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All Comes CrashingFormentera2022
Artificial NocturneSynthetica2012
Blind ValentinePagans In Vegas2015
Breathing UnderwaterSynthetica2012
Calculation (Theme)Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?2003
CascadesPagans In Vegas2015
CelebratePagans In Vegas2015
Collect CallFantasies2009
Combat BabyOld World Underground, Where Are You Now?2003
Days Of OblivionFermentera II2023
Dead DiscoOld World Underground, Where Are You Now?2003
DescendantsFermentera II2023
Detour UpFermentera II2023
Dreams So RealSynthetica2012
EmptyLive It Out2005
Ending StartLive It Out2005
Enemies Of The OceanFormentera2022
False DichotomyFormentera2022
For KicksPagans In Vegas2015
FortunesPagans In Vegas2015
Front RowFantasies2009
Gimme SymphathyFantasies2009
Glass CeilingLive It Out2005
Go Ahead And CryFermentera II2023
Gold Gun GirlsFantasies2009
Grow UpGrow Up And Blow Away2007
HandshakesLive It Out2005
HardwireGrow Up And Blow Away2007
Help I'm AliveFantasies2009
Hustle RoseOld World Underground, Where Are You Now?2003
I Will Never SettleFormentera2022
IOUOld World Underground, Where Are You Now?2003
Just The OnceFermentera II2023
Lie Lie LiePagans In Vegas2015
ListOld World Underground, Where Are You Now?2003
Live It OutLive It Out2005
London Half LifeGrow Up And Blow Away2007
Lost KittenSynthetica2012
Love Is A PlaceOld World Underground, Where Are You Now?2003
Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)Live It Out2005
Nothing But TimeSynthetica2012
Nothing Is PerfectFermentera II2023
Oh PleaseFormentera2022
On A Slow NightOld World Underground, Where Are You Now?2003
On The SlyGrow Up And Blow Away2007
Paths In The SkyFormentera2022
Patriarch On A VespaLive It Out2005
Poster Of A GrilLive It Out2005
Raw SugarGrow Up And Blow Away2007
Rock Me NowGrow Up And Blow Away2007
Satellite MindFantasies2009
Sick MuseFantasies2009
Soft Rock StarGrow Up And Blow Away2007
Soft Rock Star (Jimmy vs. Joe Mix)Grow Up And Blow Away2007
Speed The CollapseSynthetica2012
Stadium LoveFantasies2009
Stone WindowFermentera II2023
SuccexyOld World Underground, Where Are You Now?2003
SuckersFermentera II2023
The Face, Pt. 1Pagans In Vegas2015
The Face, Pt. 2Pagans In Vegas2015
The GovernessPagans In Vegas2015
The Other SidePagans In Vegas2015
The Police And The PrivateLive It Out2005
The ShadePagans In Vegas2015
The TwistGrow Up And Blow Away2007
The VoidSynthetica2012
The WanderlustSynthetica2012
Too Bad, So SadPagans In Vegas2015
Too Little Too LateLive It Out2005
Twilight GalaxyFantasies2009
Wet BlanketOld World Underground, Where Are You Now?2003
What Feels Like EternityFormentera2022
White GoldGrow Up And Blow Away2007
Who Would You Be For MeFermentera II2023
Youth Without YouthSynthetica2012

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