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AnytimeSave Yourself1989
Anytime (live)Unplugged Live1993
Bad BoysSave Yourself1989
Bad Boys (live)Unplugged Live1993
DestinySave Yourself1989
Doctor Doctor (live)Unplugged Live1993
Don't Stop Me NowPerfect Timing1987
Follow The NightPerfect Timing1987
Get Down To BiznessSave Yourself1989
Get OutPerfect Timing1987
Gimme Your LovePerfect Timing1987
Gimme Your Love (live)Unplugged Live1993
Here Today - Gone TomorrowPerfect Timing1987
I Am Your RadioSave Yourself1989
I Don't Wanna LosePerfect Timing1987
Lights Out (live)Unplugged Live1993
Lonely NightsM.S.G.1992
Love Is Not A GamePerfect Timing1987
Natural Thing (live)Unplugged Live1993
Nightmare (live)Unplugged Live1993
No Time For LosersPerfect Timing1987
Perrier (live)Unplugged Live1993
Rock 'Til You're CrazyPerfect Timing1987
Save YourselfSave Yourself1989
Shadow Of The NightSave Yourself1989
Take Me Back (Bonus Track)Save Yourself1989
There Has To Be Another WaySave Yourself1989
This Broken HeartM.S.G.1992
This Is My HeartSave Yourself1989
This Night Is Gonna Last ForeverM.S.G.1992
TimePerfect Timing1987
We Believe In LoveM.S.G.1992
We Believe in Love (live)Unplugged Live1993
What Happens To MeM.S.G.1992
What Happens to Me (live)Unplugged Live1993
What We NeedSave Yourself1989
When I'm GoneM.S.G.1992
When I'm Gone (live)Unplugged Live1993

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