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(Anesthesia) - Pulling Teeth (live)S&M22020
... And Justice For All... And Justice For All1988
... And Justice For All (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
72 Seasons72 Seasons2023
Ain't My BitchLoad1996
All Nightmare LongDeath Magnetic2008
All Within My HandsSt. Anger2003
All Within My Hands (live)Helping Hands... Live And Acoustic At The Masonic2019
All Within My Hands (live)S&M22020
Am I EvilGarage Inc.1998
Am I Evil (Bonus Track)Kill 'Em All1983
Am I SavageHardwired... To Self-Destruct2016
AstronomyGarage Inc.1998
Atlas, RiseHardwired... To Self-Destruct2016
Bad SeedReload1997
BatteryMaster Of Puppets1986
Battery (live)S&M1999
Battery (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
Better Than YouReload1997
Blackened... And Justice For All1988
Bleeding MeLoad1996
Bleeding Me (live)S&M1999
Bleeding Me (live)Helping Hands... Live And Acoustic At The Masonic2019
BlitzkriegGarage Inc.1998
Blitzkrieg (Bonus Track)Kill 'Em All1983
Brandenburg GateLulu2011
BreadfanGarage Inc.1998
Broken, Beat And ScarredDeath Magnetic2008
Carpe Diem BabyReload1997
Chasing Light72 Seasons2023
Cheat On MeLulu2011
ConfusionHardwired... To Self-Destruct2016
Confusion (live)S&M22020
Crash Course In Brain SurgeryGarage Inc.1998
Creeping DeathRide The Lightning1984
Creeping Death (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
Crown Of Barbed Wire72 Seasons2023
CyanideDeath Magnetic2008
Cyanide (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
Damage CaseGarage Inc.1998
Damage, Inc.Master Of Puppets1986
Devil's DanceReload1997
Devil's Dance (live)S&M1999
Die, Die My DarlingGarage Inc.1998
Dirty WindowSt. Anger2003
Disposable HeroesMaster Of Puppets1986
Disposable Heroes (live)Helping Hands... Live And Acoustic At The Masonic2019
Don't Tread On MeMetallica1991
Dream No MoreHardwired... To Self-Destruct2016
Dyers Eve... And Justice For All1988
Enter SandmanMetallica1991
Enter Sandman (live)S&M1999
Enter Sandman (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
Enter Sandman (live)Helping Hands... Live And Acoustic At The Masonic2019
Enter Sandman (live)S&M22020
EscapeRide The Lightning1984
Eye Of The Beholder... And Justice For All1988
Fade To BlackRide The Lightning1984
Fight Fire With FireRide The Lightning1984
For Whom The Bell TollsRide The Lightning1984
For Whom The Bell Tolls (live)S&M1999
For Whom The Bell Tolls (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
For Whom The Bell Tolls (live)S&M22020
FranticSt. Anger2003
Fuel (live)S&M1999
Fuel (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
Halo On FireHardwired... To Self-Destruct2016
Halo On Fire (live)S&M22020
HardwiredHardwired... To Self-Destruct2016
Hardwired (live)Helping Hands... Live And Acoustic At The Masonic2019
Harvester Of Sorrow... And Justice For All1988
HelplessGarage Inc.1998
Here Comes RevengeHardwired... To Self-Destruct2016
Hero Of The DayLoad1996
Hero Of The Day (live)S&M1999
Hit The LightsKill 'Em All1983
Hit The Lights (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
Holier Than ThouMetallica1991
Human (live)S&M1999
Iced HoneyLulu2011
If Darkness Had a Son72 Seasons2023
Inamorata72 Seasons2023
Intro To Scythian Suite (live)S&M22020
Intro To The Iron Foundry (live)S&M22020
Invisible KidSt. Anger2003
It's ElectricGarage Inc.1998
Jump In The FireKill 'Em All1983
Junior DadLulu2011
Killing TimeGarage Inc.1998
King NothingLoad1996
Last Caress - Green HellGarage Inc.1998
Leper MessiahMaster Of Puppets1986
Little DogLulu2011
LovermanGarage Inc.1998
Low Man's LyricReload1997
Lux Aeterna72 Seasons2023
Mama SaidLoad1996
ManUNkindHardwired... To Self-Destruct2016
Master Of PuppetsMaster Of Puppets1986
Master Of Puppets (live)S&M1999
Master Of Puppets (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
Master Of Puppets (live)S&M22020
Mercyful FateGarage Inc.1998
Metal MilitiaKill 'Em All1983
Mistress DreadLulu2011
Mosolov: The Iron Foundry, Op. 19 (live)S&M22020
Moth Into FlameHardwired... To Self-Destruct2016
Moth Into Flame (live)S&M22020
MotorbreathKill 'Em All1983
Murder OneHardwired... To Self-Destruct2016
My ApocalypseDeath Magnetic2008
My Friend Of MiseryMetallica1991
My WorldSt. Anger2003
No Leaf Clover (live)S&M1999
No Leaf Clover (live)S&M22020
No RemorseKill 'Em All1983
Nothing Else MattersMetallica1991
Nothing Else Matters (live)S&M1999
Nothing Else Matters (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
Nothing Else Matters (live)Helping Hands... Live And Acoustic At The Masonic2019
Nothing Else Matters (live)S&M22020
Now That We're DeadHardwired... To Self-Destruct2016
Of Wolf And ManMetallica1991
Of Wolf And Man (live)S&M1999
One... And Justice For All1988
One (live)S&M1999
One (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
One (live)S&M22020
OrionMaster Of Puppets1986
Orion (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
Outlaw Torn (live)S&M1999
OverkillGarage Inc.1998
Phantom LordKill 'Em All1983
Please Don't Judas Me (live)Helping Hands... Live And Acoustic At The Masonic2019
Poor Twisted MeLoad1996
Prince CharmingReload1997
Prokofiev: Scythian Suite, Op. 20 II: The Enemy God And The Dance Of The Dark Spirits (live)S&M22020
Pulling TeethKill 'Em All1983
Pumping BloodLulu2011
PurifySt. Anger2003
Reach For The DumbGarage Inc.1998
Ride The LightningRide The Lightning1984
Ride The Lightning (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
Room Of Mirrors72 Seasons2023
Sabbra CadabraGarage Inc.1998
Sad But TrueMetallica1991
Sad But True (live)S&M1999
Screaming Suicide72 Seasons2023
Seek And DestroyKill 'Em All1983
Shadows Follow72 Seasons2023
Shoot Me AgainSt. Anger2003
Sleepwalk My Life Away72 Seasons2023
So WhatGarage Inc.1998
Some Kind Of MonsterSt. Anger2003
Spit Out The BoneHardwired... To Self-Destruct2016
St. AngerSt. Anger2003
Stone Cold CrazyGarage Inc.1998
Stone Dead ForeverGarage Inc.1998
Suicide And RedemptionDeath Magnetic2008
Sweet AmberSt. Anger2003
That Was Just Your LifeDeath Magnetic2008
The Call Of Ktulu (instrumental)Ride The Lightning1984
The Call Of Ktulu (live)S&M22020
The Call Of The Ktulu (live)S&M1999
The Day That Never ComesDeath Magnetic2008
The Day That Never Comes (live)S&M22020
The Ecstasy Of Gold (live)S&M1999
The Ecstasy Of Gold (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
The Ecstasy Of Gold (live)S&M22020
The End Of The LineDeath Magnetic2008
The Four HorsemenKill 'Em All1983
The Four Horsemen (live)Helping Hands... Live And Acoustic At The Masonic2019
The Frayed Ends Of Sanity... And Justice For All1988
The God That FailedMetallica1991
The House Jack BuiltLoad1996
The Judas KissDeath Magnetic2008
The Memory RemainsReload1997
The Memory Remains (live)S&M1999
The Memory Remains (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
The Memory Remains (live)S&M22020
The More I SeeGarage Inc.1998
The Outlaw TornLoad1996
The Outlaw Torn (live)S&M22020
The PrinceGarage Inc.1998
The Shortest Straw... And Justice For All1988
The Small HoursGarage Inc.1998
The Struggle WithinMetallica1991
The Thing That Should Not BeMaster Of Puppets1986
The Thing That Should Not Be (live)S&M1999
The UnforgivenMetallica1991
The Unforgiven (live)Helping Hands... Live And Acoustic At The Masonic2019
The Unforgiven IIReload1997
The Unforgiven IIIDeath Magnetic2008
The Unforgiven III (live)S&M22020
The Unnamed FeelingSt. Anger2003
The ViewLulu2011
The WaitGarage Inc.1998
Thorn WithinLoad1996
Through The NeverMetallica1991
To Live Is To Die... And Justice For All1988
Too Far Gone72 Seasons2023
Too Late Too LateGarage Inc.1998
Trapped Under IceRide The Lightning1984
Turn The PageGarage Inc.1998
Turn The Page (live)Helping Hands... Live And Acoustic At The Masonic2019
Tuseday's GoneGarage Inc.1998
Two Times FourLoad1996
Until It SleepsLoad1996
Until It Sleeps (live)S&M1999
Veteran Of The Psychic Wars (live)Helping Hands... Live And Acoustic At The Masonic2019
Wasting My HateLoad1996
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)Master Of Puppets1986
When A Blind Man Cries (live)Helping Hands... Live And Acoustic At The Masonic2019
Where The Wild Things AreReload1997
Wherever I May RoamMetallica1991
Wherever I May Roam (live)S&M1999
Wherever I May Roam (live)Metallica: Through The Never2013
Wherever I May Roam (live)S&M22020
WhiplashKill 'Em All1983
Whiskey In The JarGarage Inc.1998
You Must Burn!72 Seasons2023

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