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1000 Times GoodbyeThe World Needs A Hero2001
1000 Times Goodbye (live)Rude Awakening2002
44 MinutesEndgame2009
502So Far, So Good... So What?1988
A Secret PlaceCryptic Writings1997
À Tout Le MondeYouthanasia1994
A Tout Le MondeCapitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
A Tout Le MondeGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
A Tout Le MondeWarheads On Foreheads2019
A Tout Le Monde (live)Rude Awakening2002
À Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free) (featuring Cristina Scabbia)United Abominations2007
Addicted To ChaosYouthanasia1994
Almost HonestCryptic Writings1997
Almost HonestCapitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
Almost Honest (live)Rude Awakening2002
AmerikhastanUnited Abominations2007
Anarchy In The UKSo Far, So Good... So What?1988
Angry AgainGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
Angry AgainWarheads On Foreheads2019
Angry Again (live)Rude Awakening2002
Architecture Of AggressionCountdown To Extinction1992
Architecture Of Aggression (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Ashes In Your MouthCountdown To Extinction1992
Ashes In Your Mouth (live)Rude Awakening2002
Ashes In Your Mouth (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Back In The DayThe System Has Failed2004
Bad OmenPeace Sells... But Who's Buying?1986
Bite The Hand That FeedsEndgame2009
Black CurtainsYouthanasia1994
Black SwanTh1rt3en2011
Blackmail The UniverseThe System Has Failed2004
Blackmail The UniverseWarheads On Foreheads2019
Blessed Are The DeadUnited Abominations2007
Blood Of HeroesYouthanasia1994
Bodies Left BehindEndgame2009
Built For WarSuper Collider2013
Bullet To The BrainDystopia2016
BurnSuper Collider2013
Burning BridgesThe World Needs A Hero2001
Burning BridgesStill, Alive... And Well?2002
Burning Bridges (live)Rude Awakening2002
Burnt IceUnited Abominations2007
Capitol Punishment (Bonus Track)Capitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
Captive HonourCountdown To Extinction1992
Captive Honour (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
CelebutanteThe Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!2022
Chosen OnesKilling Is My Business... And Business Is Good!1985
Cold SweatSuper Collider2013
Conquer Or DieDystopia2016
Countdown To ExtinctionCountdown To Extinction1992
Countdown To Extinction (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Crush 'EmRisk1999
Crush 'EmCapitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
Dance In The Rain (feat. David Draiman)Super Collider2013
Dawn PatrolRust In Peace1990
Deadly NightshadeTh1rt3en2011
Death From WithinDystopia2016
Death From WithinWarheads On Foreheads2019
Devil's IslandPeace Sells... But Who's Buying?1986
Devil's Island (live)Rude Awakening2002
Devils IslandWarheads On Foreheads2019
Dialectic ChaosEndgame2009
Die Dead EnoughThe System Has Failed2004
DisconnectThe World Needs A Hero2001
Dogs Of ChernobylThe Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!2022
Don't Turn Your Back...Super Collider2013
Dread And The Fugitive MindCapitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
Dread And The Fugitive MindThe World Needs A Hero2001
Dread And The Fugitive MindStill, Alive... And Well?2002
Dread And The Fugitive MindGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
Dread And The Fugitive MindWarheads On Foreheads2019
Dread And The Fugitive Mind (live)Rude Awakening2002
Duke Nukem Theme (Bonus Track)Risk1999
DystopiaWarheads On Foreheads2019
Elysian FieldsYouthanasia1994
Enter The ArenaRisk1999
Family TreeYouthanasia1994
Fast LaneTh1rt3en2011
Fatal IllusionDystopia2016
FFF (Bonus Track)Cryptic Writings1997
Five MagicsRust In Peace1990
Five MagicsWarheads On Foreheads2019
Foreclosure Of A DreamCountdown To Extinction1992
Foreclosure Of A Dream (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Foreign PolicyDystopia2016
Forget To Remember (feat. David Draiman)Super Collider2013
Gears Of WarUnited Abominations2007
Good Mourning - Black FridayPeace Sells... But Who's Buying?1986
Good Mourning - Black FridayWarheads On Foreheads2019
Guns, Drugs and MoneyTh1rt3en2011
Hangar 18Rust In Peace1990
Hangar 18Capitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
Hangar 18Greatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
Hangar 18Warheads On Foreheads2019
Hangar 18 (live)Rude Awakening2002
Hangar 18 (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Have Cool, Will TravelCryptic Writings1997
Head CrusherEndgame2009
Head CrusherWarheads On Foreheads2019
High Speed DirtCountdown To Extinction1992
High Speed Dirt (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Holy Wars - The Punishment DueWarheads On Foreheads2019
Holy Wars... The Punishment DueRust In Peace1990
Holy Wars... The Punishment DueCapitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
Holy Wars... The Punishment DueGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (live)Still, Alive... And Well?2002
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Silent Scorn (live)Rude Awakening2002
Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Hook In MouthSo Far, So Good... So What?1988
Hook In Mouth (live)Rude Awakening2002
How The Story EndsEndgame2009
I Ain't SuperstitiousPeace Sells... But Who's Buying?1986
I Know JackThe System Has Failed2004
I Thought I Knew It AllYouthanasia1994
I'll Be ThereRisk1999
I'll Get EvenCryptic Writings1997
In My Darkest HourSo Far, So Good... So What?1988
In My Darkest HourCapitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
In My Darkest HourGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
In My Darkest HourWarheads On Foreheads2019
In My Darkest Hour (live)Rude Awakening2002
In My Darkest Hour (live)Still, Alive... And Well?2002
Into The Lungs Of HellSo Far, So Good... So What?1988
JunkieThe Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!2022
Kick The ChairThe System Has Failed2004
Kill The KingCapitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
Kill The KingGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
Kill The King (live)Rude Awakening2002
Killing Is My Business - And Business Is Good!Warheads On Foreheads2019
Killing Is My Business... And Business Is GoodKilling Is My Business... And Business Is Good!1985
Killing TimeThe Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!2022
King MakerSuper Collider2013
KingmakerWarheads On Foreheads2019
Last Rites - Loved To DethKilling Is My Business... And Business Is Good!1985
LiarSo Far, So Good... So What?1988
Life In HellThe Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!2022
Looking Down The CrossKilling Is My Business... And Business Is Good!1985
Losing My SensesThe World Needs A Hero2001
LucretiaRust In Peace1990
Lying In StateDystopia2016
Mary JaneSo Far, So Good... So What?1988
MastermindCryptic Writings1997
MechanixKilling Is My Business... And Business Is Good!1985
MechanixGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
MechanixWarheads On Foreheads2019
Millenium of the BlindTh1rt3en2011
Mission To MarsThe Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!2022
Moto PsychoThe World Needs A Hero2001
Moto PsychoStill, Alive... And Well?2002
My KingdomThe System Has Failed2004
My Last WordsPeace Sells... But Who's Buying?1986
Never DeadTh1rt3en2011
Never Walk Alone... A Call To ArmsUnited Abominations2007
New World OrderTh1rt3en2011
Night Stalkers (+ Ice T)The Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!2022
Nothing Left To LoseEndgame2009
Of Mice And MenThe System Has Failed2004
Off The EdgeSuper Collider2013
Peace SellsPeace Sells... But Who's Buying?1986
Peace SellsCapitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
Peace SellsGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
Peace Sells (live)Rude Awakening2002
Peace Sells (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Play For BloodUnited Abominations2007
Poison Was The CureRust In Peace1990
Poisonous ShadowsDystopia2016
Poisonous ShadowsWarheads On Foreheads2019
Police TruckThe Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!2022
Post American WorldDystopia2016
Prince Of DarknessRisk1999
Prince Of DarknessGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
PromisesThe World Needs A Hero2001
PromisesStill, Alive... And Well?2002
PsychopathyThe Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!2022
PsychotronCountdown To Extinction1992
Psychotron (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Public Enemy (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Public Enemy NoWarheads On Foreheads2019
Public Enemy No.1Th1rt3en2011
RattleheadKilling Is My Business... And Business Is Good!1985
RattleheadWarheads On Foreheads2019
Recipe For Hate... WarhorseThe World Needs A Hero2001
Reckoning DayYouthanasia1994
Reckoning DayWarheads On Foreheads2019
Reckoning Day (live)Rude Awakening2002
Return To HangarThe World Needs A Hero2001
Return To Hangar (live)Rude Awakening2002
Rust In Peace - PolarisWarheads On Foreheads2019
Rust In Peace... PolarisRust In Peace1990
SacrificeThe Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!2022
Set The World AfireSo Far, So Good... So What?1988
Set The World AfireWarheads On Foreheads2019
Shadow Of DethThe System Has Failed2004
She Wolf (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
She-WolfCryptic Writings1997
She-WolfGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
She-WolfWarheads On Foreheads2019
She-Wolf (live)Rude Awakening2002
Silent ScornThe World Needs A Hero2001
SinCryptic Writings1997
Skin O' My TeethCountdown To Extinction1992
Skin O' My TeethGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
Skin O' My TeethWarheads On Foreheads2019
Skin O' My Teeth (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Skull Beneath The SkinKilling Is My Business... And Business Is Good!1985
SleepwalkerUnited Abominations2007
Soldier On!The Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!2022
Something That I'm NotThe System Has Failed2004
Sudden DeathTh1rt3en2011
Super ColliderSuper Collider2013
Sweating BulletsCountdown To Extinction1992
Sweating BulletsCapitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
Sweating BulletsGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
Sweating BulletsWarheads On Foreheads2019
Sweating Bullets (live)Rude Awakening2002
Sweating Bullets (live)Still, Alive... And Well?2002
Sweating Bullets (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Symphony Of DestructionCountdown To Extinction1992
Symphony Of DestructionCapitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
Symphony Of DestructionGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
Symphony Of DestructionWarheads On Foreheads2019
Symphony Of Destruction (live)Rude Awakening2002
Symphony Of Destruction (live)Still, Alive... And Well?2002
Symphony Of Destruction (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Take No PrisonersRust In Peace1990
Take No PrisonersWarheads On Foreheads2019
Tears In A VialThe System Has Failed2004
The Beginning Of SorrowSuper Collider2013
The Blackest CrowSuper Collider2013
The ConjuringPeace Sells... But Who's Buying?1986
The ConjuringWarheads On Foreheads2019
The Conjuring (live)Still, Alive... And Well?2002
The DisintegratorsCryptic Writings1997
The Doctor Is CallingRisk1999
The EmperorDystopia2016
The Hardest Part Of Letting Go... Sealed With A KissEndgame2009
The Killing RoadYouthanasia1994
The Mechanix (live)Rude Awakening2002
The ScorpionThe System Has Failed2004
The Sick, The Dying? And The Dead!The Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!2022
The Threat Is RealDystopia2016
The Threat Is RealWarheads On Foreheads2019
The World Needs A HeroThe World Needs A Hero2001
The World Needs A HeroStill, Alive... And Well?2002
These BootsKilling Is My Business... And Business Is Good!1985
This Day We FightEndgame2009
This Planet?s On Fire (Burn In Hell) (+ Sammy Hagar)The Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!2022
This Was My LifeCountdown To Extinction1992
This Was My Life (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Time - Use The Man (live)Still, Alive... And Well?2002
Time: The BeginningRisk1999
Time: The EndRisk1999
Tornado Of SoulsRust In Peace1990
Tornado Of SoulsWarheads On Foreheads2019
Tornado Of Souls (live)Rude Awakening2002
Train Of ConsequencesYouthanasia1994
Train Of ConsequencesCapitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
Train Of ConsequencesGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
Train Of ConsequencesWarheads On Foreheads2019
Train Of Consequences (live)Rude Awakening2002
TrustCryptic Writings1997
TrustCapitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
TrustGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
TrustWarheads On Foreheads2019
Trust (live)Rude Awakening2002
Trust (live)Countdown To Extinction - Live2013
Truth Be ToldThe System Has Failed2004
United AbominationsUnited Abominations2007
Use The ManCryptic Writings1997
Use The ManCapitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
VortexCryptic Writings1997
Wake Up DeadPeace Sells... But Who's Buying?1986
Wake Up DeadGreatest Hits - Back To The Start2005
Wake Up DeadWarheads On Foreheads2019
Wake Up Dead (Bonus Track)Capitol Punishment - The Megadeth Years2000
Wake Up Dead (live)Rude Awakening2002
WanderlustWarheads On Foreheads2019
Washington Is NextUnited Abominations2007
Washington Is Next!Warheads On Foreheads2019
We the PeopleTh1rt3en2011
We?ll Be BackThe Sick, The Dying... And The Dead!2022
WhenThe World Needs A Hero2001
Whose Life (Is It Anyways)Th1rt3en2011
You're DeadUnited Abominations2007

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