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24 HourhateWhen Worlds Collide2006
A New OrderOrder2009
An End Like ThisAntagonist2002
And If I Lose, Welcome AnnihilationWhen Worlds Collide2006
Annular EclipseWhen Worlds Collide2006
ArcturusWhen Worlds Collide2006
As Truth Becomes VainThe Cold Heart Of The Sun2007
At The Gates Of DemiseEndorsed By Hate2004
Below ExistenceWhen Worlds Collide2006
Beneath The AshesAntagonist2002
Black HaloThe Cold Heart Of The Sun2007
Bombs Over IgnoranceOrder2009
Call Of TelahOrder2009
CatharsisEndorsed By Hate2004
Children Of The Next LevelOrder2009
Chosen FateEndorsed By Hate2004
Confessions Of The HereticWhen Worlds Collide2006
Endorsed By HateEndorsed By Hate2004
Fear The Most Them Who ProtectThe Cold Heart Of The Sun2007
For Those UnseenThe Cold Heart Of The Sun2007
GötterdaemmerungEndorsed By Hate2004
Human WasteEndorsed By Hate2004
Koo SheWhen Worlds Collide2006
Leave You Scared And BrokenOrder2009
Morin HeightsOrder2009
My Funeral SongThe Cold Heart Of The Sun2007
Only The Sleeper Left The WorldThe Cold Heart Of The Sun2007
Shadow Of The VengeanceAntagonist2002
SiriusWhen Worlds Collide2006
Some Goodbyes Are FarewellsThe Cold Heart Of The Sun2007
Stay BrutalOrder2009
Steelbath Your HeartThe Cold Heart Of The Sun2007
Still Believe In What Has Fallen ApartAntagonist2002
Suffer Or EndureEndorsed By Hate2004
Sword And BulletWhen Worlds Collide2006
Tempest IAntagonist2002
Tempest IiAntagonist2002
The Beginning Of The EndAntagonist2002
The Cold Heart Of The SunThe Cold Heart Of The Sun2007
The Iron CouncilThe Cold Heart Of The Sun2007
The Omega SuiteEndorsed By Hate2004
The Omega Suite Pt. IIWhen Worlds Collide2006
The SunThe Cold Heart Of The Sun2007
The Worlds HavocEndorsed By Hate2004
There Is Something You Will Never EraseWhen Worlds Collide2006
This Ship Is SinkingOrder2009
VerminWhen Worlds Collide2006
Wake Up In HellWhen Worlds Collide2006
Watch It All Come DownEndorsed By Hate2004
What RemainsAntagonist2002
Without A FaceEndorsed By Hate2004
Wolves At The End Of The StreetOrder2009

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