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All These Cradles' Blankets Will Never Veil My WholeOne Day2009
AnaesthesiaLady Sleep2005
Aoyama's GlowSpellbound Scenes Of My Cure2015
Battery ParkSpellbound Scenes Of My Cure2015
BirchLady Sleep2005
Blue Soldier NightI Am Nothing But Emotion...2010
Cold Wind BlowingInfinite Love Songs2001
Court my Eyes AloneI Am Nothing But Emotion...2010
Daze Of NothingLady Sleep2005
DogenzakaMirage Of Bliss2012
DyingLady Sleep2005
Everything Inside Me Is IllLady Sleep2005
Feel Like ChildrenI'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain2006
Flower FourInfinite Love Songs2001
Full Of VoicesLady Sleep2005
Gangnam MiserySpellbound Scenes Of My Cure2015
GlaslightsI Am Nothing But Emotion...2010
GrandiosityI Am Nothing But Emotion...2010
Green DaysInfinite Love Songs2001
GreyI'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain2006
Head Up HighMirage Of Bliss2012
HeavenliesMirage Of Bliss2012
Help MeLady Sleep2005
HennigsdorfSpellbound Scenes Of My Cure2015
Holy DungeonI Am Nothing But Emotion...2010
I Am Falling NowRose2003
I'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A MountainI'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain2006
If Only I Could SeeMirage Of Bliss2012
Infinite LoveInfinite Love Songs2001
KastrupSpellbound Scenes Of My Cure2015
Kate MossRose2003
Lady SleepLady Sleep2005
Letters From YouOne Day2009
Like ThemInfinite Love Songs2001
Lonely In GoldI Am Nothing But Emotion...2010
Love Hotel HillSpellbound Scenes Of My Cure2015
Messed-Up GirlI'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain2006
Messed-Up Girl (Ballad Version)I Am Nothing But Emotion...2010
Mirage Of Bliss (Part I)Mirage Of Bliss2012
Mirage Of Bliss (Part II)Mirage Of Bliss2012
MiseryOne Day2009
Miss UnderwaterOne Day2009
My FriendsRose2003
My Love For You Is InsaneRose2003
My StoryRose2003
NanaI Am Nothing But Emotion...2010
Never-Ending DaysRose2003
No More Lies To Reach YouI'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain2006
No One's ChildI Am Nothing But Emotion...2010
One DayOne Day2009
Open Arms Of GoldI Am Nothing But Emotion...2010
OverInfinite Love Songs2001
PartyworldSpellbound Scenes Of My Cure2015
Pearly River GatesSpellbound Scenes Of My Cure2015
PolyesterInfinite Love Songs2001
Silent, Lucid FlashesMirage Of Bliss2012
Silly Lily, Funny BunnyI'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain2006
SnowLady Sleep2005
SnowwhiteI'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain2006
SongInfinite Love Songs2001
Summer Days In BloomLady Sleep2005
SummerwasteOne Day2009
Summerwaste (Youth's Version)Mirage Of Bliss2012
Sunburnt DaysInfinite Love Songs2001
That's What You DoRose2003
The Days Are Long And Filled With PainInfinite Love Songs2001
The End Of LongingOne Day2009
The Forsakenness Of Raging LoveMirage Of Bliss2012
The Greatest Love Of AllI Am Nothing But Emotion...2010
The SaviourI'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain2006
The Space That You're InOne Day2009
The Time We Shared In Blaze And LaughterMirage Of Bliss2012
The Whereabouts Of LoveMirage Of Bliss2012
This House Called LoveOne Day2009
This Poison Called Love (Home In A Town That Has Sunk)One Day2009
To Liu Wen, The Opposite House, 3 A.M.Spellbound Scenes Of My Cure2015
TodayInfinite Love Songs2001
Treasure LoveMirage Of Bliss2012
Untouchable (Kastrup Part II) (+ Rachael Yamagata)Spellbound Scenes Of My Cure2015
Velvet SonI'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain2006
WhiteInfinite Love Songs2001
Why The World Has Turned For UsMirage Of Bliss2012
Wilted FlowerI'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain2006
Wind DownOne Day2009
Yeah, Eventually She GoesLady Sleep2005
You Came To Me When I Was BornI'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain2006
You'll Come Home AgainI Am Nothing But Emotion...2010
Your KingdomI Am Nothing But Emotion...2010
Your Stammering KissesI'll Be A Virgin, I'll Be A Mountain2006

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