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Adios Ta-ra Ta-raChange The Show2022
Better Than ThatDon't Forget Who You Are2013
BombshellsDon't Forget Who You Are2013
CarolineChange The Show2022
Change The ShowChange The Show2022
Cold Light Of The DayCoup De Grace2018
Colour Of The TrapColour Of The Trap2011
Come CloserColour Of The Trap2011
Coming Of AgeChange The Show2022
ConstantlyChange The Show2022
Counting Down The DaysColour Of The Trap2011
Coup De GraceCoup De Grace2018
Cry On My GuitarCoup De Grace2018
Darkness In Our HeartsDon't Forget Who You Are2013
Don't Forget Who You AreDon't Forget Who You Are2013
Don't Let It Get You DownChange The Show2022
Fire In My HeartDon't Forget Who You Are2013
Give UpDon't Forget Who You Are2013
HappenstanceColour Of The Trap2011
InhalerColour Of The Trap2011
InvisibleColour Of The Trap2011
Killing The JokeCoup De Grace2018
KingcrawlerColour Of The Trap2011
LoadedCoup De Grace2018
My FantasyColour Of The Trap2011
Never Get Tired Of DancingChange The Show2022
Nothing's Ever Gonna Be Good Enough (+ Corinne Bailey Rae)Change The Show2022
Out Of ControlDon't Forget Who You Are2013
QuicksandColour Of The Trap2011
RearrangeColour Of The Trap2011
See Ya When I See YaChange The Show2022
ShavambacuCoup De Grace2018
SilverscreenCoup De Grace2018
Something To Rely OnCoup De Grace2018
Take The NightColour Of The Trap2011
Taking OverDon't Forget Who You Are2013
Tears Are FallingChange The Show2022
TelepathyColour Of The Trap2011
Tell Me What You're FeelingChange The Show2022
TonightDon't Forget Who You Are2013
Too Little Too LateCoup De Grace2018
What Condition Am I InDon't Forget Who You Are2013
Wrong Side Of LifeCoup De Grace2018
You're Gonna Get ItDon't Forget Who You Are2013

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