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1000 Foot FaceEvery Country's Sun2017
2 Rights Make 1 WrongRock Action2001
2 Rights Make 1 WrongCentral Belters2015
2 Rights Make 1 Wrong (live)Special Moves2010
20 SizeEvery Country's Sun2017
A Cheery Wave From Stranded YoungstersYoung Team1997
Acid FoodMr. Beast2006
Aka 47Every Country's Sun2017
Are You A DancerAtomic2016
Auto RockMr. Beast2006
Auto RockCentral Belters2015
BatcatThe Hawk Is Howling2008
BatcatCentral Belters2015
Battered At A ScrambleEvery Country's Sun2017
Bitterness CentrifugeAtomic2016
Blues HourRave Tapes2014
Boring Machines Disturbs SleepHappy Songs For Happy People2003
Brain SweetiesEvery Country's Sun2017
Burn Girl Prom QueenCentral Belters2015
Ceiling GrannyAs The Love Continues2021
ChockyCome On Die Young1999
Christmas StepsCome On Die Young1999
Christmas StepsCentral Belters2015
CodyCome On Die Young1999
CodyCentral Belters2015
Cody (live)Special Moves2010
CoolverineEvery Country's Sun2017
Crossing The Road MaterialEvery Country's Sun2017
D To ECentral Belters2015
Danphe And The BrainThe Hawk Is Howling2008
Death RaysHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will2011
DeeshRave Tapes2014
Devil RidesCentral Belters2015
Dial: RevengeRock Action2001
Don't Believe The FifeEvery Country's Sun2017
DonutsKin (Soundtrack)2018
Drive The NailAs The Love Continues2021
Dry FantasyAs The Love Continues2021
Eagle TaxLes Revenants (Soundtrack)2013
Earth DivisionCentral Belters2015
Eli's ThemeKin (Soundtrack)2018
Emergency TrapMr. Beast2006
Every Country's SunEvery Country's Sun2017
Ex-CowboyCome On Die Young1999
Fat ManAtomic2016
FleeKin (Soundtrack)2018
Folk Death 95Mr. Beast2006
Fridge MagicLes Revenants (Soundtrack)2013
Friend Of The NightMr. Beast2006
Friend Of The NightCentral Belters2015
Friend Of The Night (live)Special Moves2010
Fuck Off MoneyAs The Love Continues2021
Funeral PyreKin (Soundtrack)2018
George Square Thatcher Death PartyHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will2011
George Square Thatcher Death Party (Justin K Broadrick Reshape)A Wrenched Virile Love2012
Glasgow Mega-SnakeMr. Beast2006
Golden PorscheHappy Songs For Happy People2003
Guns DownKin (Soundtrack)2018
Half TimeCentral Belters2015
HasenheideCentral Belters2015
Heard About You Last NightRave Tapes2014
Helicon 1Central Belters2015
Helps Both WaysCome On Die Young1999
Here We, Here We, Here We Go ForeverAs The Love Continues2021
Hexon BogonRave Tapes2014
How To Be A WerewolfHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will2011
How To Be A WerewolfCentral Belters2015
How To Be A Werewolf (Xander Harris Remix)A Wrenched Virile Love2012
Hugh DallasCentral Belters2015
Hungry FaceLes Revenants (Soundtrack)2013
Hungry FaceCentral Belters2015
Hunted By A FreakHappy Songs For Happy People2003
Hunted By A FreakCentral Belters2015
Hunted By A Freak (live)Special Moves2010
I Chose HorsesMr. Beast2006
I Know You Are But What Am IHappy Songs For Happy People2003
I Know You Are But What Am ICentral Belters2015
I Know You Are But What I Am (live)Special Moves2010
I Love You, I'm Going To Blow (live)Special Moves2010
I Love You, I'm Going To Blow Up Your SchoolThe Hawk Is Howling2008
I'm Jim Morrison, I'm DeadThe Hawk Is Howling2008
I'm Jim Morrison, I'm DeadCentral Belters2015
I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead (live)Special Moves2010
It's What I Want To Do, MumAs The Love Continues2021
JaguarLes Revenants (Soundtrack)2013
KappaCome On Die Young1999
KatrienYoung Team1997
Kids Will Be SkeletonsHappy Songs For Happy People2003
Kill JesterLes Revenants (Soundtrack)2013
Killing All The FliesHappy Songs For Happy People2003
KinKin (Soundtrack)2018
Kings MeadowThe Hawk Is Howling2008
La Mort Blanche (Robert Hampson Remix)A Wrenched Virile Love2012
Letters To The MetroHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will2011
Letters To The Metro (Zombi Remix)A Wrenched Virile Love2012
Like HerodYoung Team1997
Like Herod (live)Special Moves2010
Little BoyAtomic2016
Local AuthorityThe Hawk Is Howling2008
Master CardRave Tapes2014
May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your DoorCome On Die Young1999
Mexican Grand PrixHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will2011
Mexican Grand PrixCentral Belters2015
Mexican Grand Prix (Reworked By RM Hubbert)A Wrenched Virile Love2012
Midnight FlitAs The Love Continues2021
MiscreantsKin (Soundtrack)2018
ModernLes Revenants (Soundtrack)2013
Mogwai Fear SatanYoung Team1997
Mogwai Fear SatanCentral Belters2015
Mogwai Fear Satan (live)Special Moves2010
Moses I Amn'tHappy Songs For Happy People2003
Music For A Forgotten FutureHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will2011
My Father My KingCentral Belters2015
No Medicine For RegretRave Tapes2014
O I SleepRock Action2001
Oh How The Dogs Stack UpCome On Die Young1999
Old PoisonsEvery Country's Sun2017
Party in The DarkEvery Country's Sun2017
Pat StainsAs The Love Continues2021
PortugalLes Revenants (Soundtrack)2013
Punk RockCome On Die Young1999
Punk Rock - Puff Daddy - AntichristCome On Die Young1999
R U Still In 2 ItYoung Team1997
Radar MakerYoung Team1997
Rano PanoHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will2011
Rano PanoCentral Belters2015
Rano Pano (Klad Hest - Mogwai Is My Dick RMX)A Wrenched Virile Love2012
Rano Pano (Tim Hecker Remix)A Wrenched Virile Love2012
Ratts Of The CapitalHappy Songs For Happy People2003
Relative HysteriaLes Revenants (Soundtrack)2013
RemurderedRave Tapes2014
RemurderedCentral Belters2015
RepelishRave Tapes2014
Ritchie SacramentoAs The Love Continues2021
Robot ChantRock Action2001
San PedroHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will2011
San Pedro (The Soft Moon Remix)A Wrenched Virile Love2012
Scotland's ShameThe Hawk Is Howling2008
ScrapKin (Soundtrack)2018
Secret PintRock Action2001
Simon FerociousRave Tapes2014
Sine WaveRock Action2001
Special NLes Revenants (Soundtrack)2013
Stanley KubrickCentral Belters2015
Stop Coming To My HouseHappy Songs For Happy People2003
SummerYoung Team1997
SummerCentral Belters2015
Supposedly, We Were NightmaresAs The Love Continues2021
Take Me Somewhere NiceRock Action2001
Take Me Somewhere NiceCentral Belters2015
Team HandedMr. Beast2006
Teenage ExorcistsCentral Belters2015
Tell Everybody That I Love ThemCentral Belters2015
Thank You Space ExpertThe Hawk Is Howling2008
The HutsLes Revenants (Soundtrack)2013
The Lord Is Out Of ControlRave Tapes2014
The Lord Is Out Of ControlCentral Belters2015
The PrecipiceThe Hawk Is Howling2008
The Sun Smells Too LoudThe Hawk Is Howling2008
The Sun Smells Too LoudCentral Belters2015
This Messiah Needs WatchingLes Revenants (Soundtrack)2013
To The Bin My Friend, Tonight We Vacate EarthAs The Love Continues2021
Too Raging To CheersHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will2011
Too Raging To Cheers (Umberto Remix)A Wrenched Virile Love2012
TracyYoung Team1997
Travel Is DangerousMr. Beast2006
Travel Is DangerousCentral Belters2015
Waltz For AidanCome On Die Young1999
We're No HereMr. Beast2006
We're No HereCentral Belters2015
We're Not Done (End Title)Kin (Soundtrack)2018
Weak ForceAtomic2016
What Are They Doing In Heaven TodayLes Revenants (Soundtrack)2013
Whisky TimeLes Revenants (Soundtrack)2013
White NoiseHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will2011
White Noise (EVP Mix By Cyclob)A Wrenched Virile Love2012
With PortfolioYoung Team1997
Wizard MotoLes Revenants (Soundtrack)2013
Wizard MotorCentral Belters2015
Year 2000 Non-Compliant CardiaCome On Die Young1999
Yes I Am A Long Way From HomeYoung Team1997
You Don't Know JesusRock Action2001
You Don't Know Jesus (live)Special Moves2010
You're Lionel RitchieHardcore Will Never Die, But You Will2011
Your School (live)Special Moves2010

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