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A Cloak Of ElvenkindMarcy Playground1997
All The Lights Went OutShapeshifter1999
Ancient Walls Of FlowersMarcy Playground1997
BlackbirdLeaving Wonderland... In A Fit Of Rage2009
Blackbird (Assaf Spector Remix)Indaba Remixes From Wonderland2010
Blackbird (Max Kourilov Remix)Indaba Remixes From Wonderland2010
Blood In Alphabet SoupMP32004
Brand New DayMP32004
Bye ByeShapeshifter1999
Crazy Katie Nicotine And Her Red Jet Air Balloon (Bonus Track)Shapeshifter1999
Deadly Handsome ManMP32004
Death Of A CheerleaderMP32004
Devil WomanLeaving Wonderland... In A Fit Of Rage2009
Devil Woman (Orby Spectre Remix)Indaba Remixes From Wonderland2010
Dog And His MasterMarcy Playground1997
Down The DrainLeaving Wonderland... In A Fit Of Rage2009
Down The Drain (Morescode Remix)Indaba Remixes From Wonderland2010
Emperor (Chinese Emperor Remix)Indaba Remixes From Wonderland2010
EmporerLeaving Wonderland... In A Fit Of Rage2009
Flag And FingerMP32004
Gin And MoneyLeaving Wonderland... In A Fit Of Rage2009
Gin And Money (Ben Crea Remix)Indaba Remixes From Wonderland2010
Gone CrazyMarcy Playground1997
Good TimesLeaving Wonderland... In A Fit Of Rage2009
Good Times (Jus Bus Remix)Indaba Remixes From Wonderland2010
Hotter Than The SunMP32004
I Burned The BedLeaving Wonderland... In A Fit Of Rage2009
I Burned The Bed (Metal Monger Mix)Indaba Remixes From Wonderland2010
I Must Have Been DreamingLeaving Wonderland... In A Fit Of Rage2009
I Must Have Been Dreaming (Soundminister Remix)Indaba Remixes From Wonderland2010
IreneLeaving Wonderland... In A Fit Of Rage2009
Irene (Spoon Mix)Indaba Remixes From Wonderland2010
It's SaturdayShapeshifter1999
Jesse Went To WarMP32004
Love BugShapeshifter1999
MemphisLeaving Wonderland... In A Fit Of Rage2009
Memphis (Thomas Leclercq Remix)Indaba Remixes From Wonderland2010
No One's BoyMP32004
Ol' Time Pigeon Farm (Hidden Track)Shapeshifter1999
One More SuicideMarcy Playground1997
OpiumMarcy Playground1997
Our GenerationShapeshifter1999
Paper DollsMP32004
Pigeon FarmShapeshifter1999
PoppiesMarcy Playground1997
Punk Rock SuperstarMP32004
Rebel SodvilleShapeshifter1999
Rock And Roll HeroesMP32004
Saint Joe On The School BusMarcy Playground1997
Secret SquirrelShapeshifter1999
Sex And CandyMarcy Playground1997
Sherry FraserMarcy Playground1997
Sleepy EyesMP32004
Star BabyLeaving Wonderland... In A Fit Of Rage2009
Star Baby (Star capella Baby Remix)Indaba Remixes From Wonderland2010
Sunday MailShapeshifter1999
Thank YouLeaving Wonderland... In A Fit Of Rage2009
Thank You (James Merrifield Remix)Indaba Remixes From Wonderland2010
The Shadow Of SeattleMarcy Playground1997
The Vampires Of New YorkMarcy Playground1997
These Shoes (Bonus Track)MP32004
Wave Motion GunShapeshifter1999

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