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5:15 AMShangri-La2004
A Happy EndingScreenplaying1993
A Love IdeaScreenplaying1993
A Night In Summer Long AgoGolden Heart1996
A Place Where We Used To LiveThe Ragpicker's Dream2002
A Secret Place - Where Will You GoCal (Soundtrack)1984
After The Bean StalkPrivateering2012
All That MattersShangri-La2004
All The RoadrunningAll The Roadrunning2006
Are We In Trouble NowGolden Heart1996
Back On The Dance FloorDown The Road Wherever2018
Back To TupeloShangri-La2004
Baloney AgainSailing To Philadelphia2000
BeachcombingAll The Roadrunning2006
Before Gas And TVGet Lucky2009
Behind With The RentKill To Get Crimson2007
Belle StarrAll The Roadrunning2006
Beyond My Wildest DreamsAll The Roadrunning2006
Blood And WaterPrivateering2012
Boom, Like ThatShangri-La2004
Boomtown (Variation Louis' Favourite)Local Hero (Soundtrack)1983
Border ReiverGet Lucky2009
Broken BonesTracker2015
Brothers In Arms (live) (Bonus Track)The Ragpicker's Dream2002
By The Grave (Mark Knopfler)Altamira2016
CannibalsGolden Heart1996
Cleaning My GunGet Lucky2009
Corned Beef CityPrivateering2012
CoyoteThe Ragpicker's Dream2002
Daddy's Gone To KnoxvilleThe Ragpicker's Dream2002
Darling PrettyGolden Heart1996
Devil BabyThe Ragpicker's Dream2002
Don't Crash The AmbulanceShangri-La2004
Don't Forget Your HatPrivateering2012
Don't You Get ItGolden Heart1996
Done With BonaparteGolden Heart1996
Donegan's GoneShangri-La2004
Donkey TownAll The Roadrunning2006
Dream Of The BisonAltamira2016
Dream Of The Drowned SubmarinerPrivateering2012
Drovers' RoadDown The Road Wherever2018
El MachoSailing To Philadelphia2000
Every Heart In The RoomDown The Road Wherever2018
Everybody PaysShangri-La2004
Fare Thee Well NorthumberlandThe Ragpicker's Dream2002
Farewell To AltamiraAltamira2016
Farewell To The BisonAltamira2016
Father And SonCal (Soundtrack)1984
Father And SonScreenplaying1993
Fear And HatredCal (Soundtrack)1984
Finale - Last Exit To BrooklynScreenplaying1993
Floating AwayDown The Road Wherever2018
Freeway FlyerLocal Hero (Soundtrack)1983
Gator BloodPrivateering2012
Get LuckyGet Lucky2009
Glory Of The CaveAltamira2016
Go, LovePrivateering2012
Going HomeScreenplaying1993
Going Home: Theme Of The Local HeroLocal Hero (Soundtrack)1983
Golden HeartGolden Heart1996
Good On You SonDown The Road Wherever2018
Got To Have SomethingPrivateering2012
Guide My SwordScreenplaying1993
Hard ShoulderGet Lucky2009
Haul AwayPrivateering2012
Heart Full Of HolesKill To Get Crimson2007
Heavy UpDown The Road Wherever2018
Hill Farmer's BluesThe Ragpicker's Dream2002
Hot or WhatPrivateering2012
I Dug Up A DiamondAll The Roadrunning2006
I Used To CouldPrivateering2012
I'll See You In My DreamsNeck And Neck1990
I'm The FoolGolden Heart1996
If This Is GoodbyeAll The Roadrunning2006
ImeldaGolden Heart1996
In A Secret PlaceCal (Soundtrack)1984
In The SkyKill To Get Crimson2007
Irish BoyCal (Soundtrack)1984
Irish BoyScreenplaying1993
Irish LoveCal (Soundtrack)1984
Irish LoveScreenplaying1993
Je suis desoleGolden Heart1996
Junkie DollSailing To Philadelphia2000
Just A Boy Away From HomeDown The Road Wherever2018
Just One TimeNeck And Neck1990
Kingdom Of GoldPrivateering2012
Laughs And Jokes And Drinks And SmokesTracker2015
Let It All GoKill To Get Crimson2007
Lights Of TaorminaTracker2015
Long Cool GirlTracker2015
Love And GuiltCal (Soundtrack)1984
Love And HappinessAll The Roadrunning2006
Madam Geneva'sKill To Get Crimson2007
MarbletownThe Ragpicker's Dream2002
Marcelino's Despair (Mark Knopfler)Altamira2016
Matchstick ManDown The Road Wherever2018
Meeting Under The TreesCal (Soundtrack)1984
Mighty ManTracker2015
Miss You BluesPrivateering2012
MonteleoneGet Lucky2009
Morning RideScreenplaying1993
My Bacon RollDown The Road Wherever2018
No Can DoGolden Heart1996
Nobody Does ThatDown The Road Wherever2018
Nobody's ChildDown The Road Wherever2018
Nobody's Got The GunGolden Heart1996
Old PigweedThe Ragpicker's Dream2002
Once Upon A Time...Storybook LoveScreenplaying1993
One More MatineeSailing To Philadelphia2000
One Song At A TimeDown The Road Wherever2018
Our Shangri-LaShangri-La2004
Piper To The EndGet Lucky2009
Poor Boy BluesNeck And Neck1990
Postcards From ParaguayShangri-La2004
Potato PickingCal (Soundtrack)1984
Potato PickingScreenplaying1993
Prairie WeddingSailing To Philadelphia2000
Punish The MonkeyKill To Get Crimson2007
Quality ShoeThe Ragpicker's Dream2002
Quality Shoe (live) (Bonus Track)The Ragpicker's Dream2002
Radio City SerenadePrivateering2012
Rear View MirrorDown The Road Wherever2018
Red StaggerwingAll The Roadrunning2006
Redbud TreePrivateering2012
Remembrance DayGet Lucky2009
Right NowAll The Roadrunning2006
River TownsTracker2015
Rollin' OnAll The Roadrunning2006
RüdigerGolden Heart1996
Sailing To PhiladelphiaSailing To Philadelphia2000
Sailing To Philadelphia (live) (Bonus Track)The Ragpicker's Dream2002
Sands Of NevadaSailing To Philadelphia2000
Secondary WaltzKill To Get Crimson2007
Silver EagleTracker2015
Silvertown BluesSailing To Philadelphia2000
Slow LearnerDown The Road Wherever2018
SmoochingLocal Hero (Soundtrack)1983
So Far From The ClydeGet Lucky2009
So Soft, Your GoodbyeNeck And Neck1990
Song For Sonny ListonShangri-La2004
Speedway At NazarethSailing To Philadelphia2000
Stand Up GuyShangri-La2004
StargazerLocal Hero (Soundtrack)1983
Sucker RowShangri-La2004
Sweet DreamsNeck And Neck1990
Tahitian SkiesNeck And Neck1990
TearsNeck And Neck1990
The Car Was The OneGet Lucky2009
The Ceilidh And The Northern LightsLocal Hero (Soundtrack)1983
The Ceilidh: Louis' Favourite - Billy's TuneLocal Hero (Soundtrack)1983
The Fish And The BirdKill To Get Crimson2007
The Fizzy And The StillKill To Get Crimson2007
The Friends' SongScreenplaying1993
The Last LaughSailing To Philadelphia2000
The Long RoadCal (Soundtrack)1984
The Long RoadScreenplaying1993
The Mist Covered MountainsLocal Hero (Soundtrack)1983
The Mist Covered MountainsScreenplaying1993
The Next Time I'm In TownNeck And Neck1990
The Ragpicker's DreamThe Ragpicker's Dream2002
The RoadCal (Soundtrack)1984
The Rocks And The ThunderLocal Hero (Soundtrack)1983
The Rocks And The Thunder (Knopfler, Alan Clark)Local Hero (Soundtrack)1983
The Rocks And The WaterLocal Hero (Soundtrack)1983
The Scaffolder's WifeKill To Get Crimson2007
The Trawlerman's SongShangri-La2004
The Way It Always StartsLocal Hero (Soundtrack)1983
There'll Be Some Changes MadeNeck And Neck1990
This Is ScienceAltamira2016
This Is UsAll The Roadrunning2006
Today Is OkayPrivateering2012
Trapper ManDown The Road Wherever2018
True Love Will Never FadeKill To Get Crimson2007
Vic And RayGolden Heart1996
Waiting For HerCal (Soundtrack)1984
WanderlustSailing To Philadelphia2000
We Can Get WildKill To Get Crimson2007
What It IsSailing To Philadelphia2000
When You LeaveDown The Road Wherever2018
Wherever I GoTracker2015
Whistle ThemeLocal Hero (Soundtrack)1983
Who's Your Baby NowSailing To Philadelphia2000
Whoop De DooShangri-La2004
Why Aye ManThe Ragpicker's Dream2002
Why Aye Man (live) (Bonus Track)The Ragpicker's Dream2002
Wild ThemeLocal Hero (Soundtrack)1983
Wild ThemeScreenplaying1993
Yakety AxeNeck And Neck1990
Yon Two CrowsPrivateering2012
You Can?t Beat The HouseGet Lucky2009
You Don't Know You're BornThe Ragpicker's Dream2002

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