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#99 (Hidden Track)Antichrist Superstar1996
15The High End Of Low2009
1996Antichrist Superstar1996
A Place In The DirtHoly Wood2000
AINTThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
AINTLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
Angel With The Scabbed WingsAntichrist Superstar1996
Antichrist SuperstarAntichrist Superstar1996
Are You The RabbitEat Me, Drink Me2007
Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-GeddonThe High End Of Low2009
Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon (Teddybear's Remix)The High End Of Low2009
Baboon Rape Party (Bonus Track)The Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
Better Of Two EvilsThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
Birds Of Hell AwaitingThe Pale Emperor2015
Blank And WhiteThe High End Of Low2009
Blood HoneyHeaven Upside Down2017
Born AgainHoly Wood2000
Born VillainBorn Villain2012
Breaking The Same Old GroundBorn Villain2012
Broken NeedleWe Are Chaos2020
Burning FlagHoly Wood2000
Cake And SodomyPortrait Of An American Family1994
Children Of CainBorn Villain2012
Coma BlackHoly Wood2000
Coma WhiteMechanical Animals1998
Count To Six And Die (The Vacuum Of Infinite Space Encompassing)Holy Wood2000
Cruci-Fiction In SpaceHoly Wood2000
CryptorchidAntichrist Superstar1996
Cupid Carries A GunThe Pale Emperor2015
CyclopsPortrait Of An American Family1994
Day 3The Pale Emperor2015
Deep SixThe Pale Emperor2015
DeformographyAntichrist Superstar1996
DevourThe High End Of Low2009
DisassociativeMechanical Animals1998
DisengagedBorn Villain2012
Disposable TeensHoly Wood2000
Disposable TeensLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
DogmaPortrait Of An American Family1994
Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-ZagThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
Don't Chase The DeadWe Are Chaos2020
Dope HatPortrait Of An American Family1994
Dried Up, Tied And Dead To The WorldAntichrist Superstar1996
Eat Me, Drink MeEat Me, Drink Me2007
EvidenceEat Me, Drink Me2007
Fall Of The House Of DeathThe Pale Emperor2015
Fated, Faithful, FatalThe Pale Emperor2015
Four Rusted HorsesThe High End Of Low2009
Fundamentally LoathsomeMechanical Animals1998
Get Your GunnPortrait Of An American Family1994
Get Your GunnLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
GodeatgodHoly Wood2000
Great Big White WorldMechanical Animals1998
Half-Way And One Step ForwardWe Are Chaos2020
Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)Eat Me, Drink Me2007
Heaven Upside DownHeaven Upside Down2017
Hey, Cruel WorldBorn Villain2012
I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)Mechanical Animals1998
I Have To Look Up Just To See HellThe High End Of Low2009
I Want To DisappearMechanical Animals1998
I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The MoviesThe High End Of Low2009
If I Was Your VampireEat Me, Drink Me2007
In The Shadow Of The Valley Of DeathHoly Wood2000
Infinite DarknessWe Are Chaos2020
Into The FireThe High End Of Low2009
Irresponsible Hate AnthemAntichrist Superstar1996
Jesus CrisisHeaven Upside Down2017
Just A Car Crash AwayEat Me, Drink Me2007
Ka-Boom Ka-BoomThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
Keep My Head TogetherWe Are Chaos2020
Kill4MeHeaven Upside Down2017
Killing StrangersThe Pale Emperor2015
KinderfeldAntichrist Superstar1996
King Kill 33ºHoly Wood2000
Lamb Of GodHoly Wood2000
Lay Down Your Goddamn ArmsBorn Villain2012
Leave A ScarThe High End Of Low2009
Little HornAntichrist Superstar1996
Long Hard Road Out Of HellLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
LunchboxPortrait Of An American Family1994
LunchboxLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
Man That You FearAntichrist Superstar1996
Mechanical AnimalsMechanical Animals1998
Mechanical Animals (live) (Bonus Track)Holy Wood2000
Minute Of DecayAntichrist Superstar1996
Misery MachinePortrait Of An American Family1994
Mister SuperstarAntichrist Superstar1996
mOBSCENEThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
mOBSCENELest We Forget - The Best Of2004
Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every DayBorn Villain2012
Mutilation Is The Most Sincere Form Of FlatteryEat Me, Drink Me2007
My MonkeyPortrait Of An American Family1994
New Model No. 15Mechanical Animals1998
No ReflectionBorn Villain2012
Obsequey (The Death Of Art)The Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
Odds Of EvenThe Pale Emperor2015
Organ GrinderPortrait Of An American Family1994
Overneath The Path Of MiseryBorn Villain2012
Paint You With My LoveWe Are Chaos2020
Para-NoirThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
Paranoiac (Bonus Track)The Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
PerfumeWe Are Chaos2020
Personal JesusLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
PiqueThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
Pistol WhippedBorn Villain2012
PosthumanMechanical Animals1998
Prelude (The Family Trip)Portrait Of An American Family1994
President DeadHoly Wood2000
Pretty As A ($)The High End Of Low2009
Putting Holes In HappinessEat Me, Drink Me2007
Red Black And BlueWe Are Chaos2020
Revelation 12Heaven Upside Down2017
Rock Is DeadMechanical Animals1998
Rock Is DeadLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
Running To The Edge Of The WorldThe High End Of Low2009
SaturnaliaHeaven Upside Down2017
Say10Heaven Upside Down2017
Slave Only Dreams To Be KingThe Pale Emperor2015
Slow-Mo-TionBorn Villain2012
SlutgardenThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
Snake Eyes And SissiesPortrait Of An American Family1994
Solve CoagulaWe Are Chaos2020
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)Lest We Forget - The Best Of2004
Sweet ToothPortrait Of An American Family1994
Tainted LoveThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
Tainted LoveLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis)Holy Wood2000
Tattooed In ReverseHeaven Upside Down2017
ThaeterThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
The Beautiful PeopleAntichrist Superstar1996
The Beautiful PeopleLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
The Bright Young ThingsThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
The Death SongHoly Wood2000
The Devil Beneath My FeetThe Pale Emperor2015
The Dope ShowMechanical Animals1998
The Dope ShowLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
The Fall Of AdamHoly Wood2000
The Fight SongHoly Wood2000
The Fight SongLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
The Flowers Of EvilBorn Villain2012
The GardenerBorn Villain2012
The Golden Age Of GrotesqueThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
The Last Day On EarthMechanical Animals1998
The Love SongHoly Wood2000
The Love SongLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
The Mephistopheles Of Los AngelesThe Pale Emperor2015
The NobodiesHoly Wood2000
The NobodiesLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
The Nobodies (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)Holy Wood2000
The Red Carpet GraveEat Me, Drink Me2007
The Reflecting GodAntichrist Superstar1996
The Reflecting GodLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
The Speed Of PainMechanical Animals1998
They Said That Hell's Not HotEat Me, Drink Me2007
Third Day Of A Seven Day BingeThe Pale Emperor2015
This Is The New ShitThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
This Is The New ShitLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
Threats Of RomanceHeaven Upside Down2017
TourniquetAntichrist Superstar1996
TourniquetLest We Forget - The Best Of2004
Unkillable MonsterThe High End Of Low2009
Use Your Fist And Not Your MouthThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
User FriendlyMechanical Animals1998
Valentine's DayHoly Wood2000
VodevilThe Golden Age Of Grotesque2003
Warship My WreckThe Pale Emperor2015
We Are ChaosWe Are Chaos2020
We Know Where You Fucking LiveHeaven Upside Down2017
We're From AmericaThe High End Of Low2009
Wight SpiderThe High End Of Low2009
WormboyAntichrist Superstar1996
WOWThe High End Of Low2009
Wrapped In PlasticPortrait Of An American Family1994
You And Me And The Devil Makes 3Eat Me, Drink Me2007

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