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100 Million MilesMastermind2010
19 WitchesPowertrip1998
2000 Light Years From Home4-Way-Diablo2007
3re Eye LandslidePowertrip1998
4-Way Diablo4-Way-Diablo2007
A Thousand Stars4-Way-Diablo2007
All Day MidnightMindfucker2018
All Friends And Kingdom ComeDopes To Infinity1995
All Outta Nothin'Mastermind2010
All Shook OutGod Says No2000
Atomic ClockPowertrip1998
Baby GötterdämmerungPowertrip1998
Ball Of ConfusionCobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)2015
Be ForewarnedA Better Dystopia2021
Big God (Bonus Track)Powertrip1998
Black BalloonSuperjudge1993
Black MastermindSpine Of God1991
Blow 'Em OffDopes To Infinity1995
Blow Your Mind4-Way-Diablo2007
Bored With SorceryMastermind2010
Born To GoA Better Dystopia2021
Cage Around The SunSuperjudge1993
Cnn War ThemeMonolithic Baby!2004
Cobras And Fire (Hallucination Bomb)Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)2015
Crop CirclePowertrip1998
CryGod Says No2000
Cyclops RevolutionSuperjudge1993
Dead ChristmasDopes To Infinity1995
DeathA Better Dystopia2021
Dig That HoleMastermind2010
Dinosaur VacumeSuperjudge1993
DoomsdayGod Says No2000
Dopes To InfinityDopes To Infinity1995
Down In The JungleGod Says No2000
Ego, The Living PlanetDopes To Infinity1995
Elephant BellSuperjudge1993
End Of TimeLast Patrol2013
End Of Time (B-3)Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol2014
Epitaph For A HeadA Better Dystopia2021
Face DownSuperjudge1993
Freeze And Pixelate4-Way-Diablo2007
Fuzz Pig (Bonus Track)Mastermind2010
Ghost StoryMastermind2010
God Says NoGod Says No2000
Gods And PunksMastermind2010
Gods, Punks And The Everlasting TwilightCobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)2015
Goliath And The VampiresPowertrip1998
Goliath ReturnsMilking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol2014
Gravity WellGod Says No2000
HallelujahLast Patrol2013
Hallelujah (Fuzz And Swamp)Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol2014
Hallucination BombMastermind2010
Heads ExplodeGod Says No2000
I Control, I FlyDopes To Infinity1995
I Live Behind The CloudsLast Patrol2013
I Live Behind The Clouds (Roughed Up And Slightly Spaced)Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol2014
I Live Behind The Paradise Machine: Evil Joe Barresi's Magnet Mash, VolCobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)2015
I Want More (Bonus Track)God Says No2000
I'm Calling You4-Way-Diablo2007
I'm GodMindfucker2018
It's TrashA Better Dystopia2021
Kick Out The Jams (Bonus Track)Powertrip1998
King Of MarsDopes To Infinity1995
King Of Mars 2004 (Bonus Track)Monolithic Baby!2004
Kiss Of The ScorpionGod Says No2000
Last PatrolLast Patrol2013
Last Patrol (live)Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol2014
Learning To DieA Better Dystopia2021
Let The Circus BurnMilking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol2014
Little Bag Of Gloom4-Way-Diablo2007
Look To Your Orb For The WarningDopes To Infinity1995
Master Of LightMonolithic Baby!2004
Mastermind '69Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)2015
MedicineSpine Of God1991
MeltGod Says No2000
Milking The StarsMilking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol2014
Mindless OnesLast Patrol2013
Mindless Ones '68Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol2014
MonolithicMonolithic Baby!2004
Motorcycle (Straight To Hell)A Better Dystopia2021
Mr. DestroyerA Better Dystopia2021
My Little FriendGod Says No2000
Negasonic Teenage WarheadDopes To Infinity1995
No Paradise For MeMilking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol2014
No Vacation4-Way-Diablo2007
Nod SceneSpine Of God1991
On The VergeMonolithic Baby!2004
One Dead Moon (Bonus Track)Last Patrol2013
OziumSpine Of God1991
ParadiseLast Patrol2013
Perish In FireMastermind2010
Pill ShovelSpine Of God1991
Queen Of YouGod Says No2000
Radiation DayMonolithic Baby!2004
Rocket FreakMindfucker2018
See You In HellPowertrip1998
She Digs That HoleCobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)2015
Silver Future (Bonus Track)God Says No2000
Sin's A Good Man's BrotherSpine Of God1991
SituationA Better Dystopia2021
Slap In The Face4-Way-Diablo2007
Slut MachineMonolithic Baby!2004
Snake DanceSpine Of God1991
Solid Gold4-Way-Diablo2007
Solid Gold HellA Better Dystopia2021
Space LordPowertrip1998
Spine Of GodSpine Of God1991
Stay TunedLast Patrol2013
Stay Tuned (Even Sadder)Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol2014
Strobe Light Beatdown (Bonus Track)Last Patrol2013
SupercruelMonolithic Baby!2004
Take ItGod Says No2000
Temple Of Your DreamsPowertrip1998
The Diamond MineA Better Dystopia2021
The Duke (Full On Drums 'n Wah)Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol2014
The Duke (Of Supernature)Last Patrol2013
The Game (Bonus Track)Powertrip1998
The Right StuffMonolithic Baby!2004
The TitanCobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)2015
The Titan Who Cried Like A BabyMastermind2010
Theme From 'masterburner'Dopes To Infinity1995
There's No Way Out Of HereMonolithic Baby!2004
Third AlternativeDopes To Infinity1995
Three KingfishersLast Patrol2013
Three Kingfishers (live)Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol2014
Time MachineMastermind2010
Time Machine (Instrumental)Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)2015
Tomorrow's Sun (Bonus Track)4-Way-Diablo2007
Too BadMonolithic Baby!2004
Twin EarthSuperjudge1993
Ultimate EverythingMonolithic Baby!2004
Unbroken (Hotel Baby)Monolithic Baby!2004
Venus In Furs (Bonus Track)Monolithic Baby!2004
VertigoDopes To Infinity1995
Wall Of Fire4-Way-Diablo2007
Want SomeMindfucker2018
Watch Me FadeCobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)2015
Watch Me Fade (Bonus Track)Mastermind2010
Welcome To The VoidA Better Dystopia2021
When The Hammer Comes DownMindfucker2018
When The Planes Fall From The SkyMastermind2010
When The Planes Fall From The Sky (Sitar And Psych Version)Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)2015
When The Wolf SitsA Better Dystopia2021
You're Alive4-Way-Diablo2007
Your Lies Become YouPowertrip1998
Zodiac LungSpine Of God1991

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