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20th Century Blues20th Century Blues1996
A Perfect StrangerA Perfect Stranger1998
A Stranger On EarthStrange Weather1987
A Waste Of TimeA Perfect Stranger1998
After The CeasefireVagabond Ways1999
Alabama (live)The Seven Deadly Sins1998
Alabama Song20th Century Blues1996
All I Wanna Do In LifeFaithless1978
All I Wanna Do In My LifeDreamin' My Dreams1977
As Tears Go ByMarianne Faithfull1965
As Tears Go ByThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
As Tears Go ByA Perfect Stranger1998
As Tears Go ByNegative Capability2018
As Tears Go By (live)Blazing Away1990
As Tears Go By (Version 1987)Strange Weather1987
Ashes In My HandA Child's Adventure1983
Back In Baby's ArmsHorses And High Heels2011
Ballad Of Lucy Jordan (live)Blazing Away1990
Ballad Of The Soldier's WifeA Perfect Stranger1998
Before The PoisonBefore The Poison2004
Bells Of FreedomCome My Way1965
Beware Of DarknessRich Kid Blues1984
Bilbao Song (live)The Seven Deadly Sins1998
Black CoffeeEasy Come, Easy Go2008
Black GirlCome My Way1965
Blazing AwayA Perfect Stranger1998
Blazing Away (live)Blazing Away1990
Bored By DreamsA Secret Life1995
Bored By DreamsA Perfect Stranger1998
Born To LiveNegative Capability2018
Boulevard Of Broken DreamsStrange Weather1987
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams20th Century Blues1996
Boulevard Of Broken DreamsA Perfect Stranger1998
Brain DrainBroken English1979
Broken EnglishBroken English1979
Broken EnglishA Perfect Stranger1998
Broken English (live)Blazing Away1990
Can't You Hear My HeartbeatMarianne Faithfull1965
Children Of Stone (+ Rufus Wainwright)Easy Come, Easy Go2008
Chords Of FameRich Kid Blues1984
City Of QuartzBefore The Poison2004
CockleshellsNorth Country Maid1966
Come And Stay With MeMarianne Faithfull1965
Come And Stay With MeThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
Come My WayCome My Way1965
Come My WayGo Away From My World1966
Come My Way (Bonus Track)North Country Maid1966
Complainte De La Seine20th Century Blues1996
Conversation On A BarstoolA Perfect Stranger1998
Corinne, CorrinaRich Kid Blues1984
CountingFaithfull Forever1966
Crazy Lady BluesRich Kid Blues1984
Crazy LoveBefore The Poison2004
Dear God Please Help MeEasy Come, Easy Go2008
Deep WaterGive My Love To London2014
DesperantoBefore The Poison2004
Don't Forget Me20th Century Blues1996
Don't GoNegative Capability2018
Don't Make PromisesLoveinamist1967
Down From DoverEasy Come, Easy Go2008
Down In The Salley GardenCome My Way1965
Down TownMarianne Faithfull1965
Dreamin' My DreamsDreamin' My Dreams1977
Dreamin' My DreamsFaithless1978
Easy Come, Easy GoEasy Come, Easy Go2008
Easy In The CityDangerous Acquaintances1981
ElectraVagabond Ways1999
Epilog (live)The Seven Deadly Sins1998
EpilogueA Secret Life1995
EternityHorses And High Heels2011
Eye CommunicationDangerous Acquaintances1981
Fairy Tale HeroDreamin' My Dreams1977
Falling BackGive My Love To London2014
Falling From GraceA Child's Adventure1983
Falling From GraceA Perfect Stranger1998
Falling In Love Again20th Century Blues1996
Fare Thee WellCome My Way1965
Faulheit (live)The Seven Deadly Sins1998
File It Under Fun From The PastVagabond Ways1999
First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceNorth Country Maid1966
Flaming SeptemberA Secret Life1995
Flandyke Shore (+ Kate + Anna McGarrigle)Easy Come, Easy Go2008
For Beauty's SakeDangerous Acquaintances1981
For Beauty's SakeA Perfect Stranger1998
For Wanting YouVagabond Ways1999
Four Strong WindsCome My Way1965
Full Fathom FiveCome My Way1965
Gee BabyHorses And High Heels2011
Ghost DanceA Perfect Stranger1998
Give My Love To LondonGive My Love To London2014
Gloomy SundayA Perfect Stranger1998
Go Away From My WorldGo Away From My World1966
Go Away From My WorldThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
Goin BackHorses And High Heels2011
Going HomeGive My Love To London2014
Good GuyLoveinamist1967
Great ExpectationsVagabond Ways1999
Green Are Your EyesNorth Country Maid1966
Greensleeves (Bonus Track)Marianne Faithfull1965
GuiltBroken English1979
GuiltA Perfect Stranger1998
Guilt (live)Blazing Away1990
Habsucht (live)The Seven Deadly Sins1998
Hang On To A Dream (Bonus Track)Loveinamist1967
He'll Come Back To MeMarianne Faithfull1965
Hello StrangerStrange Weather1987
Hello StrangerA Perfect Stranger1998
Hold On, Hold On (+ Cat Power)Easy Come, Easy Go2008
Honky Tonk AngelsFaithless1978
Horses And High HeelsHorses And High Heels2011
House Of The Rising SunCome My Way1965
House Of The Rising Sun (Version 1) (Bonus Track)Marianne Faithfull1965
How Many Worlds (+ Teddy Thompson)Easy Come, Easy Go2008
How Should I Your True Love KnowNorth Country Maid1966
How Should True LoveGo Away From My World1966
I Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No MoreStrange Weather1987
I Get Along Without You Very WellGive My Love To London2014
I Have A LoveFaithfull Forever1966
I Have A LoveLoveinamist1967
I'd Like To Dial Your Number (Bonus Track)Marianne Faithfull1965
I'll Be Your Baby TonightFaithless1978
I'll Keep It With MineStrange Weather1987
I'm A LoserMarianne Faithfull1965
I'm Looking For Blue EyesDreamin' My Dreams1977
I'm Not LisaDreamin' My Dreams1977
I'm Not LisaFaithless1978
I'm The SkyFaithfull Forever1966
If I Never Get To Love YouMarianne Faithfull1965
Im On FireKissin' Time2002
In Germany Before The WarEasy Come, Easy Go2008
In My Own Particular WayNegative Capability2018
In My Time Of SorrowMarianne Faithfull1965
In My Time Of SorrowThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
In The FactoryBefore The Poison2004
In The Night TimeFaithfull Forever1966
In The Night TimeLoveinamist1967
Incarceration Of A Flower ChildVagabond Ways1999
IntrigueDangerous Acquaintances1981
IntrigueA Perfect Stranger1998
Intro20th Century Blues1996
IrelandA Child's Adventure1983
Is This What I Get For Loving YouThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
IsolationA Perfect Stranger1998
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To CryRich Kid Blues1984
It's All Over Now, Baby BlueRich Kid Blues1984
It's All Over Now, Baby BlueNegative Capability2018
JaberwockCome My Way1965
KimbieEasy Come, Easy Go2008
Kissin TimeKissin' Time2002
La belle dame sans merciShe Walks In Beauty2021
Lady MadelaineFaithless1978
Lady MadeleineDreamin' My Dreams1977
Last SongBefore The Poison2004
Last Thing On My MindGo Away From My World1966
Last Thing On My MindNorth Country Maid1966
Late Victorian HolocaustGive My Love To London2014
Les Prisons du Roy (live)Blazing Away1990
Like Being BornKissin' Time2002
Lonesome TravellersCome My Way1965
Long Black VeilRich Kid Blues1984
LosingA Secret Life1995
Love And MoneyKissin' Time2002
Love In The AfternoonA Secret Life1995
Love In The AfternoonA Perfect Stranger1998
Love More Or LessGive My Love To London2014
Love SongHorses And High Heels2011
Love, Life And MoneyStrange Weather1987
Lucky GirlFaithfull Forever1966
LullabyNorth Country Maid1966
LullabyeGo Away From My World1966
Mack The Knife20th Century Blues1996
Many A Mile To Freedom (+ Jenni Muldaur)Easy Come, Easy Go2008
Marathon KissVagabond Ways1999
Mary AnnCome My Way1965
Mary AnnGo Away From My World1966
Mary Ann (Bonus Track)North Country Maid1966
MisunderstandingNegative Capability2018
Mon Ami, My Friend20th Century Blues1996
Monday, MondayFaithfull Forever1966
Monday, Monday (Bonus Track)Loveinamist1967
Monday, Monday, was bringst du mir (Monday, Monday)The Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
Morning ComeA Child's Adventure1983
Morning Sun (Bonus Track)Marianne Faithfull1965
Most Of What Is Least (Bonus Track)North Country Maid1966
Mother WolfGive My Love To London2014
Mud Slide SlimRich Kid Blues1984
My Friends HaveBefore The Poison2004
Ne me quitte pasFaithfull Forever1966
Ne me quitte pasLoveinamist1967
Neid (live)The Seven Deadly Sins1998
No Child Of MineBefore The Poison2004
No Moon In ParisNegative Capability2018
No ReasonHorses And High Heels2011
Nobodys FaultKissin' Time2002
North Country MaidGo Away From My World1966
North Country MaidNorth Country Maid1966
O Look Around You (Bonus Track)Marianne Faithfull1965
Ode To A NightingaleShe Walks In Beauty2021
Once I Had A SweetheartCome My Way1965
Ooh Baby Baby (+ Antony Hegarty)Easy Come, Easy Go2008
Our Love Has GoneLoveinamist1967
OzymandiasShe Walks In Beauty2021
Paris BellsMarianne Faithfull1965
Past, Present And FutureHorses And High Heels2011
Penthouse SerenadeStrange Weather1987
Pirate Jenny20th Century Blues1996
Pirate Jenny (live)The Seven Deadly Sins1998
Plaisir D'AmourMarianne Faithfull1965
Portland TownCome My Way1965
Prolog (live)The Seven Deadly Sins1998
PrologueA Secret Life1995
Prussian BlueHorses And High Heels2011
Reason To BelieveLoveinamist1967
Reason To BelieveThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
Rich Kid BluesRich Kid Blues1984
Rosie, Rosie (Bonus Track)Loveinamist1967
Running For Our LivesA Child's Adventure1983
Running For Our LivesA Perfect Stranger1998
Sad LisaRich Kid Blues1984
Sally Free And EasyGo Away From My World1966
Sally Free And EasyNorth Country Maid1966
Salomon Song20th Century Blues1996
Salvation (+ Sean Lennon)Easy Come, Easy Go2008
Scarborough FairGo Away From My World1966
Scarborough FairNorth Country Maid1966
Scarborough FairThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
Sex With StrangersKissin' Time2002
SheA Secret Life1995
SheA Perfect Stranger1998
She Moved Through The Fair (live)Blazing Away1990
She Moved Thru' the FairNorth Country Maid1966
She Walks In BeautyShe Walks In Beauty2021
She's Got A ProblemA Child's Adventure1983
Sign Of JudgementStrange Weather1987
Sing Me Back Home (+ Keith Richards)Easy Come, Easy Go2008
Sister MorphineThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
Sister MorphineA Perfect Stranger1998
Sister Morphine (live)Blazing Away1990
SleepA Secret Life1995
SleepA Perfect Stranger1998
Sliding Through Life On CharmKissin' Time2002
So SadDangerous Acquaintances1981
So SadA Perfect Stranger1998
So We'll Go No More A RovingShe Walks In Beauty2021
SolitudeEasy Come, Easy Go2008
Some Other SpringFaithfull Forever1966
Somebody Loves YouDreamin' My Dreams1977
Something BetterThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
Something GoodKissin' Time2002
Somewhere (A Place For Us) (+ Jarvis Cocker)Easy Come, Easy Go2008
Song For NicoKissin' Time2002
Southern ButterflyRich Kid Blues1984
Spanish Is A Loving TongueCome My Way1965
Sparrows will singGive My Love To London2014
Stolz (live)The Seven Deadly Sins1998
Strange OneDangerous Acquaintances1981
Strange WeatherStrange Weather1987
Strange WeatherA Perfect Stranger1998
Strange Weather (live)Blazing Away1990
Stranger IntroStrange Weather1987
Street Singer's Farewell20th Century Blues1996
Summer NightsGo Away From My World1966
Summer NightsThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
Sunny Goodge StreetNorth Country Maid1966
Surabaya Johnny20th Century Blues1996
Surprised By JoyShe Walks In Beauty2021
Sweet Little SixteenDreamin' My Dreams1977
SweetheartDangerous Acquaintances1981
SweetheartA Perfect Stranger1998
TendernessDangerous Acquaintances1981
That Was The Day (Nashville)Faithless1978
That's How Every Empire FallsHorses And High Heels2011
That's Right BabyFaithfull Forever1966
The Ballad Of Lucy JordanBroken English1979
The Ballad Of Lucy JordanA Perfect Stranger1998
The Ballad Of Sexual Dependency (live)The Seven Deadly Sins1998
The Ballad Of The Soldier's Wife20th Century Blues1996
The Blue MillionaireA Child's Adventure1983
The Blue MillionaireA Perfect Stranger1998
The Bridge Of SighsShe Walks In Beauty2021
The Crane Wife (+ Nick Cave)Easy Come, Easy Go2008
The First Time Ever I Saw Your FaceFaithfull Forever1966
The Gypsy Faerie QueenNegative Capability2018
The Lady Of ShallotShe Walks In Beauty2021
The Last Thing On My MindThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
The Mystery Of LoveBefore The Poison2004
The Old HouseHorses And High Heels2011
The Phoenix (+ Kate + Anna McGarrigle)Easy Come, Easy Go2008
The Pleasure SongKissin' Time2002
The Prelude: Book One IntroductionShe Walks In Beauty2021
The Price Of LoveGive My Love To London2014
The Sha La La Song (Bonus Track)Marianne Faithfull1965
The Stars Line UpA Secret Life1995
The StationsHorses And High Heels2011
The Way You Want Me To BeDreamin' My Dreams1977
The Way You Want Me To BeFaithless1978
The WeddingA Secret Life1995
There Is A GhostBefore The Poison2004
They Come At NightNegative Capability2018
They Never Will Leave YouMarianne Faithfull1965
This Little BirdLoveinamist1967
This Little BirdThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
This TimeDreamin' My Dreams1977
This TimeFaithless1978
Time Takes TimeMarianne Faithfull1965
Times SquareA Child's Adventure1983
Times Square (live)Blazing Away1990
Times Square (live)A Perfect Stranger1998
To AutumnShe Walks In Beauty2021
To The MoonShe Walks In Beauty2021
Tomorrow's CallingFaithfull Forever1966
Tomorrow's CallingThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
Tower Of SongVagabond Ways1999
Trouble In Mind (The Return)A Perfect Stranger1998
True LiesGive My Love To London2014
Truth Bitter TruthA Perfect Stranger1998
Truth, Bitter TruthDangerous Acquaintances1981
Unzucht (live)The Seven Deadly Sins1998
Vagabond WaysVagabond Ways1999
Vanilla O'layDreamin' My Dreams1977
Vanilla O'layFaithless1978
Visions Of JohannaRich Kid Blues1984
Völlerei (live)The Seven Deadly Sins1998
Wait For Me Down By The RiverFaithless1978
Want To Buy Some Illusions20th Century Blues1996
What Have I Done WrongMarianne Faithfull1965
What Have They Done To The RainMarianne Faithfull1965
What Have They Done To The RainThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
What's The HurryBroken English1979
When I Find My LifeA Perfect Stranger1998
When I Find My Life (live)Blazing Away1990
Wherever I GoKissin' Time2002
Why D'Ya Do ItBroken English1979
Why D'Ya Do ItA Perfect Stranger1998
Why Did We Have To PartHorses And High Heels2011
Why'd Ya Do It (live)Blazing Away1990
Wild Mountain ThymeNorth Country Maid1966
Wild Mountain TimeGo Away From My World1966
Wilder Shores Of LoveVagabond Ways1999
Witches SongNegative Capability2018
Witches' SongBroken English1979
Witches' SongA Perfect Stranger1998
With You In MindFaithfull Forever1966
With You In My MindLoveinamist1967
Working Class HeroBroken English1979
Working Class HeroA Perfect Stranger1998
Working Class Hero (live)Blazing Away1990
Wrong Road AgainDreamin' My Dreams1977
Wrong Road AgainFaithless1978
YesterdayGo Away From My World1966
YesterdayThe Very Best Of Marianne Faithfull1987
YesterdaysStrange Weather1987
YesterdaysA Perfect Stranger1998
You Can't Go Where The Roses GoLoveinamist1967
Young Girl BluesLoveinamist1967
Zorn (live)The Seven Deadly Sins1998

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