2003
In And Above Men (live)Lusitanian Metal2008
In MemoriamMemorial2006
In tremor Dei17552017
Incantatrix (Bonus Track)Alpha Noir2012
Interludium - Incantatum OequinoctumUnder Satanae2007
Intro (live)Lusitanian Metal2008
Invaded Intro (live)Lusitanian Metal2008
KThe Butterfly Effect1999
La BaphometteExtinct2015
Lanterna dos afogados17552017
Let The Children Cum To MeSin-Pecado1998
LickanthropeAlpha Noir2012
Love CrimesWolfheart1995
Love Crimes (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Love Is BlasphemyAlpha Noir2012
Lua D'InvernoWolfheart1995
Lua d'inverno (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
LunaThe Great Silver Eye2007
Lunar StillThe Antidote2003
LustmordThe Butterfly Effect1999
LustmordThe Great Silver Eye2007
Made Of StormDarkness And Hope2001
MagdaleneThe Great Silver Eye2007
Malignia (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Mare NostumMemorial2006
Medusalem (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Memento MoriMemorial2006
Mephisto (live)Lusitanian Metal2008
Mephisto (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Moon In MercuryNight Eternal2008
New Tears Eve (Bonus Track)Alpha Noir2012
Night EternalNight Eternal2008
NocturnaDarkness And Hope2001
NocturnaThe Great Silver Eye2007
Of Dream And Drama (Midnight Ride) (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Once It Was OursMemorial2006
Opera CarneAlpha Noir2012
OpiumThe Great Silver Eye2007
Opium (live)Lusitanian Metal2008
Opium (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Opus Diabolicum (Andamento Iii - Instrumental Compendyum)Under Satanae2007
Os Senhores Da GuerraDarkness And Hope2001
Perverse Almost Religious (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Perverse... Almost ReligiousIrreligious1996
Raven ClawsIrreligious1996
Raven ClawsThe Great Silver Eye2007
Raven Claws (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
RepacesDarkness And Hope2001
Ruin And MiseryIrreligious1996
Ruin And Misery (live)Lusitanian Metal2008
Ruin And Misery (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Sacrificial (Bonus Track)Alpha Noir2012
Scorpion FlowerNight Eternal2008
Scorpion Flower (Single Version)Night Eternal2008
Second SkinSin-Pecado1998
Second SkinThe Great Silver Eye2007
SelfabuseThe Butterfly Effect1999
Serpent AngelUnder Satanae2007
Shadow SunNight Eternal2008
Sine missioneAlpha Noir2012
Slow DownSin-Pecado1998
Sons Of EarthMemorial2006
Soulitary ViceThe Butterfly Effect1999
SoulsickThe Butterfly Effect1999
SoulsickThe Great Silver Eye2007
Spring Of RageNight Eternal2008
Tenebararum Oratorium (Andamento I - Erudit Compendyum)Under Satanae2007
Tenebararum Oratorium (Andamento Ii - Erudit Compendyum)Under Satanae2007
Than The Serpents In My HandsDarkness And Hope2001
The Future Is DarkExtinct2015
The Future Is Dark (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
The Greater GoodHermitage2021
The Hanged ManSin-Pecado1998
The Hermit SaintsHermitage2021
The Last Of UsExtinct2015
The Last Of Us (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
The Southern DeathstyleThe Antidote2003
The Southern Deathstyle (live)Lusitanian Metal2008
TiredThe Butterfly Effect1999
Todos os Santos17552017
Trebaruna (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
UnheartedNight Eternal2008
Upon The Blood Of MenMemorial2006
V.C. (Gloria Domini)Sin-Pecado1998
VampiriaThe Great Silver Eye2007
Vampiria (live)Lusitanian Metal2008
Vampiria (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
VersusAlpha Noir2012
White Omega (Bonus Track)Alpha Noir2012
White Skies (Bonus Track)Alpha Noir2012
Without RuleHermitage2021
Wolfshade (A Warewolf Masquerade)The Great Silver Eye2007
Wolfshade (A Werewolf Masquerade) (live)Lisboa Under The Spell2018
Wolves From The FrogUnder Satanae2007

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