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A Winter's TaleA Songwriter's Tale2008
Amy Floats DownstreamArabesque1995
Battlefield ThemeArabesque1995
Becky’s WaltzCaravans (Soundtrack)1979
Berber’s PrayerSchizophonia1979
Bright EyesA Songwriter's Tale2008
Buenos Dias, CapitanWaves1980
Can’t Lie No MoreSongs Of Love And War1988
Caravan On The MoveCaravans (Soundtrack)1979
Caravan SongCaravans (Soundtrack)1979
Caravan SongSongs Of Love And War1988
Caravan Song (Re-Recording)A Songwriter's Tale2008
Conga ReelWaves1980
Don’t Let Me Be MisunderstoodSchizophonia1979
Don’t Trust The AngelsArabesque1995
Echo FoxtrottWaves1980
Fishing For The MoonWaves1980
I Feel Like Buddy HollyA Songwriter's Tale2008
I Watch You SleepingA Songwriter's Tale2008
Imbecile (Vocals: Roger Chapman)Tarot Suite1979
Inside Sardar Khan’s PalaceCaravans (Soundtrack)1979
Introduction (The Journey Of A Fool)Tarot Suite1979
It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The TimeSchizophonia1979
Journey To BadekCaravans (Soundtrack)1979
Kochi DancerCaravans (Soundtrack)1979
Lady Of The Dawn (Re-Recording)A Songwriter's Tale2008
Lady Of The Dawn (Vocals: Mike Batt)Tarot Suite1979
Let It Be In Your ArmsArabesque1995
Lion Of KandaharSongs Of Love And War1988
Lobsterissimus BumbicissimusWaves1980
Losing My Way In The Rain (Vocals: Colin Blunstone)Tarot Suite1979
Love Makes You Crazy (Re-Recording)A Songwriter's Tale2008
Main TitleCaravans (Soundtrack)1979
PlainsongTarot Suite1979
Please Don't Fall In LoveA Songwriter's Tale2008
Portishead RadioWaves1980
Qualir At NightCaravans (Soundtrack)1979
Railway HotelSchizophonia1979
Railway Hotel (Re-Recording)A Songwriter's Tale2008
Railway Hotel (Version 1988)Songs Of Love And War1988
Ring Of ScorpioSongs Of Love And War1988
Run Like The Wind (Vocals: Roger Chapman)Tarot Suite1979
Russian DanceCaravans (Soundtrack)1979
Sailing Ships From HeavenSongs Of Love And War1988
Scorpio PreludeSongs Of Love And War1988
Sierra TangoWaves1980
Six Days In Berlin - Part FiveSix Days In Berlin1981
Six Days In Berlin - Part FourSix Days In Berlin1981
Six Days In Berlin - Part OneSix Days In Berlin1981
Six Days In Berlin - Part SixSix Days In Berlin1981
Six Days In Berlin - Part ThreeSix Days In Berlin1981
Six Days In Berlin - Part TwoSix Days In Berlin1981
Soldier's Song (Re-Recording)A Songwriter's Tale2008
Soldier’s SongSongs Of Love And War1988
Storm In The DesertCaravans (Soundtrack)1979
System 605 (Re-Recording)A Songwriter's Tale2008
TarotaTarot Suite1979
The AftermathCaravans (Soundtrack)1979
The Camp At QualirCaravans (Soundtrack)1979
The Closest Thing To Crazy (Re-Recording)A Songwriter's Tale2008
The Closest Thing To CrazychoraleArabesque1995
The Dead Of The NightTarot Suite1979
The Desolate ValleyCaravans (Soundtrack)1979
The Fires Of RabatSchizophonia1979
The Flame Burns Onirish PeaceArabesque1995
The Night Of The DeadTarot Suite1979
The Ride To AgadirSchizophonia1979
The Ride To Agadir (Re-Recording)A Songwriter's Tale2008
The Valley Of SwordsTarot Suite1979
The Walls Of The WorldSchizophonia1979
The Walls Of The World (Re-Recording)A Songwriter's Tale2008
The Winds Of ChangeWaves1980
The Winds Of Change (Re-Recording)A Songwriter's Tale2008
Theme From 'Caravans'Caravans (Soundtrack)1979
Theme from 'Caravans' (Re-Recording)A Songwriter's Tale2008
Voices In The DarkSchizophonia1979
Waiting For A WaveWaves1980
WarsawSongs Of Love And War1988
Who Was The FoolArabesque1995

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