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6 AMReal Control2009
Any Other HeartMount Pleasure2007
Blow Him Back Into My ArmsTo Die Alone2005
Bombarded In RioThis Is Where Life Is2012
Born Under A Bad SignReal Control2009
Can't StopBlood Panic2004
Dancing To Keep From CryingThis Is Where Life Is2012
Det Blir Ingen DansPengabrorsan2006
Dom Vet Ingenting Om OssPengabrorsan2006
Don't Call The PoliceBlood Panic2004
Don't StopBlood Panic2004
Down At The RMount Pleasure2007
Downtown Train (Tåget Som Går In Till Stan)Pengabrorsan2006
Each The Others World EntireThis Is Where Life Is2012
Eventually It'll Break Your HeartTo Die Alone2005
Falling In LovePengabrorsan2006
Feel Like Hurting SomebodyReal Control2009
Feelings Getting Stronger In The DarkBlood Panic2004
Golden LonelyBlood Panic2004
Guess Who's Gonna Get Some TonightMount Pleasure2007
Here Comes Vain AgainReal Control2009
I Can Shake ItThis Is Where Life Is2012
I Got A Power Of My OwnThis Is Where Life Is2012
I Know It Ain't RightMount Pleasure2007
I My Not Always Love YouTo Die Alone2005
I'm LosingTo Die Alone2005
I'm Not Ready For It, JoTo Die Alone2005
I've Been KissedReal Control2009
In The NighttimeThis Is Where Life Is2012
It Ain't Gonna WorkTo Die Alone2005
It Is Time For Falling ApartMount Pleasure2007
It Might As Well Be NowMount Pleasure2007
It Will Not Happen HereMount Pleasure2007
Its Been Hurting All The Way With You JoannaBlood Panic2004
Jag Skriver Inte På NåtPengabrorsan2006
JealousyThis Is Where Life Is2012
Just Another Part Of Me That BreakReal Control2009
Just Another SummerMount Pleasure2007
Keep The Hurt At BayBlood Panic2004
Klaraberg Till DigPengabrorsan2006
Livet Börjar HärPengabrorsan2006
Magic MomentsMount Pleasure2007
Midnatt Till SjuPengabrorsan2006
My 'lil Girl's Straight FromheavenTo Die Alone2005
Nervous ReactionThis Is Where Life Is2012
No, Damn I Don't Love YouMount Pleasure2007
Nobody's Lonely TonightTo Die Alone2005
Not That OldReal Control2009
Pajas På TimlönPengabrorsan2006
Positive VibrationsBlood Panic2004
Reconsider MeBlood Panic2004
ShowdownReal Control2009
Start A FireThis Is Where Life Is2012
Stormy WeatherBlood Panic2004
The PressureBlood Panic2004
They're Building Walls AroundusTo Die Alone2005
Unbelieveably GoodThis Is Where Life Is2012
Under BordetPengabrorsan2006
We Die Only OnceReal Control2009
What's The Use In TryingTo Die Alone2005
Will There Be MusicMount Pleasure2007
Young Faithful LoveReal Control2009

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