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A Beggar On A Beach Of GoldBeggar On A Beach Of Gold1995
A Beggar On A Beach Of GoldHits1996
A Beggar On A Beach Of GoldThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
A Call To ArmsMike And The Mechanics1985
A House Of Many RoomsBeggar On A Beach Of Gold1995
A Time And PlaceWord Of Mouth1991
A Time And PlaceHits1996
A Time And PlaceThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
All I Need Is A MiracleMike And The Mechanics1985
All I Need Is A MiracleThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
All I Need Is A MiracleOut Of The Blue2019
All I Need Is A Miracle ('96)Hits1996
All The Light I NeedMike And The Mechanics (M6)1999
Always Listen To Your HeartMike And The Mechanics (M6)1999
Another Cup Of CoffeeBeggar On A Beach Of Gold1995
Another Cup Of CoffeeHits1996
Another Cup Of CoffeeThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
Another Cup Of Coffee (Acoustic)Out Of The Blue2019
Another Cup Of Coffee (Version 2019)Out Of The Blue2019
Are You ReadyLet Me Fly2017
Asking (For The Last Time)Mike And The Mechanics (M6)1999
Background NoiseThe Road2011
Beautiful DayLiving Years1988
BeforeWord Of Mouth1991
Beggar On A Beach Of Gold (Acoustic)Out Of The Blue2019
Beggar On A Beach Of Gold (Version 2019)Out Of The Blue2019
Black And BlueLiving Years1988
BlameLiving Years1988
Did You See Me ComingMike And The Mechanics (M6)1999
Don'tLiving Years1988
Don't Know What Came Over MeLet Me Fly2017
Don't Know What Came Over Me (Acoustic)Out Of The Blue2019
Everybody Gets A Second ChanceWord Of Mouth1991
Everybody Gets A Second ChanceHits1996
Everybody Gets A Second ChanceThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
Get UpWord Of Mouth1991
Get UpHits1996
Get Up (Version 2019)Out Of The Blue2019
Going, Going... HomeBeggar On A Beach Of Gold1995
Hanging By A ThreadMike And The Mechanics1985
Heaven Doesn't CareThe Road2011
High LifeLet Me Fly2017
How Can IRewired2004
Hunt You DownThe Road2011
I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)Beggar On A Beach Of Gold1995
I Don't Do LoveThe Road2011
I Don't Want It AllRewired2004
I Get The FeelingMike And The Mechanics1985
I'll Be There For YouLet Me Fly2017
If I Were YouRewired2004
If OnlyMike And The Mechanics (M6)1999
It Only Hurts For A WhileThe Road2011
Let Me FlyLet Me Fly2017
Let's Pretend It Didn't HappenWord Of Mouth1991
Look Across At DreamlandMike And The Mechanics (M6)1999
Love Left OverLet Me Fly2017
Mea CulpaBeggar On A Beach Of Gold1995
My Crime Of PassionWord Of Mouth1991
My Little IslandMike And The Mechanics (M6)1999
Nobody KnowsLiving Years1988
Nobody KnowsHits1996
Nobody KnowsThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
Nobody's PerfectLiving Years1988
Nobody's PerfectHits1996
Nobody's PerfectThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
Not Out of LoveLet Me Fly2017
Now That You've GoneMike And The Mechanics (M6)1999
Now That You've GoneThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
Oh NoThe Road2011
One Left StandingRewired2004
One WayOut Of The Blue2019
Open UpMike And The Mechanics (M6)1999
Ordinary GirlMike And The Mechanics (M6)1999
Out Of The BlueOut Of The Blue2019
Over My ShoulderBeggar On A Beach Of Gold1995
Over My ShoulderHits1996
Over My ShoulderThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
Over My Shoulder (Acoustic)Out Of The Blue2019
Over My Shoulder (Version 2019)Out Of The Blue2019
Par AvionMike And The Mechanics1985
Perfect ChildRewired2004
Plain And SimpleBeggar On A Beach Of Gold1995
Poor Boy DownLiving Years1988
Reach Out (Touch The Sun)The Road2011
Reach Out (Touch The Sun)The Singles: 1986 - 20132014
Save My SoulLet Me Fly2017
Save The WorldLet Me Fly2017
Seeing Is BelievingLiving Years1988
Seeing Is BelievingThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
Silent RunningMike And The Mechanics1985
Silent RunningHits1996
Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)The Singles: 1986 - 20132014
Silent Running (Version 2019)Out Of The Blue2019
Someone Always Hates SomeoneBeggar On A Beach Of Gold1995
Something To Believe InBeggar On A Beach Of Gold1995
Somewhere Along The LineRewired2004
Stop BabyWord Of Mouth1991
Take The ReinsMike And The Mechanics1985
Taken InMike And The Mechanics1985
Taken InHits1996
Taken InThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
The Best Is Yet To ComeLet Me Fly2017
The Best Is Yet To Come (Acoustic)Out Of The Blue2019
The Ghost Of Sex And YouBeggar On A Beach Of Gold1995
The LetterLet Me Fly2017
The Living YearsLiving Years1988
The Living YearsHits1996
The Living YearsThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
The Living Years (Acoustic)Out Of The Blue2019
The Living Years (Version 2019)Out Of The Blue2019
The RoadThe Road2011
The Way You Look At MeWord Of Mouth1991
Try To Save MeThe Road2011
Try To Save MeThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
Walking On WaterThe Road2011
Web Of LiesBeggar On A Beach Of Gold1995
What Will You DoMike And The Mechanics (M6)1999
What Would You DoOut Of The Blue2019
When I Get Over YouMike And The Mechanics (M6)1999
When My Feet Don't Touch The GroundThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
Whenever I StopMike And The Mechanics (M6)1999
Whenever I StopThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
Why MeLiving Years1988
WonderLet Me Fly2017
Word Of MouthWord Of Mouth1991
Word Of MouthHits1996
Word Of MouthThe Singles: 1986 - 20132014
Word Of Mouth (Version 2019)Out Of The Blue2019
Yesterday, Today, TomorrowWord Of Mouth1991
You Are The OneMike And The Mechanics1985
You Can Be The RockThe Road2011
You've Really Got A Hold On MeBeggar On A Beach Of Gold1995

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