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All She WantsNo Place In Heaven2015
Any Other WorldLife In Cartoon Motion2007
Any Other World (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)Life In Cartoon Motion2007
Billy BrownLife In Cartoon Motion2007
Blame It On The GirlsThe Boy Who Knew Too Much2009
BlueMy Name Is Michael Holbrook2019
Blue EyesThe Boy Who Knew Too Much2009
Boum Boum Boum (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
By The TimeThe Boy Who Knew Too Much2009
CelebrateThe Origin Of Love2012
CryMy Name Is Michael Holbrook2019
Dear JealousyMy Name Is Michael Holbrook2019
Dr JohnThe Boy Who Knew Too Much2009
Elle me dit (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
EmilyThe Origin Of Love2012
Good Gone GirlThe Boy Who Knew Too Much2009
Good GuysNo Place In Heaven2015
Good Guys (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
Good Guys, Night Time Mix (Bonus Track)No Place In Heaven2015
Good WifeNo Place In Heaven2015
Grace KellyLife In Cartoon Motion2007
Grace Kelly (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
Happy Ending (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
Happy Ending - Over My ShoulderLife In Cartoon Motion2007
HeroesThe Origin Of Love2012
Heroes (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
HurtsNo Place In Heaven2015
I See YouThe Boy Who Knew Too Much2009
I Went To Hell Last NightMy Name Is Michael Holbrook2019
Ice CreamMy Name Is Michael Holbrook2019
KidsThe Origin Of Love2012
L'amour fait ce qu'il veut (Bonus Track)No Place In Heaven2015
Last PartyNo Place In Heaven2015
Last Party (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
LolaThe Origin Of Love2012
LollipopLife In Cartoon Motion2007
Love TodayLife In Cartoon Motion2007
Love Today (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
Love Today Live From Sadler's Wells, LondonThe Boy Who Knew Too Much2009
Love You When I'm DrunkThe Origin Of Love2012
Love You When I'm Drunk (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
Make You Happy (Album Version)The Origin Of Love2012
Make You Happy (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
Make You Happy (Miami Edit)The Origin Of Love2012
My InterpretationLife In Cartoon Motion2007
No Place In HeavenNo Place In Heaven2015
Oh Girl You're The DevilNo Place In Heaven2015
One Foot BoyThe Boy Who Knew Too Much2009
Ordinary ManNo Place In Heaven2015
Ordinary Man (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
Origin Of LoveThe Origin Of Love2012
Origin Of Love (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
Over My Shoulder (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
OverratedThe Origin Of Love2012
Overrated (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
Overture (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
PalomaMy Name Is Michael Holbrook2019
Pick Up Off The FloorThe Boy Who Knew Too Much2009
Platform BallerinasMy Name Is Michael Holbrook2019
Popular SongThe Origin Of Love2012
Porcelain (Bonus Track)No Place In Heaven2015
Promiseland (Bonus Track)No Place In Heaven2015
RainThe Boy Who Knew Too Much2009
Rain (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
Ready To Call This Love (+ Jack Savoretti)My Name Is Michael Holbrook2019
Relax, Take It EasyLife In Cartoon Motion2007
Relax, Take It Easy (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
RioNo Place In Heaven2015
SanremoMy Name Is Michael Holbrook2019
StardustThe Origin Of Love2012
Stardust (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
Staring At The SunNo Place In Heaven2015
Stay HighMy Name Is Michael Holbrook2019
Step With MeThe Origin Of Love2012
Stuck In The MiddleLife In Cartoon Motion2007
Talk About YouNo Place In Heaven2015
Tiny LoveMy Name Is Michael Holbrook2019
Tiny Love RepriseMy Name Is Michael Holbrook2019
TomorrowMy Name Is Michael Holbrook2019
Touches YouThe Boy Who Knew Too Much2009
Toy BoyThe Boy Who Knew Too Much2009
Toy Boy (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
UnderwaterThe Origin Of Love2012
Underwater (live)Sinfonia Pop2016
We Are GoldenThe Boy Who Knew Too Much2009

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