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25 MinutesColours1993
25 MinutesPaint My Love - Greatest Hits1996
A Different SongNothing To Lose1997
A Kiss In The RainMichael Learns To Rock1991
African QueenMichael Learns To Rock1991
Angel EyesBlue Night2000
AnimalsNothing To Lose1997
Blue NightBlue Night2000
Breaking My HeartPaint My Love - Greatest Hits1996
Breaking My HeartNothing To Lose1997
Breaking My HeartGreatest Hits1999
Breaking The RulesPlayed On Pepper1995
Breaking The RulesPaint My Love - Greatest Hits1996
Come On And DanceMichael Learns To Rock1991
Complicated HeartColours1993
Complicated HeartPaint My Love - Greatest Hits1996
Complicated HeartGreatest Hits1999
Crazy DreamMichael Learns To Rock1991
Digging Your LoveBlue Night2000
Don't Have To LoseMichael Learns To Rock (2004)2004
Eternal FlameBlue Night2000
Everything I PlannedNothing To Lose1997
Final DestinationMichael Learns To Rock (2004)2004
Forever And A DayNothing To Lose1997
FrostbiteMichael Learns To Rock (2004)2004
Gone After MidnightMichael Learns To Rock1991
Hit By A FeelingMichael Learns To Rock (2004)2004
Home To You (+ Julie Berthelsen)Michael Learns To Rock (2004)2004
Hot To HandlePlayed On Pepper1995
How Many HoursPlayed On Pepper1995
How Many HoursPaint My Love - Greatest Hits1996
I DoEternity2008
I Still Carry OnMichael Learns To Rock1991
I Still Carry OnPaint My Love - Greatest Hits1996
I Wanna DanceColours1993
I'm Gonna Be AroundNothing To Lose1997
I'm Gonna Be AroundGreatest Hits1999
I'm Gonna Come BackColours1993
I'm Gonna Come BackGreatest Hits1999
If You Leave My WorldMichael Learns To Rock (2004)2004
It's Gonna Make SenseEternity2008
Judgement DayPlayed On Pepper1995
Laugh And CryMichael Learns To Rock (2004)2004
Let's Build A RoomMichael Learns To Rock1991
Lonely SatelliteEternity2008
Look AroundEternity2008
Looking At LoveMichael Learns To Rock1991
Love Will Never LiePlayed On Pepper1995
Love Will Never LiePaint My Love - Greatest Hits1996
Love Will Never Lie (live)Blue Night2000
MagicNothing To Lose1997
MessagesMichael Learns To Rock1991
More Than A FriendBlue Night2000
My Blue AngelMichael Learns To Rock1991
Naked Like The MoonPlayed On Pepper1995
Nothing To LoseNothing To Lose1997
Ocean Of LoveColours1993
One More Minute (Bonus Track)Michael Learns To Rock (2004)2004
Out Of The BlueColours1993
Out Of The BluePaint My Love - Greatest Hits1996
Out Of The BlueGreatest Hits1999
Paint My LovePaint My Love - Greatest Hits1996
Paint My LoveNothing To Lose1997
PartyNothing To Lose1997
Romantic BalconyNothing To Lose1997
Romantic BalconyGreatest Hits1999
SalvationMichael Learns To Rock (2004)2004
Shadow Side Of MeEternity2008
Sleeping ChildColours1993
Sleeping ChildPaint My Love - Greatest Hits1996
Sleeping ChildGreatest Hits1999
Sleeping Child (Special Remix)Greatest Hits1999
SomedayPlayed On Pepper1995
SomedayPaint My Love - Greatest Hits1996
SomedayGreatest Hits1999
Someday (live)Blue Night2000
Something RightColours1993
Something You Should KnowNothing To Lose1997
Something You Should KnowGreatest Hits1999
Strange Foreign BeautyGreatest Hits1999
Sweetest SurpriseEternity2008
Take Me To Your HeartMichael Learns To Rock (2004)2004
Take Off Your ClothesPlayed On Pepper1995
Tell It To Your HeartBlue Night2000
That's Why (You Go Away)Played On Pepper1995
That's Why (You Go Away)Paint My Love - Greatest Hits1996
That's Why (You Go Away)Greatest Hits1999
The ActorMichael Learns To Rock1991
The ActorPaint My Love - Greatest Hits1996
The ActorGreatest Hits1999
The Actor (live)Blue Night2000
The War Is Not OverEternity2008
This Is Who I AmMichael Learns To Rock (2004)2004
Walk With MeEternity2008
Watch Your BackBlue Night2000
When Tomorrow ComesEternity2008
Wild WomenColours1993
Wild WomenPaint My Love - Greatest Hits1996
Wild WomenGreatest Hits1999
Without Your Love (Bonus Track)Michael Learns To Rock (2004)2004
You Keep Me RunningColours1993
You Took My Heart AwayBlue Night2000
You Want MoreEternity2008
You'll Never KnowPlayed On Pepper1995

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