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(live)Rock Will Never Die1984
A King Has GoneUniversal2022
A Night To RememberIn The Midst Of Beauty2008
A Night To RememberRock Shock2022
After The RainImmortal2021
Age Of IceBe Aware Of Scorpions2001
All Shook UpHeavy Hitters2005
Anchors Away (+ Doogie White)Resurrection2018
Angel Of AvalonTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Are You Ready To RockM.S.G.1981
Are You Ready To RockThe Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
Are You Ready To Rock (live)One Night At Budokan1982
Are You Ready To Rock (live)Rock Will Never Die1984
Armed And ReadyThe Michael Schenker Group1980
Armed And ReadyThe Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
Armed And Ready (live)One Night At Budokan1982
Armed And Ready (live)Revelation2019
Assault AttackAssault Attack1982
Assault AttackThe Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
Attack Of The Mad AxemanM.S.G.1981
Attack Of The Mad AxemanThe Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
Attack Of The Mad AxemanRock Shock2022
Attack Of The Mad Axeman (live)One Night At Budokan1982
Attack Of The Mad Axeman (live)Rock Will Never Die1984
Au RevoirUniversal2022
Back To LifeWritten In The Sand1996
Bad Boys (live)Revelation2019
Because I CanBe Aware Of Scorpions2001
Because You LiedBridge The Gap2013
Before The Devil Knows You're DeadTemple Of Rock2011
Behind The Smile (+ Doogie White)Revelation2019
Big DealTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Bijou PleasuretteThe Michael Schenker Group1980
Bitter SweetTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Black Moon RisingBridge The Gap2013
Blind AlleyTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Blinded By TechnologyBe Aware Of Scorpions2001
Blood Of The SunHeavy Hitters2005
Brave New WorldWritten In The Sand1996
Break The CycleArachnophobiac2003
Bridges We Have BurnedBridge The Gap2013
Broken PromisesAssault Attack1982
But I Want MoreM.S.G.1981
But I Want More (live)One Night At Budokan1982
Calling BaalUniversal2022
Captain NemoBuilt To Destroy1983
Captain Nemo (live)Rock Will Never Die1984
Captain Nemo (Original Mix)The Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
City LightsIn The Midst Of Beauty2008
City LightsRock Shock2022
Come CloserIn The Midst Of Beauty2008
Come CloserRock Shock2022
Come On OverImmortal2021
CompetitionIn The Midst Of Beauty2008
Courvoisier Concerto (live)One Night At Budokan1982
Crazy Daze (+ Gary Barden)Revelation2019
Cry For The NationsThe Michael Schenker Group1980
Cry For The NationsThe Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
Cry For The Nations (live)One Night At Budokan1982
Cry No MoreWritten In The Sand1996
Dance For The PiperBridge The Gap2013
DancerAssault Attack1982
DancerThe Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
Desert SongAssault Attack1982
Desert SongThe Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
Desert Song (live)Rock Will Never Die1984
Devil's DaughterImmortal2021
Doctor DoctorHeavy Hitters2005
Doctor DoctorThe Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
Doctor DoctorRock Shock2022
Doctor Doctor (live)One Night At Budokan1982
Doctor Doctor (live)Rock Will Never Die1984
Doctor, Doctor (live)Rock Will Never Die1984
Don't Die On Me NowImmortal2021
Dreams InsideTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Drilled To KillImmortal2021
Dust To DustTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
End Of The LineIn The Midst Of Beauty2008
End Of The LineRock Shock2022
EssenzWritten In The Sand1996
Everest (+ Graham Bonnet)Resurrection2018
Eyes Of A ChildBe Aware Of Scorpions2001
Fallen AngelTemple Of Rock2011
Fallen The LoveBe Aware Of Scorpions2001
Fat City N.O.The Unforgiven1999
Fatal StrikeArachnophobiac2003
Feels Like A Good ThingThe Michael Schenker Group1980
Feels Like A Good ThingRock Shock2022
Forever And MoreThe Unforgiven1999
FreedomTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Girl From UptownThe Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
Hair Of The DogHeavy Hitters2005
Hanging OnTemple Of Rock2011
Headed For The Sun (+ Graham Bonnet)Revelation2019
Heart And Soul (+ Robin McAuley + Kirk Hammett)Resurrection2018
Hello AngelThe Unforgiven1999
HorizonsBridge The Gap2013
How LongTemple Of Rock2011
How Long (Guitar Battle Version)Temple Of Rock2011
How Will You Get BackBe Aware Of Scorpions2001
Human ChildTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
I Am The OneIn The Midst Of Beauty2008
I BelieveWritten In The Sand1996
I Don't Live TodayHeavy Hitters2005
I Want YouIn The Midst Of Beauty2008
I Will Be ThereWritten In The Sand1996
I'm Gonna Make You MineBuilt To Destroy1983
I'm Gonna Make You Mine (live)Rock Will Never Die1984
I'm Not TalkingHeavy Hitters2005
IllusionThe Unforgiven1999
In And Out Of TimeThe Unforgiven1999
In Search Of The Peace Of MindImmortal2021
Into The ArenaThe Michael Schenker Group1980
Into The ArenaThe Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
Into The ArenaRock Shock2022
Into The Arena (live)One Night At Budokan1982
Into The Arena (live)Rock Will Never Die1984
Intro: Spoken By William ShatnerTemple Of Rock2011
Journey ManTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Knight Of The DeadImmortal2021
Land Of ThunderBridge The Gap2013
Lead You Astray (+ Robin McAuley)Revelation2019
Let Sleeping Dogs LieM.S.G.1981
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (live)One Night At Budokan1982
Life Goes OnTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Life VacationTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Live For TodayThe Unforgiven1999
Livin' A Life Worth Livin' (+ Gary Barden)Resurrection2018
London CallingUniversal2022
Long Long RoadUniversal2022
Looking For LoveM.S.G.1981
Looking Out From NowhereThe Michael Schenker Group1980
Lord Of The Lost And LonelyBridge The Gap2013
Lost HorizonsThe Michael Schenker Group1980
Lost HorizonsThe Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
Lost HorizonsRock Shock2022
Lost Horizons (live)One Night At Budokan1982
Lost Horizons (live)Rock Will Never Die1984
Love Never DiesWritten In The Sand1996
Love TradeTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Lovers SinfonyTemple Of Rock2011
Messin' Around (+ Gary Barden)Resurrection2018
Miss ClaustrophobiaTemple Of Rock2011
Miss Claustrophobia (Radio Edit) (Bonus Track)Temple Of Rock2011
MoneyHeavy Hitters2005
My Time's UpBe Aware Of Scorpions2001
Na NaIn The Midst Of Beauty2008
Neptune RisingBridge The Gap2013
Never Trust A StrangerM.S.G.1981
Never Trust A Stranger (live)One Night At Budokan1982
Night Moods (+ Graham Bonnet)Resurrection2018
No Turning BackBe Aware Of Scorpions2001
Old Man (+ Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley + Doogie White)Revelation2019
On And OnM.S.G.1981
On And OnThe Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
On And On (live)One Night At Budokan1982
On Your WayBe Aware Of Scorpions2001
One WorldArachnophobiac2003
Out In The FieldsHeavy Hitters2005
Over NowArachnophobiac2003
Pilot Of Your SoulThe Unforgiven1999
PoliticianHeavy Hitters2005
Red SkyBuilt To Destroy1983
Reflection Of Your HeartBe Aware Of Scorpions2001
Remember (Bonus Track)Temple Of Rock2011
Ride On My WayIn The Midst Of Beauty2008
Ride On My WayRock Shock2022
Rock 'n' Roll SymphonyBridge The Gap2013
Rock And Roll BelieverArachnophobiac2003
Rock Bottom (live)Revelation2019
Rock My Nights AwayBuilt To Destroy1983
Rock My Nights AwayThe Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
Rock My Nights AwayRock Shock2022
Rock My Nights Away (live)Rock Will Never Die1984
Rock Steady (+ Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley + Doogie White)Revelation2019
Rock Will Never DieThe Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
Rock Will Never Die (live)Rock Will Never Die1984
Rock You To The GroundAssault Attack1982
Rock'n' RollTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Roll It OverBe Aware Of Scorpions2001
Rude AwakeningThe Unforgiven1999
Sad Is The SongUniversal2022
Sail The DarknessImmortal2021
SamuraiAssault Attack1982
Sands Of TimeArachnophobiac2003
Sangria MorteImmortal2021
Saturday NightTemple Of Rock2011
Scene Of CrimeTemple Of Rock2011
Sea Of MemoryBe Aware Of Scorpions2001
Searching For A ReasonAssault Attack1982
Secondary MotionM.S.G.1981
Setting SunTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Shadow LadyTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Shine OnBridge The Gap2013
Silent Again (+ Robin McAuley)Revelation2019
Sleeping With The Light On (+ Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley + Doogie White)Revelation2019
SpeedTemple Of Rock2011
St. AnnTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Standin' On The RoadBe Aware Of Scorpions2001
Still In The Fight (+ Graham Bonnet)Revelation2019
Still Love That Little DevilBuilt To Destroy1983
Storming InTemple Of Rock2011
SummerdaysIn The Midst Of Beauty2008
Systems FailingBuilt To Destroy1983
Take Me Through The NightWritten In The Sand1996
Take Me To The Church (+ Doogie White)Resurrection2018
Tales Of MysteryThe Michael Schenker Group1980
Tell A StoryTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Temple Of The HolyBridge The Gap2013
The Beast In The Shadows (+ Graham Bonnet)Revelation2019
The Cross Of CrossesIn The Midst Of Beauty2008
The Dogs Of WarBuilt To Destroy1983
The End Of An EraTemple Of Rock2011
The Girl With The Stars In Her Eyes (+ Doogie White)Resurrection2018
The Last Supper (+ Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley + Doogie White)Resurrection2018
The Mess I've MadeThe Unforgiven1999
The Queen Of Thorns And RosesImmortal2021
The RideTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
The StormThe Unforgiven1999
The UniverseUniversal2022
Time Knows When It's Time (+ Robin McAuley)Resurrection2018
Time Waits (For No One)Built To Destroy1983
To Live For The KingBridge The Gap2013
TowerThe Unforgiven1999
Turn Off The WorldUniversal2022
Turning Off The EmotionThe Unforgiven1999
UlcerAssault Attack1982
Under A Blood Red Sky (+ Doogie White)Revelation2019
Under AttackUniversal2022
Victim Of IllusionThe Michael Schenker Group1980
Victim Of Illusion (live)One Night At Budokan1982
Victim Of Illusion (Live)The Best Of The Michael Schenker Group 1980 - 19842008
Voice Of My HeartTales Of Rock'n' Roll2006
Walk The StageBuilt To Destroy1983
War PigsHeavy Hitters2005
Warrior (+ Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet, Robin McAuley + Doogie White)Resurrection2018
We Are The Voice (+ Ronnie Romero)Revelation2019
Where The Wild Winds BlowBridge The Gap2013
Wings Of EmotionIn The Midst Of Beauty2008
Wings Of EmotionRock Shock2022
With YouTemple Of Rock2011
Wrecking BallUniversal2022
Written In The SandWritten In The Sand1996
Yesterday Is DeadUniversal2022

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